Monday, October 15, 2012

The Best Gift EVER !

  So initially this was going to be a totally different post.  I like THIS one so much more!

Growing up birthdays at our house was such a big deal!  They are, to me, in my home too.  I wait until the birthday boy is in bed and run around decorating the house. This btw is getting much more difficult as some birthday boys stay up later than I do.  In fact with my oldest, I usually run around in the morning because I never sleep anyway.   The birthday boy wakes to Birthdaypalooza!  Everything they put in their mouth that day is their favourite.  It is the one day that belongs to you in our family.

 {Well, not in MY family.  I always inform my mother that I was the best birthday gift she ever received…she agrees because she was the best birthday gift her father ever received.  Yup 3 generations, one day.  ( I messed up that tradition L ) }.

I treat my friends with similar attention  on their birthdays- no I don’t B and D..( break in and decorate) but I try to make their day special in some way.  They  usually treat me the same.  Before everyone jumps on me, I know this is an impossible standard to hold one’s husband to up to.  I am seriously okay with that.  I LOVE to do it, so I do.

  When one of the boys was little, he said,

 “ Mom, how come no one makes a big deal about your birthday  around here like you do for us?”.

“ Oh, I don’t need that.  A happy birthday from you is enough”

Barney and I have talked about this over the years.  AGAIN I don’t want balloons, and flowers.  Gifts make me uncomfortable, so they aren’t necessary.  Although a birthday card that didn’t have parrots dress up on the front, with some horrible pun inside would be a welcome change.  We have talked about the importance of remembering- so the boys will see how to treat their future partners.  To make them feel special-just little things.  All I have ever really wanted was for Barney to get up in the morning with me on my birthday.

Alright, back to the present.  The night before my birthday, Barney came to kiss me good night.  I was 100% spent.  Totally exhausted.  The Anti-Sandman has taken up residence in our house.  He sits on my nightstand.  I had a grand total of 4 hours sleep the night before.  After he kissed me, ( Barney, not the Anti-Sandman) he said,

  You will sleep through the night tonight

Oh because you told me to? “  ( giggle)

Yep  And at that he left.

I woke up, rolled over to see what ridiculous time it was, 6:15 am !! 


Now I know I’m good, but I’m not THAT good at this submissive thing! 

 { Kidding...really can I not be good, I don't have any rules yet ! } 

I’m not going to question it.  I’m just going to ride the high !!

Floating, I got up.  I went downstairs to start to get everyone going on their day.  I sort of sighed though, because once again,  I was alone.  Oh well, maybe after we have been doing ttwd for a while, next year’s birthday will be different.

My laptop was on the kitchen island- still on, which was odd.  I moved the mouse and this popped up:

Good Morning Beautiful   !

No obligatory greeting will do on this birthday.
I want to wish you a Happy Birthday from my heart.
I can’t believe the changes that have begun over the last couple of weeks.  I want to thank you for that.
We are starting off down a new road and you inspire me to lead us to a wonderful place together, though there may be some bumps along the way.  You make me feel loved and appreciated every time I walk through the door.  I love your smile, your kiss, and even the tears that I want to wipe away.

I Love You,


I don’t know where the Anti-sandman went the night before, and I don’t care !  He can even come back ! 

This letter was the best birthday gift I have EVER received!!!


( On a totally unrelated note, because I am in the mood to share- Here are photos from last weekend's Thankgiving Day hike.  Unfortunately the sun disappeared before we made it to our hiking destination, and there weren't many maple trees- we pasted them driving, so the colours aren't as vibrant as I had hoped.  The lake is actually that jade colour.  There is some huge explaination for this. LOL)


  1. Congratulations on best birthday ever! Beautiful pics!

  2. Thanks BB.

    I'm still riding the high.

    I feel like I could take on the world!

  3. Happy Birthday Wilma :)
    That is an empowered man who wrote that birthday note. He is loving this new lifestyle and your lives are just going to get better and better!
    Honestly Wilma, there are many bumps in the road ahead....but each brings growth and understanding to your marriage.
    I cried when I read Barney's letter, it is so wonderful to see a couple rediscover their love for each other.... Congratulations, Sweetie :)

    1. Thanks Lillie!

      Considering the end of the week you had last week, your encouragement means that much more. That you can still say it is worth it.

