Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Gobble Gobble

A New Thing to Be Thankful For

   I know that things are REALLY, REALLY, just in the formation stage for us, but a couple of months ago, heck even as I waited for Barney to read my proposal at the beginning of this week, seeing this would have made me a little sad.  Now my eyes are tearing up, and I feel warm inside.


  Wishing all of you out there who are celebrating  a HAPPY THANKSGIVING weekend !  And to the rest of you,  you'll have to settle for wishing you a Wonderful Weekend!

   I will be thankful for the usual this year, --having the same amount of people in my family to celebrate as I did last year, ( Oh actually, two more thanks to baby additions from my nieces), friends who are surrogate family, because I live so far away from mine, and our health, ( although my body  does seem to be turning on me).

 I will also be thankful for all the new friendships I have been discovering through this forum. How people who share a common goal, but don't know each other, yet REALLY know each other, are so quick to offer a kind word and support. Most of all I will look down my dining room table this year at my husband and be truly Thankful.  I am ashamed to say, I can't remember the last time I have done that.

 ( This last photo is to keep myself and a certain someone we know on track diet-wise this weekend.  Remember the big picture ! LOL)



  P.S. I have to share, as I was spell checking my post, I had to correct dining room, because I always make it one word, like bedroom, anyway when I 'right clicked' it to choose the correct word, the second word on the list was tantrum. I laughed because getting food into the dining room during the holidays usually ends up in me throwing some sort of 'tantrum' before hand !


  1. Happy thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends.
    I don't understand the smile on the face of that turkey with the flag. Is he the sole survivor?

    1. Happy Thanksgiving Bas !
      What do Dutch people do on Thanksgiving?
      More kite flying?
      Give Lisa and Unique big kisses from your Canadian lady friends :D

    2. Lillie, sorry, we don't have Thanksgiving.
      Don't tell this to the turkeys, otherwise they will all emigrate. It is already crowded enough here.
      Kisses transferred!

    3. They can emigrate as far as I am concerned! Especially the wild ones. A few Feburarys ago they were all around my car ! Like 7 of them! Blech, ugly little buggers. Like walking dinosaurs !
      Well you might not celebrate Thanksgiving Bas, but I will definitely be thinking of you and my other new blogging friends when we mention what we are all thankful for tomorrow night at dinner. Of course my thankful list will be long in my mind, but the kids will hear a shorter and more censored list !

  2. LOL ! Perhaps. Turkeys aren't known for their smarts. My guess it the original drawing was a white surrender flag, and someone turned it into a Canadian flag.
    Have a wonderful weekend 'over there' !

  3. Happy Thanksgiving my spanked Canadian buddy,
    Thanks for the visual - I am going to try and print it to for my fridge. lol
    I am thankful for so many things myself.
    Be good, kid
    Lillie and Ian

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed my visual. I thought of you/us instantly when I stumbled upon in my computer files. I've had it for years, but now it will forever remind me of you. Um, please take that in the best possible way! lol
      As for being 'good' shouldn't be too difficult as I am flying solo, pretty much until Sunday night. Even then it is just the 5 of us for dinner this year, ( no stress).
      Actually this morning I was trying to remove the back off of one of the boys' power tooth brushes. After mulitple trips up and down the stairs fetching screw drivers I was a VERY frustrated woman. Barney came into the kitchen while I was pretty much stripping this little screw with yet another screw driver. He looked at me with this devilish half smile, I said,
      " Oh, I am trying so very hard to be good, but I REALLY want to pitch this,( think C. choose the right word here) _THING_ across the room".
      His smile got bigger, and he took it from me to try. BTW it didn't work for him either. He actually even left a little later for work trying to help.
      I don't really have any consquences yet on the table, but a few weeks ago, he would have been out the door to work in a flash. Ducking for cover. My son, well he'd be looking for another toothbrush.<- if oral hygene was high on his 10 yr old list of important things that is.

    2. Wilma - that is one of the "side effects" of dd - or so I have found - somedays I think Ian will never get out of the I can go blogging.... For some mysterious reason they seem to want to hang around.
      Today Ian came up and gave me a lusty swat on the backside, and announced to all the pets nearby......"I JUST LOVE that *SS!!" I thought how adolescent! I loved it.
      Happy Thansgiving, sweetie :D

    3. Awwwwwwwww Lillie that is so sweet! LOL...
      Hope you have a wonderful weekend ! I intend to :)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy - there's lo-cal pie,right? :)

    1. Not sure about the lo-cal pie, but I figure if I run up and down the 2 flights of stairs in my house a few times with the frozen bird, I should be good to go come desert time!

    2. AHHHHHHHHH ! DesSert time. Desert time will be Monday morning in my mouth if I drink too much wine! Why the heck don't they have spell check for the darn comments? !

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! It seems strange to me to be saying that in October. Thanksgiving is in November for me :) I love the first picture. Very sweet and oh so true. I saw this elderly couple walking down the street holding hands a few days ago. It made me smile.

  6. Well I can't speak for my entire country, but where I live in November there would no be leaves left on the trees. The pumpkins would be long frozen. November does not bring visions of sweaters, football, wood walks and apple cider. It is grey, raining, bleak, finding me BEGGING for snow! Not to mention I like turkey as much as the next person, but Thanksgiving in November would mean just a little over a month between huge turkey dinners?...well I guess it is all what you are used to! Happy Weekend :)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving Wilma. Okay, now you've got some explaining to do. What happened to Betty and Fred? Did you and Barney dump them? If so, it is the most disturbing thing I have read since I heard Archie picked Veronica over Betty.


  8. LMAO ! I actually was very disturbed that I came across a HoH blog and he was Fred and his wife was Wilma 2 days ago ! I wasn't disturbed by anything on his blog, just that MY name was being used. LOL. My, albeit, perhaps lame explaination of our name choices are in my first post. I have to admit, I should have thought more about my character choices as the names are not too endearing. Okay, maybe the names are endearing, I just can't believe I am forever going to be known as Wilma, a name waaaaay worse than the one I have, and dislike, and my poor husband, Barney of all things.