Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And OUT come the RULES...dun dun dun....

 Ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets!

  Rules have been established.  Which one will Wilma break first?

Now I know you really aren’t going to place bets, because of the supportive nature of this community - you are all rooting for me to succeed.

Naturally we have the 4 ‘corner stones’ as Little Misses refers to them, and the famous Distancing rule.  So, those are going to offer some challenges, depending on which time of month it is…( tell me I’m not wrong here ladies?).

 There are some that are more specific to me.  ( It may look like a lot, but really these are just areas of concern for both of us).  I don’t expect that everyone will have a spanking aspect to it if broken.

 ( So here is something interesting about the cycle of that word spanking.  When I first brought Barney this life choice, I couldn’t bring myself to say it.  After, for a good two weeks, when we were talking in the hypothetical, no problem.  Now back to present, and discussing rules,-having a hard time saying it again.)

Rules or Areas of Concern

Diet and Exercise is one of the areas in which I need to work on.  I am not to diet…in fact I am NOT TO diet.  I have to record  a food consumption journal, including my beverage intake.  You see I am a bit of a camel.  I very rarely drink.  I also am not a person who generally gets hungry, due to the fact that I don’t eat very much.  I know from experience that the more you eat, your metabolism gets going, and you become hungry.  So hopefully once I start to eat, this will become more of a habit.  When I do eat, I usually grab crap, so……..guess that is not going to happen anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still allowed to eat crap, AFTER I have eaten non -crap all day though.

Secondly, ( these are not in any specific order) I have to X amount of hours of work around the house per day.  Don’t start thinking Barney is a tyrant.  I asked for this.  I have a habit of seeing things, some very minor, and they bother me.  Do I do something about it?  Not usually.  It is like a pebble in a shoe, it irritates, and rubs.  By forcing myself to do these things, I will remove the pebble before the blister forms.  This is really more about my state of mind.  Ya see, my mind rarely shuts off, so the less things to fuss about in there the better for all concerned.

 I am also to employ the boys to do more around the house.  This is actually a very good rule, not that most aren’t .  I want them to be responsible for themselves.  Barney wants them to respect the fact that the house is clean, and they should do everything in their effort to keep it that way.  Their rooms and the Rec. Room are areas that they almost solely inhabit; therefore they should tidy it up.  AND the bathrooms!! WHOO HOO!!!!  Of course, over time, I have ended up just doing these areas because it was easier then hounding them.  Guess I’ll have more incentive to push on now.

Moving on…

I am constantly invited out with friends, or friends stop buy for social visits.  These visits, without Barney are to be limited to 3 drinks.  I can stay as long as I want, and if there is wine with dinner it doesn’t count, ( not sure why, but I’m not asking!).  There was never a  need to have A.A. on speed dial, this was just something we thought should be exercised.  It will be difficult in some cases because I am  going to have to leave an untouched drink at some houses- they are the friends that just keep coming back with drinks, before they ask you.  I don’t want to hurt their feelings, but I don’t want to hurt even more…lol. 

There is a time frame where I am NOT allowed to be on the computer.  This we also came up with together.  A time when the kids are here and might need more help and dinner needs to be taken care of etc..  So from 4-8 I’m off.   We figured between the time I am doing housework and my daily exercise routine, ( I’m not going for cover girl model here, some days it will merely be going for a walk/hike) there really should be no other time limit needed for the internet.  In addition, my family is very far away, so the computer is a cheap form of communication it would be unfair to limit my time.

There are some financial things.  Not to get too involved here, but I am to present the bills etc. the day before payday, to work things out from there. This is also to help so that I am not baring the burden of finacial woes, if any alone.

 No swearing…so actively looking for additional colourful language.  Frig a Jig, gets old after a while.  I actually don’t swear that much, but again with certain friends, who do—well “ When in Rome”.

AND GAZOO RULE!  ARGH.  Gazoo, first introduced to ya’ll a couple of weeks ago, is a close friend and neighbour.  Trouble with Gazoo is he seems to take sport in irritating me.  Oh he knows where all the dead bodies are buried so he is very effective at doing so.  He turns me into irrational Wilma.  This summer I actually threw a rock at him- well a river stone-type pebble.  It didn’t even seem irrational to me until my adult nephew said, “ Did you actually just throw a rock at that guy ?”…Yeah so.   I am to excuse myself if Barney is not around.  I am NOT to let myself get baited.  Uh HUH.  There is an issue with this rule, as 95% of the time Gazoo only baits when it is just he and I.  I guess if I practice not reacting, like all bullies, he’ll loose interest.  Sigh.

And then there is potential maintenance, in the not so distant future.  Actually, apparently as it is going to be referred to around here, Role Affirmation.  Barney, seems to think that I should have very little difficulty following most of the rules, so this is something he thinks should be on the table.  Time will tell I suppose.

