Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rainy Day Sunny Thoughts

Well this morning was overcast, threatening to rain.  What to do?  What to do? 

Barney starts back to work today.  The next few days will be VERY long , followed my pretty light (gee that sounds like I am advertising a feminine hygiene product!).  He starts a new position at the beginning of next week.  He will now be responsible for over 70 employees and ALL of the hiring and a great deal of the firing of staff- he always has had staff under him, but not this many.  He should get lots of practice being bossy! Lol.  Although he won’t be able to spank them, I would still bet he’ll find them easier!

So I need to exercise.  Sigh-  Off to the bus stop, armed with my umbrella I head- to drop off my youngest.  He doesn’t need me to go, but he wants me to, so as long as I am wanted I will go.  I will then proceed to walk for my exercises.  I used to do this 5 days a week a few years ago.  For some reason I just stopped.  Now granted, starting a walking exercise routine at the end of October in Canada is almost a guarantee fail for me.  Even though I was born in the ‘Northern’ part of my province, me and winter have a love/ hate relationship.  I love how pretty it is, from inside my warm house!  The HATE should be obvious.

Alright, 10 year old’s MP3 player blaring ‘music’ in my ears….and I’m off!  About a couple of KMs into my walk it begins to drizzle.  NO problem.  I’m feeling so happy, and light.  I just take my Mary Poppins attitude and click open my umbrella…I literally burst out laughing.  It is a good thing I was alone on the street,-the boys are usually the ones who take the umbrella’s- if it’s raining I am not going out..( Yes, yes I am made of sugar- guff as if you guys didn’t already know that! )

The umbrella looks like it has been used to beat off a pack of wild dogs!  Mary Poppins couldn’t jump off the bed with this thing!  I must have been quite the site walking down the street! 

I walked a similar path I had taken a couple of weeks ago when I had my break down.  Which one Wilma?…easy now, play nice.  The sobbing episode.  It was raining that day too.  I didn’t bring an umbrella that day, ( although you could seriously argue I didn’t bring one today either!).  I poked storm drains with my wet shoes, clearing debris from them, watching them drain.  Not today! I marveled at how all the bright yellow leaves lit up the ground.

 I took roads that I knew were dead ends, just because I had never been down them.  It was on one of these roads, that I was almost been run over by a speeding Volvo.  I would have too if I didn’t jump into the ditch on the side of the road.  (I saw Distancing Dixie and Defiant Debbie laying there- I didn’t help them up).  I didn’t even get angry with the driver.  I mean it is a dead end, raining and all kids should be in school I guess he thought it’d be safe to drive like a maniac.

 I thought how this walk a few weeks ago was all about running away from Barney.  Now it is all about getting a better looking target for him to look at!*wink*

For a good portion of the middle part of my walk I didn’t even think!  It was wonderful!  Seriously my mind is always on overdrive.  I just listened to the ‘music’ .  I use quotation marks because I don’t really know if you can qualify Crazy Frog as music…If you don’t know who Crazy Frog is, don’t bother looking ‘him’ up,  be grateful and move on.

Now there is this HUGE hill in my neighbourhood.  People use it to train on for marathons etc.. I looked at it from the bottom.  When I used to exercise, I too walked the hill up and down as exercise.  Boring, but effective.  This hill was about ¾ of the way into my walk.  There are several streets that one can turn off of on the hill if you want to wimp out.  I took a second and thought- H*ll Wilma,( seriously?  I have always talked to myself, but now I’m using my blogger name?) you’ve got this!  Think of all the stuff you have done in the past month, what’s a little physical burn?  So up I went. 

Here’s the really corny part- as I panted I thought about a lot of people in blogland.  I think this started because I pasted a couple of scarecrows.  The likes of which, I am convinced I will never see again without thinking of Lillie.  Thankfully now I suppose, because I must have been a crow in my former life as they used to creep me out- them and nutcrackers, (I’ll save that for another time- I know you are all waiting with baited breath).  Lillie and her creepy friends got me thinking about blog land.  Then I thought of Lucy and her little men trick or treating.  I thought of Emi and how I hoped that she was able to find her lighthouse in her fog.  Cat and how her and I are the apparent pervs in blog land ! <-  again THANKS Lillie!  How Susie hates storms, but Minelle loves them.  I thought of Blue Bird and how we are similar, LM and our husbands. Sunny in her disposition as well as her name. I wondered about how Cowgirl was doing, and what she would have said about some of my episodes.…I went on and on  I thought of all of you ! It is a HUGE hill …(past an old lady, and her FANCY, useful, golf umbrella- take that old woman, mind has holes for wind resistance!)

