Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Broken Rule and Updates...

 So for anyone who was reading my comments to comments left on my blog post yesterday, you know I ,(sorta) broke a couple of rules.  Well with permission?  Grey area.  The second one, I out and out broke.

Fortunately, for moi, Barney seemed to take great amusement in my fidgeting and (little bit of) guilt.  No follow up action!

That being said, he has decided that he needs more practice.  WHAT THE H-LL ? 

So tomorrow's plans, a short maintenance, reaffirmation, whatever you want to call it.  Apparently Mr. HoH has too much going on today.  Hrmph!  ( Um, not that I was interested in a session today either. I know it is not going to be a fun one, or end up that way!)

Not too impressed, as _ I _have a LOT  planned for tomorrow.  He feels because he's going to be working a lot in the next week, and we have lots of social functions at the end of it, this would be a good idea...Yeah, I've had SO many Good ideas in the last month and now he's coming up with them!  Sigh.

As for dd day one...I've discovered I don't like HAVING to do stuff.  I mean the 'fake it til you make it' is great when YOU decide it-but this having to do stuff, (even though we both agreed to the 'rules) is for the BIRDS ! 

Get back down there Defiant Debbie!  You're going to get me in trouble! 

Submissive Sally and Difiant Debbie are going rounds, I'll let you know who wins!

Lord help me!


  1. Hi Wilma :D

    This was so funny! I hate confessing when I have done something wrong....I can never look Ryan in the eye...and oh boy the fidgeting ;)

    I have a love/hate relationship with my list of to-dos for the day. It keeps me organized, but when I fail to do something...well, I'll let you figure out the rest ;)

    Have a great day....and keep Defiant Debbie away!


    1. Hey Lucy! Welcome back. Missed you.

      So yeah, well about the confession part, I felt bad because of the timing, I mean we JUST started for crying out loud! The second rule I broke was no spin-doctoring. No trying to manipulate the situation to appear like I didn't break a rule. A fancy way of saying lying I suppose. I prefer to think of it as a colourful defence.

      I am already getting tired of writing down what I eat! I hate taking time to EAT let alone write it down. Frig!

      As for the other jazz, Mr. HoH is RESTING right now! Grrr. Yet he has no time to carry out what he 'needs' to do until tomorrow ( hold on a second, I have to round-house Defiant Debbie!- There that is better.) Barney has the beginings of a cold, therefore he should rest, ( thank you Submissive Sally for helping out).
      Well off to eat a cupcake...and then WRITE it down...

  2. Hi Wilma,
    No, you didn't upset me. I left an explanation with the same comments at Lillie's place. I have a list of things I want to do to update my blog, but am constantly distracted by everyones posts. I hope to put up my email soon.

    So far I am the only one making up To Do lists, I have for years. I rarely get everything done. All though yesterday he ordered me to leave the house early, get a cup of coffee and sit at an outdoor cafe and read to enjoy the beautiful weather. I happily obliged. I had never done that by myself before. It was nice. And I got all of my To DO list done: D
    Get him to add a fun thing to do as incentive to finish the rest.

    1. Oh BB, you have no idea how relieved I am to hear that!

      AS for the to do lists over here, they are all MY things I want to get done. I have made a list of things that should be done every day, a few times a week, once a week, and then extras. Barney just asked that every night I write down what my plans are for the next day are. To keep me on task yes, but also so he can help out if he is around...I know

      I like what your hubby had in store for you. So nice!

    2. If you can, go by and read the message I left at LIllie's in response to your second comment there. I hope you laugh!

    3. .......and laugh I did....Sheesh you sound like Little Orphan Annie with all you 'swear words!"

  3. I hate having to confess. Even if it takes me a while to work up to confessing, the way I'm acting always gives me away. I get really quiet, won't look Steve in the eye and yes, I fidget too. He usually figures out that something is up within a couple minutes of being around me. Sometimes he'll flat out ask what I did and sometimes he'll give me a little time before he asks if I'm okay.

    I'm dealing with the having to do stuff issue too right now. Even though we're four months in and I should have a handle on it by now, something about being told I have to do something makes me want to be stubborn.

    1. Hey Dana, thanks for commenting!

      You know before starting dd, I was pretty good about, well let's call it keeping secrets. I just felt guilty that I asked for this, Barney is uncomfortable, although that seems to be changing, and _I_ manipulated the situation to my benefit. What a *itch!