    2. There are really rough times, I sure won't deny it - but they bring much understanding in their wake. When I think about the choices for Ian and I, the times like last week don't seem bad at all. Our marriages was drying up in a desert of polite interactions - how long could that go probably would have come to a head sooner if it wasn't for our last child at home.
      Now we have a future, and last night I did my HoH appreciation night for Ian, when I came to bed I just felt so peaceful, I snuggled in beside him and everything unpleasant was washed away in a light blue glow of contentment.
      Enjoy your day :)

    3. That sounds wonderful.

      Polite interactions indeed. I can certainly relate.

      We started discussing rules again this morning. I have to admit I am scared. Trully scared. I'm not entirely sure why. They are all easily obtainable- at least for a while :). I suppose it is just the moving into the unknown.

      I suppose this is the second BIG step after telling him. Deep breaths...

  4. Hello! I was just lurking by :)
    Happy Birthday by the way and those photographs are amazing! I LOVE fall, it's been a bit chilly here, but we do have a nice turn in the leaves.

    1. Well Welcome Emi !

      Lurk away anytime! I wish I could have captured on film the forest that we drove by on our way to this walk. They were truly amazing!

  5. Congratulations!
    And that was only the beginning of the Birthday.
    You have told Barney about all the Birthday traditions? Didn't you?

    I can officially tell you, that I am totally jealous on being able to make such a hike. Beautiful doesn't even start describing it.

  6. Thanks Bas! I am confused by your question though. If I am interpretting it correctly- Barney knows all the birthday traditions I ( force ) celebrate with everyone. To be honest I would be a tad uncomfortable with decorations ect.. for me. I have mentioned countless times over the years, how I wish he would just get up with me in the morning to keep me company. From now on though, I get to say, " Please do this for me. It is important to me" if I so choose. If I don't, I can't blame anyone but myself.
    It doesn't matter this year anyway!!!!

    As for the hike. I am truly lucky! I can walk 5 minutes from my house and be by the river. Or step beyond my property line and be in the bush, yet I still live in a major city centre<-( not that I'm crazy about that part).

  7. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. The pictures were truly amazing. I love God's paintbrush.

    Your birthday gift was amazing. True love and words from his heart, not from a Hallmark greeting card.

    I think Bas is referring to the "birthday spanking".

  8. Thanks Sunny! All I keep thinking about when I look at those photos is, how I was distancing from Barney that day. I certainly wasn't a prime example of submissive when 'the directions were messed up'.

    As of Bas's comment:
    OH...Um, can I claim ignorance?

  9. Happy birthday and congrats on such a wonderful and touching birthday gift. Thanks for sharing the pics - they are beautiful.


  10. Thanks Cat.

    It was difficult to take photos without people in them. The lake was packed that day!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR WILMA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! You have no idea how lucky you are you couldn't hear me sing. I'm so bad, I dream of being as good as the American Idol rejects.
    Fall is my favorite season, and I love the pictures you posted. I had no idea that Bedrock is in Canada; what province?
    I'm so glad you received a "best gift ever" from Barney.
    Did you get birthday wishes from Betty and Fred, or did you burn those bridges? No, Wilma, I'm not going to let it go.


    1. Oh yes, Bedrock is most definitely in Canada! I suppose it is a little known fact.
      As for Betty she's in rehab, and Fred on the lamb, so no I haven't heard from either of them today.

  12. That's so wonderfully sweet, Wilma. I hope you saved that message and every time you feel a little off, or are questioning your submission, and whether you're doing it right, I hope you pull that up, read it and feel it. I hope the rest of your birthday was as sweet.

    Gorgeous pictures! I would love that, I'm a water baby - water is magical :)

  13. Thanks June. I have it saved,but I can also now always return to my blog to reread it.
    As for the walk it was beautiful. So many people though- darn nature lovers! I grew up in a more northern part of my province where there are tons of lakes and streams, and very few people comparatively. I am fortunate though, as far a cities go, mine has lots of green space, hiking trails, and yes water!