Sunday, October 7, 2012

Appealing to Their Competitive Nature?

 As some of you may know, I am the only one around this joint that has estrogen flowing through them.  For how long, well that remains to be seen.  Perhaps it is a good thing that I am the only one containing this hormone, because some days I can' t contain it at all !

  Anywho, it is a glorious, ( or for the purpose of this post, GORIOUS) long weekend here.  Thanksgiving to be precise. To further add to this wonderful weekend, a day off school for the boys before, on Friday.  I love my boys dearly. I really, really do. They are funny, talented, polite , (- not always with each other, but they are definitely Street Angels as my mother used to refer to me as- well behaved in public, at home, it's a toss up) and mostly helpful when asked.  What they aren't are 'good shots' !

  I think I will appeal to their natural competitive nature :


   If this doesn't work, well I'll be thankful for Tuesday morning !


  1. Cute, Wilma, very cute. My son and husband alone used to drive my daughters and I crazy - I can't imagine being so outnumbered. :)

    1. Sigh, just another cross I ! I actually leave the seat UP when I am done! Doesn't matter. I have tried to get THEM to clean the bathrooms to get them to be more careful. It worked for a bit. Oh well 2 more sleeps until I have a clean bathroom for 8 whole hours!

  2. LMAO <- Now wouldn't that be sweet if that was actually possible. Thanks for the laugh Sunny!

  3. Good idea, did it work??

  4. Ran out of time to try it..( too much computer/turkey time). I'm seriously considering it tomorrow after they go to school, and after I clean the bathrooms...AGAIN !