      I finally got my act together and did what I needed to. I like it better when I am alone working on my to do stuff, and other people aren't asleep on the couch! TO be fair he left for work this afternoon and won't be back until I am LONG in bed-but I still hate working around people..grrrrrr

  4. In my limited experience, Wilma, the rules are more difficult and easily broken at the beginning. It is just so foreign at the start and you break them without meaning to, as habits become established you break them with premeditated intent, and thus the terrible *ss tannings that result.
    But yeah, little things I would do over and over and be so angry with myself that I couldn't just stop it, like swearing and now I have really controlled my language....although the alternative swears sound ridiculous, they don't hurt.
    Hang in there, I remember the first couple of weeks, thinking that Ian is going to keel over or I will because he doesn't have the stamina to keep spanking me, and I certainly can keep getting spanked.....but then things begin to click.
    I remember someone telling me early on that the first few weeks were so intense because it wasn't habit yet, that her husband let her off the hook on many, and then started putting a stop to the behaviour when she was coming up to speed.
    When I remarked on your number of rules, I thought that very thing....this is really hard to do.
    So, did I cheer you up a bunch? :D
    Chin up,

  5. Hey Lillie. Long time no chat.

    Um my real issue I think is that Barney was around. I hate doing stuff when people are around NOT doing stuff. BTW I don't think he should be doing stuff, his shift started late afternoon and runs into the night. I prefer when he works days and I am ALONE ! lol

    It is HAVING to do stuff, hanging over my head that I hate- that is why I now HAVE to do stuff, so it is NOT hanging over my head. If that makes any sense. As far as the exercise, that is not set in stone- meaning I only have to do it 5 days, at my choice.
    Like I said about swearing, not a huge issue over here really.
    So hopefully that isn't too many rules to screw up on...I'm still going with disrespect on my bet ( NOT that I am going to throw the game).

    Today I was more like a kid not wanting to because they have no choice-yesterday I probably would have whipped through my list in no time. Once Barney left, I got actionized and things flew off my lists. No exercise today though...sigh. Guess I already cashed in one of my 2 chips.

    I can see that rules would be broken easier at the begining. Especially if you have an understanding husband and he lets it ride a bit at the begininng,( something SOMEONE suggested to Barney he NOT do?) so as to get you out of a punishment.

    Seriously, today when I actually WAS cleaning out cupboards etc, everytime I came across something that could double as an implement, who was right there? No joke! I finally told him to get lost. He laughed and said I am the one *seeing* them as potential threats. Hell YA! Because he takes great joy in teasing me...grrrr ( <- my new favourite in case you haven't noticed!).

    Well upward and onward tomorrow!!! Oh crap I forgot for a second, that part of my day is planned for me....double Grrrrrrrrrrr!

  6. Wilma - be easy on yourself and try to not stress. That will actually make everything worse and cause you to make more mistakes. You are both finding your way. Good luck on your journey.


  7. Thanks Cat.

    I'm actually all good now. I finished everything that I set out to on my list today. It feels good to get some of those pesky things done. I wanted to finish not so I wouldn't get punished but because I really didn't want to have to put Barney in that position, on day one at least

    As annoying as the diet log is, I made me finally reach for something to drink around 4, water that is. So it will prove a helpful tool, even if I KNOW I will most likely forget/detest it in the future.

    Hopefully this feeling of accomplishing things, goals I have set out for myself will keep me going for a while!

    Thanks for the support!

  8. I shouldn't be chuckling at you Wilma, but I can't help myself. I remember all these feelings and you write them down so pithily. I'm glad you got everything done. Those lists are so helpful until you actually have to do everything on them!

  9. Oh feel free to chuckle away Susie! It was meant to entertain.

    I very rarely *itch without a smile on my face. In case you haven't guessed, I am a VERY animated person IN person. People often laugh at me when I am 'angry'...

    My friend usually describes me as " Madder than a wet hen"

  10. Oh, yeah! Thanks for reminding me! My favorite alternatives to salty language:
    Golly Ned
    Whoopie Sallie
    God Bless America
    Holy Cow
    Fluffin' (to be sprinkled liberally through your speech when you're really upset, lol)

  11. BTW - it might be a little scary, but it will be amazing after, lots of love and cuddles and closeness and a glow between you.