 Before I knew it I was almost at the top!  I know, I know, Wilma you corn dog were you thinking that this hill is a metaphor for how everyone in blog land has helped you take difficult steps to achieve your goal ?  I WAS and then as I reached the top, my heart pounding, I smelled burnt sugar…Mmmm…wait !…oh phew, it is the burnt toast smell I have to worry about!

On I went, heart pounding, music blaring…umbrella kind of just there, Happy, happy, content.  Last week I took part of this walk with Barney after maintenance and I was so distant, cold- and the weather was fantastic that day. Today the weather was getting worse, but my contentment was growing.  I thought of so many things that made me happy. 

When I was almost home thoughts of all the kind things people have said about me over the years came into mind.  I have grown accustom to only remembering snide comments that I’ve glossed over the good.  I don’t take compliments very well.  I guess I just don’t know how. It makes me uncomfortable.  Today these words kept me warm despite the fact that I was drenched, and actually cold.  I hadn’t noticed until I walked in my front door how wet and cold I really was.

Barney was out when I left.  He has been dealing with my son’s school.  He has been dealing with the teenage boy for the past couple of days, and I feel not only relieved by good about that.  I can’t believe the amount of worry that has been removed from my body.  I have made my suggestions, naturally, I AM his mother, but it is on Barney how we proceed.  Time will tell, but it feels good.  AND everybody is still standing…AND my cell phone has miraculously reappeared.  THAT was a show down around here last night- one that I thankfully didn’t have to be a part of!  Yay Barney!

Anyway, by the time I got home, Barney was home, making appointments he has been putting off.  Loose ends are getting tied.  I know things are going to change again, they always do, but today I am basking in the sunshine, even though it is pouring rain out!

I appreciate you all so much!

Love Wilma!

PS>  My walk-- 1 hour 10 minutes, 5.14 miles or  8.27 kilometres !

 I used to do 13.7 km in an hour and a half daily…some day.


  1. OOOPS I almost forgot.

    H A P P Y H A L L O W E E N !!

  2. I love your "hill" analogy! I like to walk for exercise, since I can't go running quite yet. I go about 3 miles, but it's been so cold and rainy, I can't take the babies out.
    I don't get to get out much unless I go walking inside the mall. I miss walking! I feel so much better the rest of the day once I get it done.

    As far as Halloween... I can think of one of the scariest things I know.. TEENAGERS! I need my Hubby to deal with ours most of the time. She's quite scary these days.


  3. I love to walk! I live in such a beautiful city- as far as cities go.

    We 'the surfs' live very near multi-million dollar homes, and (oops I better not say what else, I give too much away already), and there is so much green space. I love architecture! Actually a great deal of these homes have mini forests between them too. It makes the walk so interesting.
    I am going to have to revert back to the hula hoop though once the poor weather hits. I DO NOT like to be cold! I don't mind being outside if I have something to do. I love to be outside cross country skiing, or even shovelling snow. I'm sick I know, but I LOVE to shovel! But the city I live in is so bloody damp! Blech. When I lived 'up North' you could dress for the cold, but here it gives you the shivers!

    DO NOT I repeat DO NOT get me started on the teenager! LOL.. He was such an easy going kid. Seriously. WE got 'Oh you'll have no trouble with ______ when he is a teenager' ALL the time. He's still good, all things considered. He just 'forgets' the cell phone, or wanders off. Hmmm? I remember being a teenager, ( kinda freaks me out a bit), Barney led a much um, quieter life than Wilma-and truth be told I wasn't THAT wild. But I had my momments.

  4. Loved hearing your happiness. Your walk is making me think I should be doing the very same thing, BUT NOT. It's rainy and damp here and after all I am a Sunny Girl (my avatar is really Sunny Girl).

    Teenagers are a challenge, I had a girl which I think is a little worse. She is about to be the parent of a teenager of a boy and she is already feeling the anxst. What goes around, comes around. LOL

    Happy Halloween.

  5. Well if what goes around comes around, I hope the other 2 boys are like Barney!

    I wasn't *that* bad... mostly my LATE teens--and I NEVER got caught! I can't figure out what is more disturbing, the stuff he does,(again pretty tame) or the fact that he is dumb enough to get caught...SHEESH! Oh yeah, Parent of The Year Award, welcome me to the podium again this year!

    Thanks for the kind comment about my happiness. It really is a wonderful thing. I fell asleep on Barney's chest watching tv last night, after he 'asked' me to come watch t.v. with him. It was nice.

