Sunday, October 7, 2012

Appealing to Their Competitive Nature?

 As some of you may know, I am the only one around this joint that has estrogen flowing through them.  For how long, well that remains to be seen.  Perhaps it is a good thing that I am the only one containing this hormone, because some days I can' t contain it at all !

  Anywho, it is a glorious, ( or for the purpose of this post, GORIOUS) long weekend here.  Thanksgiving to be precise. To further add to this wonderful weekend, a day off school for the boys before, on Friday.  I love my boys dearly. I really, really do. They are funny, talented, polite , (- not always with each other, but they are definitely Street Angels as my mother used to refer to me as- well behaved in public, at home, it's a toss up) and mostly helpful when asked.  What they aren't are 'good shots' !

  I think I will appeal to their natural competitive nature :


   If this doesn't work, well I'll be thankful for Tuesday morning !


  1. Cute, Wilma, very cute. My son and husband alone used to drive my daughters and I crazy - I can't imagine being so outnumbered. :)

    1. Sigh, just another cross I ! I actually leave the seat UP when I am done! Doesn't matter. I have tried to get THEM to clean the bathrooms to get them to be more careful. It worked for a bit. Oh well 2 more sleeps until I have a clean bathroom for 8 whole hours!

  2. LMAO <- Now wouldn't that be sweet if that was actually possible. Thanks for the laugh Sunny!

  3. Ran out of time to try it..( too much computer/turkey time). I'm seriously considering it tomorrow after they go to school, and after I clean the bathrooms...AGAIN !