I wondered about the disrespect part.  He said  that he has gotten so used to certain behaviors/reactions out of me that he has to retrain himself as seeing it as wrong.  I am very rarely the “pitch a fit girl”, so he’s going to have to be more in tuned to what I am NOT saying as opposed to what I actually am saying. - I can understand how that may take some time.  ( I hope *wink*)

So after today’s discussion, I was in a bad mood.  Not because of today’s discussion.  I am hormonal, tired girl.  Barney said, jokingly,

  “ Well you’re going to have to get over that.” <- ( where did nice birthday letter guy go?)

Wilma: “  Yeah, see that’s not helping.  In the future you may actually start a fight with that one”  To me it is like saying relax to a person..grrrrrrrrr.

Barney:  “ Well what should I say when you say that? “

Wilma: “ I don’t know, I’m just telling you how I feel…but NOT THAT”

Barney : “ I’m a guy, I don’t get how you can’t control these hormones and feelings.  How you can’t get distracted by something else to forget about it”

Wilma:  “ Think of it as heartburn or indigestion “

Much later,  “ Hmm?  Sounds like you need Role Affirmation

Wilma:  ( nervous smile)  “ Well anyway…”

So the stuff that requires schedules,  i.e., diet log, household things start tomorrow.  The rest starts as of now.

Any takers on which one and when?  LOL


  1. Sounds good to me, but I think that he should give you a "break" concerning those "hormonal issues." lol.

  2. Welcome bobcat!

    He was actually teasing me with his 'role affirmation' comment. At least this time.

  3. I hope none. LOL!
    You are going to like me for this but you might want to help retrain him by telling him when you recognize it yourself (LOL) that you have been disrespectful.
    Alternative curse words
    Bejeebers - I am going to knock the bejeebers out of you.
    Behonkis - I am going to kick your behonkis.
    My son hates it when I use these words. He thinks I sound like a hick, so of course I use them often. : )

  4. Wow - Wilma
    It sounds like Barney is going to be a terrific HoH! Girl, you have a lot of rules!
    The hormonal issues are really a tough one to get around, and something that Ian is really snarky about. For years, I was an absolute dragon and used my monthly female issues as an excuse. So he watches me, and asks embarrassing questions (sometimes it seems like he knows me as well as I know myself). If I have cramps he will make me a cup of tea, rub my back, etc.... he is really nice to me, but at the first sign of *itchy he spanks without any apparent remorse. :(
    This is going to sound stupid, but I have actually experienced relief from the moodiness because of a spanking. Like it interrupts my descent into period persnicketiness and snaps me out of it. Not that I wouldn't just prefer to have a couple of Midol and half an hour with the heating pad instead.
    I am so happy for you, Wilma Rubble.
    Look how far you have come in such a short time. :)

  5. My son mocks me, by saying," gee willikers.That's what all the hip kids say now Ma" lol
    As for pointing out bad behviour, we did some of that last we. I 'm good. :). Crap 4 o'clock gotta go!

    1. ^^^^ The above comment was for Blue Bird, again...I don't know why it keeps doing that for her posts! ARGH

  6. A lot of rules? Really? I don't think so, must be because some of them I asked for- exercise, ( not food part), household things, swearing was mentioned, but not a huge deal, really.

    The tough one will be Gazoo - Although the other night he layed into me at a friend's house and I didn't bite, ( yay me!) and low and behold the people within ear shot , layed him out! He really, really gets me going. I honestly do NOT react the same way with anyone else. It is NOT healthy.

    I am on the computer, with permission right now, as we are the only ones home. So I figure that one shouldn't be too difficult either. :)

    As for the hormones, yeah that Role Affirmation thing would have been beneficial, I suppose today. I am more of a simmer in silence, distancing type person. I (sssh don't say anything) could see how a spanking could pop the zit and relieve the pressure...gross eh? lol) The feeling finally left, after- I finished my entry, go figure. I don't, (touch wood) after many,many, MANY bad years, have any other symptoms, as I am now on a mini pill, and I intend to ride that baby right through menopause!

    I suppose we have come a long way in such a short time. The next few weeks will be interesting as the B man won't be around much. Through conversation later today, he was thinking outloud, that a perhaps a little( hopefully big on the little)um, reminder/ top up, whatever you want to call it might be in order to reconnect before he's gone for long periods of time... I'm torn on this. Part of me agrees, because we haven't ( for obvious reasons) had any fun reconnections is SEVERAL days, but who REALLY wants THAT? I do feel even though I've been submissive, a little like we are paralleling each other, so maybe this will help. What in the H.E. double hockey sticks, is happening to my thought process!? Send help!

    1. When you say reconnection - are we talking about a "just to let you know who is the boss around here kind of thing?" or sex?
      he, double hockey sticks LOL - now you are channelling my Auntie (she is everywhere today - it is just weird)

    2. Well it WON'T be sex that is for sure!

      As for your Auntie, I am one too. All of my neices and nephews are only 8-14 years younger than me so that is the running joke, calling me Auntie....so I can certainly channel. But seriously, glad to make you think of her again... one of the only good uses for hockey sticks..that and beating off racoons!
      Apparently I am allowed to say HELL !! whoo hoo! lol.