  6. Sorry to hear that you don't take compliments very well.
    I was just about to compliment you with a day well spent.

    All children are different.
    Daughter was a darling until she started dating at about 18. Then she became absolutely horrible. Kind of protecting boy friends against terrible parents who probably would not approve of the boy friends.
    Son was big trouble from the day he was born. But that ended when he started dating girls at about 15.
    He just sort of wanted to show of his wonderful parents.
    Don't ask me. I don't understand how this works.

  7. Well WELCOME back BAS!

    As for the compliment thing, that is going to be the old Wilma! lol . Barney has alluded that this may become a rule in the future. When I think of it, by playing down a compliment,regardless of how I feel about it, it isn't very respectful to the person giving it.

    Yeah, I guess there is never one sure fire way to deal with kids, aside from consistancy, ( and wine..lots of red wine...for me, not them-he's probably still at the girly coolers stage. lol .Gawd I hope not!).

    He doesn't want to show off his parents, although the girls that come to the door, have no trouble staying and talking to me. Thank God I can Facebook snoop to find out what is going on. Not that I always want to!

    So nice to have you back! I was curious why you weren't commenting on some dark day post-thought you just gave up on me *wink*

  8. Wilma,
    I am glad you had such a lovely walk. I don't have any teenagers yet, but am already hitting the wine...lots of red wine:) Since my toddler had a one hour long screaming fit this morning (all because of a tiny thing I wanted her to do that she didn't want to do)...I am thinking a trip to the store is in order. I suppose you will be going to the store too...for your new umbrella:) Always gotta be prepared for the "rainy days".

  9. Hey New Bea!

    Careful with the red wine, I'm pretty sure it is responsible for our 3rd child!

    I did have a lovely walk. I wish it was April showers I was walking insead of October showers, so I can continue my daily walks with ease. Avoiding crazy Volvo drivers isone thing, but NOTHING compared to crazy snow plough drivers!

  10. I love posts like this...just walking and talking through life. You got quite the hike in there Wilma!

    I accidentally call myself Susie in my head sometimes. Makes me laugh.

    It is really fun to have you as part of this community Wilma.

    Nothing like a day well spent with bunches of little things done. Back to my little things now.

    1. Wow Susie!

      " It is really fun to have you as part of this community Wilma". That is such a compliment! <- Hey look Bas I'm doing it already!! Whoot Whoot!

      Not sure about how many 'bunches' of things I'm getting done though, I've been handing candy for 2 hours outside- gleefully chattin' it up with the neighbours!

      I actually contemplated writing Wilma in the dust on the coffee table today, ( I literally have to dust it ever other day) but I thought that might 'poke the bear' lol...not really, but I don't need the kids knowing ANYTHING about Wilma!

      Always a plesure to read your comments Susie!

    2. Okay handing OUT candy, not handling it...well I guess I was doing that too :0)

  11. I am so proud of you Willie!
    Your happiness if apparent in everything you do - ever your blog is cheerful and girlie! I love it. It is funny, but as I began to feel more feminine and in love I changed my blog curtains, too.
    Congrats to Barney on the fancy new job! Very nice, Mr. Rubble.
    Isn't it perfectly lovely to have your HoH handling things with HoH effectiveness. I love it. They get very efficient and protective. You will see.
    Ian used to sit back and watch the teenage daughter take practice shots at me, and now he shuts in down immediately.....and she is HAPPIER!?!
    I smiled as I listened to your walk, and I nodded, because I understand how things look brighter and more positive when things are going well in this lifestyle. The leaves look brighter, you are upbeat and giving off wonderful energy. I can't stop smiling as I read.
    Thanks for thinking of me sweetie, even though it was when seeing that which frightens you and brings perverts to mind.....I am complimented :D
    I find myself thinking of my friends and family here in blogland all the time. I am often amazed at how attached I am to you all. I think it is the marvel of finding people you can really be yourself with.
    I love reading about you and Barney canoodling and you falling asleep on his chest.
    I love it WIllie!
    So happy for you!
    love and hugs

  12. Well let's see here chatty patty, where to begin *wink* I love it when you write on my blog!

    1-Barney doesn't actually have a new job, just MORE stuff to do in his old one. I new title, same pay..BLECH...(shakes fist in air)

    2-Yes it nice that Barney is starting to spew hoh -hoh not quite HoH, but you have to walk before you can run----apparently. My Mother said I did the reverse, but I think we've already established I'm not quite right.

