Friday, October 12, 2012

A Kitchen Moment


  “Vulnerable, unsure, insecure and weepy are not words that people who know me would use to describe me.”

Barney ( soft giggle):  “No they sure aren’t. -- But you always have been those things inside”

W: “ Yeah, well I would  really like to  ditch this weepy girl !” ( sniffing, AGAIN)

Barney: “ I don’t know.........I kind of like her..........

                      - Makes me feel like you actually need me to protect you”

( huge grin on his face, weepy girl turns into happy BUT blubbering mess girl)


  1. Don't ditch that girl.
    Barney is not the only one liking her.
    It is good that he knows you inside and out.

  2. Well, I must be your long-lost....something....because I am right there with you :) A lot of us discover we have "her" living in us when we start living this lifestyle. Keep her around....sounds like Barney is taking a shine to her :D

  3. Aah, how sweet! We have the same problem here. Oh the tears! You'd think I'd be dry as a bone by now. I hid them for so long and like Barney, M welcomes them. It's pretty wonderful...and terrible.

  4. If memory serves me correctly, he used to pretend he didn't see tears, and I convinced myself I liked it that way.


    To be honest, I should word that- because I liked him to pretend he didn't see them, he didn't.

    I'm going to flush my contacts out of my eyeballs if this continues at this rate/volume !

  5. Vulnerability is a beautiful thing, and the men find it very sweet and tasty :) Soon you'll be able to be vulnerable without the insecurity. The more vulnerable you are, the more he wants to take care of you, protect and love you - and that is a delicacy for you :)

  6. Well maybe I'll be able to get used to the vulnerable part, after all it is going to make me tasty, but the other stuff can go ! LOL

  7. I couldn't believe the amount of crying I did that first few weeks! It was crazy!! I felt crazy!! It has evened out some for me..partly because we are going really slow and I've come to terms with that. Moose doesn't really know what to do with me when I get like that. I'm glad that Barney likes the weepy you! That's so sweet!! :)


  8. Hi Nikki! Yeah, I guess weepy isn't so bad when he's holding me. Not so great when he will working 12 hour days, for 9 days in a row. But I know others who have had it way worse, so I know I will have to manage. It just seems so strange. It is like 20 years of supression is leaking out all over the place! Fortunately the kids haven't witnessed it, (yet)