Monday, October 1, 2012

A Quick Hello...then I'll TRY later

Well I say , 'I'll say a quick hello', but I am normally very chatty, so I'll try to keep it quick. I've been lurking around for months on end on DD sites, and I figured it was only fair to let others know who I am. Sort of.

First off, I've been signing my posts as *C, but decided to name My Blog after characters we can relate to, based on my husband's and my personality. BTW, he is built NOTHING like Barney Rubble ! I always found Wilma more serious than Betty, with more of an edge. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely playful, but I don't seem to have the ability to let the giggly girl out much anymore. I am hoping to change that. I am not married to Fred though, I am married to Barney. Not that Fred is not considerate or kind,(wow, am I actually concerned about insulting a cartoon character?) and not that MY Barney is all giggles, it was just the best comparison I could find. Some day I may try to explain our personalities more in depth. If you need a visual, well I'm not tall like Wilma either. I am about 3 apples high, and my husband 4. Boy he's gonna love that description !

As you can very well see, I am NOT a writer, so I'll forgive anyone who visits but can't tolerate my writing to stay. At the moment I am desperately trying to find the courage to talk to my husband about changing the dynamic in our marriage. To be honest I shouldn't be afraid of his reaction, because he never says "NO" right off of the bat for anything. He needs to think, and think on things. I will post later on why I am having difficulty getting it out, but one reason is, if you say it, it becomes so real. I know that is the point, but just another part of my internal struggle.

I suppose I am a lot like many who post Blogs, something I never dreamed I would do, I just need to write it out to figure it out. Who knows, this may be my own personal diary, that only I read.

Thanks *C. Or I suppose I should start signing



  1. Hello Wilma *C Rubble,
    Yes, I am quite curious what happened to my old cartoon friends. This sounds weird.
    Well, about DD. At the moment for you this is still something you control. The moment you start telling Barney (?), it starts getting out of control. There is this big risk that he says NO, and there is this big risk that he will say YES. Both will be a shock to you.
    But, DD is great for reconnecting! Maybe you should try it.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. You basically hit the nail on the head with the yes/no thing. LOL. I hope to write more to publish tomorrow about me and my personality. Suffice to say, there is more than just reconnecting that could benefit from this type of relationship.
    BTW. I have had the pleasure of being to your beautiful country many, many years ago. I hope to some day return with, (yeah Barney just isn't going to work, LOL) my husband.

  3. Hi C or Wilma! Love that name and your reasoning behind it. I have noticed your comments on Lillie's and Mick's blogs. I was curios about the new follower on my own too. I'm glad you started your own blog. A big welcome to blogland! I know you'll like it here. We have such a fun, supportive community.

    I know how hard it is to bring up the subject of DD to your husband! I remember well that feeling. I was so afraid Blue wouldn't understand. And, truthfully, he didn't. Not right away. At least he listened though. It's usually a slow process. Be prepared to answer lots of questions and maybe even print out some things for him to read at his leisure. While I had been reading blogs for months before I brought it up, it was completely new and unexpected for Blue. I'm glad to hear that your husband carefully considers things instead of just dismissing them out of hand. That will be huge in helping him to understand. I wish you much luck in finding your courage. I can't even begin to express how worth it it is! Again, welcome and good luck! :)

  4. Thanks Cowgirl ! I'm first off, kind of relieved that some people have actually taken the time to read and comment. I noticed how kind everyone on the blogs are. I wasn't going to start my own, but Little Misses journey made me decide that even if we don't end up going in the direction I think I want to get the results I want, sharing can't be a bad thing.
    Already the encouraging words directed at me are providing me more courage. More courage that is until I look up from my computer screen, at my
    I'm still in the process of figuring out why I think this will work in my own head, before presenting it to him. He is not unhappy with the physical state of our house, something that seems to be a common trait in some DD relationships. I personally KNOW our house can be so much more though.
    I am a silent arguer. I eye roll, sigh, and suppress. It would be so much more hurtful to him if he could read my thoughts. The thing is, my thoughts still are harmful to our relationship. I need to 'not go there'. I am now silently trying to change that, but I feel myself slipping.
    Sorry, there I go running off that the keyboard again. Oh wait, it is my blog, I can..Although I may loose my two readers if I continue this! lol
    Thanks for sharing your Blog. I enjoy reading it. I even felt a little sad, when you were grounded from the blogs. Although I can totally understand. It took me all day to get this one up and somewhat running. Not to mention visiting everyone else's blogs today. Taking a break should be a good idea for everyone. Although it makes those of us not taking a break sad. Maybe we could have a take a break week, and all do it at the same time. That way no one would miss anything!

