Tuesday, October 2, 2012

D-Day Or perhaps DD day if you will?

Well my presentation/information package has been printed and bound. No seriously.  Well, by bound I mean in a duo-tang. One of the 8 million duo-tangs kicking around our house. You know, from the list of school supplies that the kids just HAD to have.  Anyway, never thought when I bought this one at Staples it would be used for a report by me.  Especially containing THIS subject matter.

  So I have my cover letter, statements, stories and testimonies from many out there in Blog Land, and my conclusion.  I of course pointed out to my husband, that I know he will most likely find it extremely difficult to find faults with yours truly, but that I am sure  together we could figure something out.  (Man, that was difficult for even me to type out.)  If you knew me, you'd be rolling your eyes too.  Even friends of ours have generously offered to Take Me In Hand over the years.  Others have just given me that tight -teethed smile and out stretched arms and hands that were in headed in the general direction of my neck.

  Ah yes, and now the timing.  Well he is not working today, and the kids are at school, but I really don't want to be around while he reads this War and Peace sized document.  I think right before bed I will throw it at him, and go seek shelter under my duvet.  How is that for excellent communication skills?

 Who knows, if he actually agrees to this, that may be that last thing I will ever be able to throw in his general direction.

  Wish me luck.  And by luck I mean that I can  figure out the right amount booze to pour down my gullet that will give me the courage to continue, but not too much that I don't sleep well.


  1. Good Luck C -
    I will be thinking of you. I know how hard this is. It was truly one the hardest things I have ever done......but it was one of the best.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and support. I have already given "Barney"<- guess I should have picked a more masculine name, anyway, my duotang sputtering all kinds of nonsensical things. I asked him to please wait until I went to bed, because I didn't think I could face him. Part of me really just wants him to read it now. We have family coming over tonight though who we only see every couple of years, so I really didn't want BOTH of us to be distracted by the contents of the duotang. For me there will be no hope.
      Is " More jittery than a tick on a hot brick" one of Ian's sayings? Regardless, I believe that is me today.
      I keep thinking, he's going to say no. I keep wondering then what? I am past worrying about him thinking I'm crazy. Truth be told, he already knows that.
      A big IF he says yes, it would almost be like total role reversal over here. Not sure how that can be accomplished, due to the fact I fester internally.
      Anyway, one step at a time I guess.

  2. I wish you luck! Remember, we've all been in your shoes. You're in good company. Can't wait to read how he reacted!

    1. I kind of wish you were in my shoes right now ! Barney, said he would definitely read it tonight to relieve himself of his curiousity, but more to relieve me of my stress.
      One might question why I put myself through this prolonged torture. My Dad once told me I don't have a poker face, so Barney would know something is up. He actually asked me yesterday, what I was up to.
      He now knows about my Blog, although he has no idea what it is about-yet. He laughed when I said he was Barney. He said, 'How come I couldn't have been Rock Quarry"? Then he corrected himself remembering he was supposed to be Rock Hudson. He said, "I'm married to Wilma?" I said, "Would you rather be married to Betty ?", a close family member has that name. So that ended that discussion. In addition I reminded him I was nothing really like Betty Rubble or he Fred Flintstone. He whole-heartedly agreed.
      Sorry nervous ramblings happening.
      Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. Oh my, I remember the day I brought this to Ryan.....I wanted to DIE!!! But, it all worked out....I guess if you consider "worked out" being spanked silly a few times a week ;)

    No really, I will be thinking of you today. I can't wait to see how he reacts.

    And yes, better get all of the throwing objects, throwing tantrums, throwing your weight around out of your system NOW ;D

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    1. Thanks Lucy...I think lol
      Yeah, I haven't actually thrown anything at Barney in years. One time on his way to work when the kids were really little I threw a piece of produce at him out the front window. In front of some friends, who still like to bring it up. It smashed literally right behind him on his heal as he walked. Fortunately, I don't think I'd do that again anyway. But who knows ? lol.
      You wanted to die eh? Well vomit is the feeling du jour at the moment.

  5. I wish you luck and some rest for your nerves.
    What I don't really get is why you are so anxious.
    Isn't he the calm man that never directly says No, but thinks everything through?
    What man could refuse his wife anything that is so much thought about. So honestly directly from her soul. And with the Leter to Husbands, succes is guaranteed.
    Maybe, he does not want the extended responsibility of the HoH, no micro managing or such, I'm still sure he would like to have an obedient, submissive wife.
    Your really big fear might be how much he wants to spank you, for building all those walls.

  6. LOL. Well Bas. He says he doesn't want to spank me, but I am begining to have my doubts. He's been ASSessing that part of my anatomy all day. He claims he has always loved it, and I am just more aware of it now. Who knows. I think we are a long way off from that for right now.
    Although, I did read somewhere, where a couple just got that out of the way, right away. To stop the anxiety of it all. Who knows?