    3- No doubt your daughter is happier, no body likes to be nasty. Not really I don't think. It is such a heavy weight to carry around. My Mom was going through perimenopause when I was a pmsing teenager. It was just my Mom, my Dad and myself in the house. I always say when my Dad died, he was sent through the express line at the Pearly Gates!

    4- Believe it or not...SERIOUSLY. I am normally a very upbeat, positive person. No I (at least I don't think I am) the annoying bubblely idiot that you want to choke. Although I am very animated, remember my comment about my brother saying, " Wilma! Sit on your hands and shut up" ? I am usually the one with the bright outlook, finding something positive in the negative. It is just that the people OUTSIDE of my house saw that more than the people inside. It got to the point where I went outside a lot, and the people that I saw regularily became like the people in my house. AND then the beginning of this Dd thing, well I've been ALL over the map!

    5- I think of you often my friend. I told Lucy the other night I had a dream that I met you and Ian in an airport. Weird, as I have NO idea what you look like.. You must have been the one with the huge knockers with the tall guy with the ginormous mustache who was going on and on and on about something SO interesting, but yet you refused to sit down. Most likely it was the anal beads hanging off of your carry on luggage though that gave you away .

    Anyway, I'm no longer get creeped out by your little straw friends, so thank you for that ;)

    6- OH so THAT is what canoodling is!

    I am very happy at he moment Lillie- geniunely, deep down happy, and a great deal of is because of the help and support I have recieved from Blog Land- especially you! You have taken time out of your busy, and sometimes complicated life to read and answer some of my more desperate emails...and even dragged Ian into them too! Without all your help a few weeks ago, I'm not sure where we would be today. If we'd be actively trying ttwd without BOTH of your help!

    PLUS, you have helped me get rid of the _itchy name Wilma! Willie is more like it!


  13. Hi Wilma :D

    I love, love, LOVE this post. Your happiness is just bOuNcInG off of the screen at me :)

    It is amazing how attached we all become to others here on blogland......I mean for instance....Lillie has forever made me look at scarecrows in a....well, new way shall we say?? ;)

    I don't even want to think about the teenage years around here....Oy! All my little Power Rangers had a great night tonight....and a nice sugar buzz to go with it :)

    Have a wonderful night friend....



  14. Hey Lucy!

    I was just thinking of you and your 'busted' Power Ranger. How is he? We didn't get ONE Power Ranger!

    I like what you did with the word bouncing....very clever!

    I don't want to think about the teenage years around here either..only 8 more years of it ! Bwahahabooohooo

    After 'butt' inspection...
    Lmbo, I told Barney what you said about bruising easily, and what Ryan said about basically just behaving...and he said

    "Smart guy. Sounds about right, nothing to worry about then" and THEN he added this gem

    " Your butt will toughen up with time I'm sure" <- WHO THE FRIG IS THIS MAN?

    I knew that this was going to change us both, but he is like some butt loving sexed craved teenager! I think the old man's been slipping blue pills behind( pun intended) my back. He implied my butt was better today because he gave it a rest last night! Sorry for the TMI here people, but HUH? Gee thanks for 'letting' me get 8 hours sleep! Sheeesh.

    He's gonna kill me! LOL!!

    1. Oh yes Lillie and the scarecrows..Listen Lucy, I don't think either myself or Barney are going to think of shims the same way again either, because of you!

    2. My little power ranger is fine.....the mouth getting hurt always bleeds like they are dying....he was fine :D Thanks for asking...

      You will find that Mr. Barney is going to become super obsessed with your hiney....if he was before, it is going to go into overdrive....keep walking my friend :)

      Ryan has little sympathy when I do get bruised....ugh isn't it sickening how all the men stick together....

      I do have to say, he is right your bum (as lillie would say) will get tougher....well, it will if you get as many conversations otk as I do ;)

      Oh, my the shim. That was quite a night.....he still has that thing....he jokes for "sentimental" reasons <~~~~~~craziness...

    3. Barney literally howled when I read that post to him..." A shim! bahahaha" All I kept thinking about was Holy Hannah she's gonna get slivers!

      I'm not sure if Barney was obsessed with my Junk in the Trunk before. I have always been worried it was big. Long stupid story. I know it is not, just based on the size I wear, but it has always been a sore spot(<- OMG how things change once you start ttwd, good gravy! NO PUN intended) with me, and he's always tried to reassure me. I've had comments from male friends, but not so much him, but that's not his style. Or wasn't. I'd get a " You look very nice" when we were going out somewhere, but that's about it. This is a little new.

