Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Brilliant (Trying to Post again!)

Well 5th attempt is a charm!  Stupid BLOG! 

Anyway, I know at least one of you is a self professed, um frugal woman, so this is especially for you :).  Hopefully the rest of you will enjoy them too.  Some of them are pretty cool!


Wilma update:  Meh. Going through the motions.  Not 'feelin' it. Defiant Debbie has stayed at bay, but I feel a new personality in there-> Distancing Dixie.  Yeah, she's always been there, she's just been upgraded with a name.  Trying desperately to ditch Dixie.  For whatever reason, a storm front in movin' in, trying very hard to reroute it-but you know how unpredictable the weather is.  I'm really hoping the storm is not going to turn into Hurricane Wilma!  Unfortunately the cold front has already settled in.

Alright, enough negativity!  On with the coolness....

Yeah, I'd still get water all over the floor.

Really?  Flip flops are a buck tops. Imagine the sound walking, flip,flop, tap.

Seems like a waste of a good snack food, but I suppose if you are cold.

So like that is an interesting colour for ? meat?

A less bulky solution, spray your fly with hairspray.  It really does work, for a while anyway.

OMG the frustration at my house this would cause with all the Man eyes!

And we are set to garnish our Frozen Strawberry Daquiries

Not that I am promoting disobedience, but how handy would this be to keep your computer silent in the middle of the night when you power up?

The first 2 labels made me laugh.  Sure wouldn't want to unplug the first one, and the second?  Well I guess it depends who it is attached to.

I've done this a couple of times for kids birthday parties.  Put the cones in muffin tins to bake.  Then let them decorate their own icecream


  1. Some of these are so great (love the rubber band paint can idea!) and some are just hilarious (I KNOW I would forget to take that baggy of vinegar off the shower head the next morning and what a mess that would be!)

  2. Hey Tess!

    I'm not sure you would forget to take the baggy off of the shower head, as I would imagine your bathroom would smell like a chip stand all night!

    It took forever to get these loaded up. I dropped some really dumb ones, like, " take a picture of your friend holding up what they borrowed from you so you'll remember who has it when you need it"

    There was a really cute one for what to do with an older crib, but somehow it didn't get uploaded. I'll post it some other time

  3. Wow Wilma, that's a lot of interesting info. If i manage to remember 1/8 of it call me a success. No wonder you had a hard time posting. That's a lot of cutting and pasting. Thanks for your hard work.

    Hope Dixie takes a hike.

    1. Hey Sunny.

      My brother-in-law said pretty much the same thing about remembering all of them when I forwarded the email to him, (btw that was WAY easier then uploading them all here).

      Submissive Sally is working on Dixie as we speak!

  4. I totally like the idea for the wooden keep water from boiling over. I am forwarding this to Ryan so he can see what the real purpose of a wooden spoon is...Sheesh! I may have been a little defiant myself this morning Wilma ;) Loved all of these ideas!

    Have a good one :D

  5. Good afternoon Lucy.

    Did you want me to send over Submissive Sally to beat up your defiant Debbie? She's apparently napping over here anyway? Or did Ryan and the wooden spoon already take care of that?

    Metaphorically speaking, Ryan's wooden spoon helps to keep the water from boiling over at times too! I know, not helping :)

    1. So not helping Wilma! ;)

      Defiant Debbie went running out the door holding her bottom ;) I think she is gone for awhile.....but I do appreciate the concern :p

  6. Hi Wilma, Loved these, some really great, interesting ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    I hope distancing dixie takes a hike, and that the looming storm front passes you by :)

  7. Oh, Thanks for stopping by Roz! I love reading your blog.

    I can't believe I didn't post the cool crib desk they made. Next time.

    Distancing Dixie- Yeah Barney doesn't like her much. Um, I think we will be talking about her further on his day off.

  8. Thanks for going to all the work to share these Wilma. I've seen and/or quite a few of them and they are really handy. I lost a small gold earring in a brown carpet and the stocking over the vacuum hose worked beautiful to find it!

    Hope Distancing Dixie takes a hike before Barney decides to deal with her his way! Is there anything we can do to help?


  9. There are some very good ideas there! Now you just need to make a few of them your own and get on one of those late night TV shows...what is it called...QVC or something. You could be rich!

    Flee miss distancing Dixie!

  10. I have come up with some pretty ingenious ideas on my own over the years, ( toot toot) the trouble is I didn't realize other people have beaten me to it! lol

    As for Ms. Dixie...she has been kicked to the curb for the time being. Hopefully Submissive Sally doesn't give her the combination to the front door any time soon!

  11. OHMIGOSH! I love these, some of themtotally delighted my inner 6-year-old :)