Thursday, October 4, 2012

Okaaaaay, that was interesting

 So We Took Another Leap of Faith !

   Before everybody tells us to slow down, I have to explain.  This weekend is Thanksgiving here in the Great White North, so the children will be around, a lot!  To further this long weekend the children also have Friday off.  So basically 4 wonderful days of fridge-raiding, pre-and post pubescent boys kicking around. Barney works a job that has unusual hours compared to the average 9 to 5 er, so we are often alone during the day, like today. We decided to take advantage of our last alone time for 4 days.

Okay back to the topic at hand.  Last night Lillie suggested that we start with a little erotic spanking, to test the waters if you will.  I thought, what the heck?  I mean I think it would help work some of the kinks out, before the nitty gritty starts in the future.  We were supposed to hash out some rules today, but we can actually do that with the fridge monsters around, so we postponed that for now. Good thing, because I have a tendency to get a little snippy from the time I take the turkey out of the oven, until everyone has full plates of food at the table !

   So, insert idea in Barney's head. He seems game. Leary but game. I pulled an article off of the Internet for him, to try to boost his knowledge and perhaps his confidence in this whole thing.
  I myself, painted my toe nails hot pink.  Not sure why, but what the heck? Put on one of his favourite little skirts. Even though he prefers thongs, put on undies instead, more coverage I guess.  I had a bath with baby oil to make my tush nice and soft, ( I think he almost killed himself in the shower after, despite cleaning the tub 3 times, oops. Again, good thing no rules are in place !). Okay. All set.  Up we go, close the door, heard about pet interference and I don't need our Bi-polar Bitch trying to dismember Barney, ( yet, time may tell). I personally had waaaay less of an issue than I thought I would. I thought it would be kind of humiliating, ( would imagine this actually is a factor with a punishment spanking). It took a great deal of encouragement to get B. to go a little harder. Finally I said,
" I've given birth to 3 kids, no drugs. This does NOT hurt. So don't worry about it"
     A few things worried him, the sound, the colour of my backside, as he said, " It looks sunburned" (sigh) and the fact that HIS hand was hurting.  He said he enjoyed it  only because I enjoyed it.  However, he's not sure it is ever going to be 'his thing'.  It didn't really excite him to see me turn from pink to red, but he liked some aspects of it.  The intimacy of the act was very apparent to him.

  I suppose implements will be of great importance, for sound and well to take the way the sting from him and transfer it to my behind. Perhaps this will make him more comfortable.  Okay, seriously, I can't believe I am 'helping' him out with this idea! I'm sure it will come back to bite me in the butt, literally.   However, if that is what it takes to ' get 'er done' then I guess I'll do my part.

     He's willing to give it another go next week.  I could DEFINITELY get used to the erotic spanking-although him not quite enjoying it takes a little pleasure away.


  1. Wilma!
    You little devil, you!
    Okay Ian and I are sitting here having coffee and reading your posts - Ian was curious about your reveal session.
    So - Ian says about your experience today:
    "i felt really uncomfortable about doing this to Lillie the first time. I was certain I was hurting her. I was also uncomfortable about punishing my wife, like I might a child. Looking back, I am certain it was because I was so far behind Lillie in preparation for this event. She had read and read about it.
    Barney is also right! It will be very difficult for him. He will have all his normal responsibilities and he will also be responsible for you, as well.
    He will make you stronger and more confident, and in doing so, he will also become stronger and more confident. But like anyone who has ever gone to a gym, building strength isn't easy - even when it is emotional. He will however, find that he is a true husband. I felt like a true husband for the first time since beginning dd."
    Ian further says:
    "For us, a situation like Lillie's distress about her work this morning would have had the household on edge for perhaps a few days, but in the new
    lifestyle, it is late afternoon and we are content. The stress is gone for both of us."