  7. If we are indeed talking about a reminder spanking, then DUN DUN DUN.....now it begins......he decides and there will be times, mark my words, when your hair starts on fire.....
    I don't mean to alarm you......it is just what happens, at least to me.
    I will just quote Mick who once told me while I blissfully related a wonderfully bonding sexy spanking encounter with Ian, (perhaps not word for word but something like) "just don't blame me when you one day get a spanking that you don't want and didn't ask for"
    I thought - whatever, that will never happen, not with my sweet loving husband.....then I got my *ss tanned for allowing the low fuel light to come on, and I could still feel it the next afternoon! Turns out Ian is sweet and loving with a hankering for spankering. Just watch your backside.

    1. Well I don't think 'this one' _IF_ indeed there is one, is going to be anything of significance.

      Although I kind of already broke a rule, and then broke another convincing him I didn't break it. Hmm...? Am I supposed to confess when I do that? Guess I'll go with full disclosure-this time.

      One rule from last week was no spin doctoring ...but it comes so naturally...argh!

      So was the low fuel spanking your first punishment one then?

    2. That was my first one, and it caught me completely off guard. I was so shocked I wrote to Mick bawling about it and he took Ian's side.
      I have been doing it for years, and we live in a rural area. Ian has been harping about it for years and after dd, he popped into the driver's seat of my vehicle and that stupid light was glowing like the lights from the Sears tower. He told me to go upstairs, he would be right up and I laughed. I thought he was joking. :(
      Turns out he wasn't, and neither was I when I got a taste of that side of dd. :(

  8. Hey Wilma - I'm pulling for you not to break any of the rules but if I had to place a bet, it would be the Gazoo rule - sounds like he really gets on your nerves. Suggest if he starts in on you that you simply say 'gotta run - things to do' and walk off.

    Alternate words - I had to learn these when my oldest was born as the little stinker repeated EVERYTHING! Here's a few for you: 'son of a bunny rabbit', 'son of a biscuit eater', 'fudge', 'firecracker', 'firetruck', 'nucking futts', and people who irritated me were 'itch or itchy with a b', 'clowns' and 'morons'. Hope these help.


  9. Thanks for the words of advice. If I had to place money it would have been a disrespect rule. I say would have because I was on the internet between the no times, as no one was around. I wasn't hiding, he was in the same room. He gave me a funny face, and I said, What- you said we were starting tomorrow"...which kinda is and isn't true. He just said," Okay."

    I really wasn't testing. There was nothing to be done. I of course would have not turned on the computer if he had a problem with it.

    I was just so bored..No one needed me, I had nothing really to do. I have a cold. All not good reasons, but still, it didn't seem to bother him.

    I know...I'm prepared to take my tongue lashing from all of you now.

    1. You are in for it......I will take Cat's bet and place my money on the computer.....just a feeling.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Gee Thanks Lillie. The gig is up. I showed Barney all the comments. He just keeps grinning at me. Like the Cheshire Cat.

    2. You will know soon enough, I'll wager.

  11. Oh Wilma...you make me laugh. I'm not placing any bets...especially as there's every chance that you will test each of those rules at least once to see what Barney is made of. My guess is that he'll stand up to the test.

  12. I'd say that it is a safe bet that you are CORRECT ! lol...Here it is DAY One, and I have decided, I don't like being TOLD I have to do something-even though we agreed to these 'rules'. I mean "Fake it 'til you Make it" is one thing- as it was on my own terms. Grrrrr.

    That being said, 2 hours into the day, and I've been an angel...bwahahaha! Lord help me. Where did Debbie Defiant come from? Well I'm jumping on her head at the moment to keep her buried deep.

  13. Coupla points:

    O_o you know,that 'in the future you might start a fight with that one' would have gotten a very glassy-eyed, very calm, deep-voiced 'Oh, really?", and would have seen me suddenly airborne and being spanked very hard with whatever he could get his hands on (including his hand)(that there falls under the disrespect rule for us).

    Spanking helps with the hormonal stuff (really it does!)

    Ummm - yup-yup, you're supposed to confess when you break a rule, to not do so is lying by omission - and that's a double whammy - the broken rule compounded by the lie. >.<

    Now I can blow your mind...keep in mind I AM a spanko...we have good girl spankings, which serves as both role affirmation/submission exercise/reconnection - the intensity is up to him, and sometimes it is quite firm to really hard, but there are lots of lovely touches between.....sigh...why do Daddies have to go to work - blech.....

  14. Hey June
    Yeah, I'm well aware that that statement wouldn't go over well at most homes. We were having a frank discussion. I suppose I could have worded it, " When you say things like that it pushes my buttons, so that I don't feel submissive" but as there was no danger of repercussion , my submissive side was sleeping.

    I fessed up...with the rule..and it still is a gray area for that night. Barney didn't seem to think it was a big deal actually. It was more me. In the future though, I'm sure he'll look back and go...uh huh.

    1. You'll find that, lol. I've fretted over stuff and confessed, and Ward looks at me, all indulgent and semi-amused, like I'm a little teapot steaming away without a handle to take me off the heat, lol, and says, "It's okay, little one". But it feel good to have no secrets, and even when it's not a big deal, it's kind of like practice for when it is.