Friday, October 19, 2012

Because I so desperately need a laugh

Not an actual post today.  Sorry to disappoint.

 Sorry if you find this crude.  But I mean c'mon its Betty White, she's a little old lady.  She can't be considered crude ?

I needed a laugh, and every time I read this I chuckle.  So here you go!

And a little something for the guys...I mean the ones who AREN'T in a dd marriage of course.


Happy Friday !


  1. I love Betty White! That's my favorite quote of hers.

  2. Thanks for the laugh. I've seen the Betty White one before, how can it be crass, it's true. I have to show the other to hubby. I think there are days he might feel the same.

  3. This is really funny, and I love that saying.
    Recently someone on my blog mentioned what movie star people say they reming them of.....and I loved it, so I asked Ian - who do I remind you of and he said, "Betty White"
    I said, "WHAT?" "She is an elderly lady."
    Anyhow, he stood by his comment.
    And I LOVED the Irish wedding joke.....married into a big clan of Irishmen - but the lot of them drink only moderately. They had an Uncle who was a notorious drunkard in the area, so much so that locals that were able would say, "I was there when _________ Mc___________ took his first drink." Like that was a division in time for them. :D
    Very cute, Wilma

    1. LOL...I come from a French Canadian , Irish, and English ( we ignore that part) background. There is always liquid refreshments around, how much actually gets IN is hard to tell- with all the talking and hand gestures! I have a tendency to knock stuff over. My brother is always saying, " Hey Wilma, sit on your hands and shut up"

  4. LOL. Thanks for the laughs...poor bartender!!


  5. LOL - don't see anything crude! Absolutely love Betty White and that quote is a riot. I agree with He's the Boss - poor bartender! ;) Thanks for the laughs and have a great weekend.


  6. Lol. Betty White is priceless. Thanks for the laugh.

    1. I do love this. Some Dd guardian angel must be watching over me today, because you commenting on this post has brought me back here and has given me a very much needed smile :)