    I agree with Ian, C.
    We would never try and sell it, but you are in it now, and we believe it really makes a difference in our lives.
    Ian and Lillie
    Have you spanked a Canadian today? (idea for a bumper sticker)

  2. Wow Ian. Thanks. Barney ( Gosh almighty WHY did I pick that name?)will definitely relate to your words, again by the way. As I told Lillie some of your posts were in the infamous duotang. I know he has more strength in him than he believes at the moment, because he is going against everything he thought was right/normal if you will, just for me. For us.
    As I (highjacked, again)commented on your blog about your episode today, I have a way of... well let's just say I have a BIG personality ! Something he says he LOVES about me. Barney, is more quiet, and generally lets me buzz around. He says he doesn't have a commanding presence when he walks in the room. What he doesn't realize is that he has repect. Quiet does not mean he's a doormat. Hopefully TTWD,( <- can _I_ say that yet?)will give him the strength ( I know he needs it, he's always saying Give Me Strength ! lol) and confidence to be the guy he wants to be.
    Sorry my reply seems to be all over the place. I definitely think you hit the nail on the head about the wives being more ready for this than the guys. I have to give him credit though he didn't hesitate, really at trying. Your suggestion Lillie for making it 'fun' at the beginning I think was really helpful. Thank you. I mean really THANK YOU *wink*
    Now on to these bumpstickers of yours, I haven't even made our shirts yet for our secret diet/hockey hating club! Have you spanked a Canadian today- sheesh. I can however see Barney sticking his hand into a snowbank to prepare it for the heat it might generate over the Xmas holidays.
    And now for a TMI, half way through this afternoon, this was our conversation:
    " How can it not hurt? My hand is killing me?"

    "Now you know why Ian uses his belt"... then in my head, I was like ( awkward timing C !)

  3. What can I say? YAY!!! I'm very excited for you. What a fantastic journey you have started together. It won't always be fun, but it is well worth the amazing relationship you will have.
    We kept it fun, and still do, quite a lot. It's only been since he has gotten home that there have been a couple trouble spots, aimed of course directly at my arse. But before then, everything was erotic. His curiosity about how much I could take brought us to new sexual peaks. That's the fun stuff!
    I'm very happy for you. I'm glad you were finally able to tell him what you need. Communication is the biggest aspect of this whole thing. Without it, you won't get very far. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks ! The communication seems to be flowing quite easily at the moment. I also find myself seeking him out during the day. Something I never even thought about before. I know it is way early. I can imagine it will become increasingly difficult.
      I have mentioned your husband to Barney. How you implied that he didn't seem dominant, but is stepping up. It helped.

  4. Wow Wilma.....that is some serious movement in the right direction!!! We have three little ones around and sometimes I have needed to have Ryan's attention when they are all awake. Noise can be an issue, and we have found that wooden spoons (eek) are quiet. The problem then becomes, I am not....they HURT :( But then, I am a baby. Just don't blame me when/if Barney uses one on you!

    Have a great night ;D

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Crumb! I wish I could edit. Anyway. Our 3 are not little. Well one is but don't tell him that! We can't just sneak away because they'd know what we are doing. Or at least they did LAST week. This week they'd only THINK they know what we are doing!
      I heard wood is quiet and painful! I had a spatula upstairs, because I was using it to smooth out some wallpaper. I decided to try it out on my palm. Yeouch! And talk about a long sting! I think maybe leather next. No need to tramatize Barney any further. <- see always looking out for him, nice wife that I am :)

  6. If you own your home, you can look into soundproofing - I sought Christina & Jim's advice there. Basically their advice - There is soundproofing wallboard, as well as soundproofing insulation, and your door can be replaced with a solid core door.

    Until you can do that - there are quiet implements, and/or running water :)

  7. We do own our home, but we have just redone the bedroom. Truthfully, I think he is just being a little paranoid. To one side of us, the neighbour is never home,( I checked before we went upstairs) and the other side doesn't even touch our bedroom. I told him to turn up the stereo if it would make him feel more comfortable.
    Mr. Softpaw requires an implement anyway, so we'll just have to find a quieter one.

  8. Moose complains that his hand hurts as well during a spanking. So we have moved to the dreaded wooden hairbrush and spoon. Going to buy a leather paddle SOON!!!!

  9. Yes, well more than his poor hand, ( lol ) Barney is worried about noise. From what I have been reading, it would appear there is a whole new meaning to Silent Killer !

  10. Sounds as if you've got a high pain tolerance, Wilma. It's great that you were able to encourage him to go as far as he did the very first time.

    I predict this will become 'his thing' sooner than either of you anticipate!

  11. Thanks again for commenting Kevan! I have been warned more times than not that Barney will be taking this thing to whole new levels before I know it.