    1. An excellent idea Wilma! Lol, the hard part would be getting everyone to agree on the when! It really can take a lot of time, to keep up with everyone's blog and your own too. You can end up in blogland all day before you know what happened.....I'm still a little paranoid about that happening to me again!

  5. C :D WILMA :D
    Why didn't you tell me you were here?
    I am so sorry that I missed your first post. It is great and congratulations!!
    That is one of the best things about blogging, Wilma - it is discovering much of what you are feeling inside, but writing brings it out.
    Did you announce this somewhere and I missed it? So sorry, sweetie :D
    and SO glad you are here.

  6. Yay! So glad you are here too Lillie ! I intend for (sigh at name, that I have doomed us too) Barney to read your entire blog, once I prepare my presentation. I think I'll do the old- stop, drop ( my letter and information) and roll out of the room...perhaps to an entirely diffent floor! when I deliever it to Barney,( he is SO going to hate that name).
    Anywho, didn't 'announce' anything, just actually 'followed' some blogs that I have been following. I guess that is how I was located. Like I told you earlier, I am new to this whole blog thing. Heck, I don't have or even know how to get one of those blog roll thingies on the side----->

  7. Hi Wilma :)

    I saw you comment on Lillie's I thought I would try and find you. You are off to a really great start :) Welcome, I think you will find a lot of people in this community to be very helpful!

    A lot of us have been there with our husbands. I nearly had a heart attack trying to bring the whole thing up to Ryan. My best advice is just to be patient and be prepared to answer a lot of questions. Mick over at Husbandly Touch has a great letter to HOHs that he wrote. A lot of men can really relate to what he writes.

    Best of luck to you....can't wait to hear more of your story!


  8. Thanks Lucy! I have read Mick's entire blog. I have tons of things ready in my 'favourites' to print. My husband knows, 'somethings coming'. He said whatever it is I have to tell/show him, he's sure it will be good for him in the long run. He is a little confused as to why I am nervous to 'present' this to him. I've been teasing that I hope I have enough ink for all the things I want to present to him.
    The comments from people in this community have been nothing but supportive and positive. I intend to show my husband my tiny blog once he picks himself off of the floor after reading my 'request'. I have learned THAT much, not to hide one's blog from your husband, from this community. lol
    I was hoping to be further along with my material tonight than I have been, so I may be talking to him a few days later than I had intended. I am getting to the point now where I just want to get this phase over with. Like ripping off a band-aid !

  9. Hi, Wilma. I am really late to your first post, but welcome! I meant to come here much sooner, once I saw your moniker in lights (highlighted in comments you posted), but, like Lillie's blog, I can't link to you from your profile name. So, I did a google search for "Wilma Rubble ttwd blog" - Voila! I know how to find you! Count me among your readers. I'm going to go catch up on the rest of your newer posts, but I'll refrain from commenting on all of them, unless I simply cannot resist throwing in my 2¢. Lol!

    Oh, Wilma is my favorite of all the Flintstones characters, except for Pebbles and Dino. And, I don't think you've doomed yourselves if you decide to keep "Barney" as your husband's blog moniker. It's actually a cool name, and I happen to like it, and that your husbands's character has shades of Barney Rubble. But, the name does conjure images of Fred's roly-poly little sidekick, plus that other really big purple dinosaur who is not Dino, and Mayberry's skinny little deputy sheriff. Lol!

    Congratulations on starting a blog, and welcome again!


  10. Well thank you very much Irishey. I'm honoured that you went through the effort to find me. Not sure why you couldn't get to me the easy way, and you can't with Lillie either. Must be some funky Canadian Blogger thing.

    Feel free to throw your 2 cents in anywhere you like. I enjoy reading your comments.

    As for Barney, his appearance is none of those you described!

  11. Lol! Nooooooo! Say it isn't so. Well, no matter, I've already locked in a visual of your Barney as a 7-feet tall, skinny, purple dinosaur with a shock of shaggy blonde hair, wearing a gun belt and deputy sheriff's badge, with the warmest belly-chuckle imaginable! What a character!


    Thanks for making me feel welcome here.


  12. A very belated welcome to Blogland.
    I think that it's safe to say--you aren't the only one who reads your blog lol.
    Enjoy the journey.

  13. Thank you for the welcome.

    And Welcome to my personal ...well today I'd like to say train

    Hope you enjoy my mulitple personalities. lol

    (Turns out I've befriended the 'cool' kids so I get to bask in their popularity.)