      As for tougher, PAH. I'm going to be good as gold. Probably only be able to post once a month or something to let you guys know I am still alive! lol

      Happy to hear your little super hero merely had a 'flesh wound' :)

  15. Hello fellow perv ;) - Your walk cracked me up and it is so lovely to hear the happiness in your post. I can just picture you in the rain with a bouncing happy walk. Your sunny thoughts really made me smile.


  16. First off I am honoured to be in such good, albeit perverse, company!

    I am happy that for once I got to make you smile, crack you up no less!

    Bouncy step one might require coordination for that? Not sure about that...I'm still a bit of a machine when I walk...ask the old lady!

  17. Hi Wilma, better introduce myself since I have been keeping track of your blogs :) We have a hill outside our house, nothing big..until you walk it :( You have inspired me to try walking it everyday.
    Thank you for your inspirations and honesty in all your blogs :)

    1. First of M3, THANK you for coming out of the Lurk room!

      Second, inspired someone to exercise..I think, yup, that's definitely a first for me. My face to face friends would literally rolling on the floor laughing. Don't get me wrong, I move. I am very active, but while all my friends start, and mostly stop exercise routines or going to the gym, I'm usually the one with the comment about my excercise equiptment being a bigger clothes horse than Lady Gaga.

      My aversion to this has stemed back to, well forever. I remember in highschool, we had to run around the block of our school. It was a private school at one point and the property was huge. After the run we were to go in the gym to start warming up for volleyball( which shorty over here loves!) any way I HATE running, so I cut across the front lawn, right in front of my gym teacher, who was all of about 26 at the time.

      " RUBBLE" ( why do gym teachers use your last name all the time, it is like you are in the Army or something) "Where's the last block of your run?"

      " It's still there sir"

      " Sigh, just get inside Wilma. What am I going to do with you?"

      Tee hee. BTW ended up with the 3rd highest mark in the class. My girlfriend who went on to kinesiology was furious, ( in a laughing sort of way)she and another guy tied for highest mark...THANK God for the written Health aspect of Phys. Ed!

      Oh Gosh, look at me going on and on. Guess you can read my comment up and down YOUR hill!

      Welcome and please comment again!


    2. Wilma, I don't run (unless it is from 'The Silence' and then it is usually a fast back peddle) so if you see me running, you better start running too, as it means something big and scary is after me!

    3. Yeah, I haven't run since that Phys Ed class either. Hey if we are running perhaps we'll past the old lady and the umbrella, then we'll be safe!

      Barney laughed when he read my Phys. Ed note to you. I'm sure I've mentioned that story to him before. I didn't know what he was reading. So I asked.

      He said, " You're gym class story. I can SO see you saying that."

      "What? It really is a true story"

      " Oh I KNOW it is...hahahaa!"

      I once saw a t-shirt when I was a kid, that I still remember:


  18. Love seeing such a happy post Wilma, so glad you are feeling happy and that some weight has been lifted from you with Barney taking control of issues at home. Good for you getting our there walking- love the hill story -great analogy.

    Lol, I talk to myself and use my blog name too.

    congrats to Barney on his new job.


    PS love the new blog look!

  19. Hey Roz!

    I guess you would like the new pink * wink * blog. I never really liked the old one, for me. I have a hard time with certain colours and reading, so hopefully I can handle the bright backgound here.

    It feels great to be happy and light again. I feel like I could take on the world- not that I have to, or would be allowed

    I was thinking about your submission post last night. I was so happy, and so many people were commenting and Pming me yesterday that I didn't get to my ironing until LATE last night. Like 11:00- it worked out because I was still up when Barney got home. Anyway, once I was done with ALL of Barney's dress shirts and pants. I felt a tad happier. No that's not right, like another block of submission was added. Like I am building a foundation with my blocks now, not walls. I didn't NOT feel submissive yesterday, in like a defiant kind of thing, I was just caught up in my own bliss. Doing something for Barney just added to it.

    I'm not sure if I just made any sense. Good thing this in on my blog not your's!

    I thought of you too, btw up the hill...but I feared mentioning everyone would sound like an Oscar acceptance speech for one of those Foreign animation movies nobody's ever heard of.

    Not sure if it was all of your guys'(<- I know so poorly worded) hands pushing me up the hill yesterday, or standing and bending outside for 2 hours in the damp, handing out candy to tiny witches and super heros, or how I slept, but my lower back is killing me today. If the reason was either of the first two, I'll take it!

    Soon as my back's okay, I'll return the hug- LOL