Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Celebrating Births Everywhere Today

 Well while most of you were off sleeping, a few exciting births happened in the night.  Well by births I don't mean little people exactly, I mean blogs!

    The first blogger needs no introduction, we all know her and love her as Irishey.  She has finally decided to put up a post on her new blog. Some of you have already noted that she FINALLY managed to get around to getting a blogger ID last week.  Well last night she put up her first post.  ( Happy Dancing)!!!  I hope  she'll still have time to offer her wonderful , and so very often witty comments on our blogs!



   The second blogger, is a woman I am very proud to call a friend.  We met via my blog and she decided ( on her own, Elisa, there is no room for fibbers here *wink*) to start a blog to journal her journey and to tap into some of the wonderful advice you all are so willing to offer. She is an excellent writer and I am sure you'll fall in love with her like I did.  Bonus her husband Will  (HI WILL!)  said he is also going to contribute to her, ooops THEIR blog too !


 I did tell her how wonderful and supportive you all are, so please go over there and show her yourself. <- Just don't forget to come back here once and a while too! LOL


    The last 'birth' last night actually happened a while ago.  Today my baby is another year older...Boohoo..Yup I'm crying because 3rd In Line to the Throne is one year closer to the dreaded teenage years....LORD HELP ME!



  1. Thank you Willie!!! I'm so happy about Irishey and will look forward to meeting Elisa.

    Good luck with the preteen. :)

    1. You are most welcome Susie

      You got quite the buzz about the Canadian factor over on your blog didn't ya? Oh that Lester B...lol

      Are ya sure you can't just spot us Crazy Canucks because of our love of the letter 'U' ?

      My preteen is ( at the moment ) is an absolute sweetie...not sure what the future holds, but he was a little devil when he was 2 until 4 so maybe I've already lived through the horror...

      Yeah I know- dream on Willikins

    2. LOL, I know. I didn't realize that so many people were clueless about my heritage. I guess it's been a while since I mentioned it. Yes, those "ou's" will give you away, but I don't really notice b/c I can go both ways so easily. Seriously, I can walk into an airport in Florida in the winter and take a look at all the seniors waiting for their flights and I know pretty quickly which ones are Canadian. It's like a sixth sense. In general we write a little bit differently and the dryness in the humor/humour :) comes out loud and clear.

      Okay, back to work.

    3. Now Susie are you mocking the wardrobe choices of the Floridian Snow Bird?

  2. Happy belated birthday to your baby Willie. Look at it this way - this is the last time you have to go through the teen years! :D


    1. Hey Cat!

      3rd In Line to the Throne is only eleven, and he is SUCH a sweetie. I remember when Heir to the Throne was that age, sigh. I liked it better when I didn't have any idea what might come my way! lol

      Barney and I were walking through the Walmart toy section last night looking for Xmas gifts for my GREAT niece and nephews, and I sighed..

      I said " Gee we don't come in this part of the store anymore'

      He responded with a rather quiet, " yeah I know '

      Oh well 'tis life. You only have them for a short time, but at least I was so very blessed to have them! ( psst remind me of that last sentence when Heir to the Throne goes off the rails again)

  3. Happy Birthday to your son, Wilma!!
    And welcome to the community, Irishey and Elisa!
    Steven and Emma

    1. Now don't go scaring Elisa, Emma!

      She's so sweet and sensitive -like me, ya know

      ( yeah, I even had a difficult time typing it out hahaha - but don't tell her I said that. OHHHH you thought I was referring to me! )

  4. Awww, happy birthday to the little prince. :)
    I am thrilled about Irishey! That is going to be a great place to visit and I am looking forward to meeting Elisa! Thanks for all the updates, Willie. You are a busy little bee.

    1. Sadly I am NOT being a busy little bee...

      I shall pass on the birthday wishes from my 'high school' girlfriends...Yup you can either choose that I skipped a few grades ( although that doesn't say much for the Canadian Education System ) or you were held back ( same note I guess ) OR we can just choose to be the same age! Who's the youngest in blog land ?..let's choose her age!

      Hope you are on the mend

      Love W

  5. *laughs at Wilma* I maintain that it is your fault! And I'm so thankful that you encouraged me to start blogging, more thankful that we have become such good friends. It's to the point that if we don't talk every day, I miss you, lol.

    As you told me in the very beginning, I do feel like I know so many people here even though they don't know me. In that vein, I *know* Irishey via all of her fun, insightful comments and I'm so excited that we share the same 'birthday'!

    Finally, happy birthday to Third in Line to the Throne! We have one (youngest) who is turning the same age soon, too - it's a good age, isn't it?

    Hi to everyone who has been so welcoming!

    xoxo Willie

    1. HUH...first you chastise me on YOUR blog..now you are highjacking mine...

      Quite frankly I don't know where this relationship is going.


    2. This relationship is awesome. Period. Have fun tonight!

  6. Wilma, this was an exceptionally difficult Post to read.
    Somehow, I kept finding myself on other blogs, adding to blogrols etc.
    Thanks for all the good news.
    Oh, and I have not put a comment on Elisa's blog about you. No, that was not me. I think I've been hacked.

    1. I'm on to you 'old' man! He who can put together a PC with parts--hacked! Pah..I've been following your little journey through blog land today. Watching you gleefully skip along, trying to get Barney to light fire to my back end! Oh yes, I was over at Lucy's and I saw what you put on Elisa's blog too.

  7. I agree with Bas....Oh now I need to add Eisa! I think I will have as many as Bonnie soon!
    Thanks for letting us know!

    1. Hey Minelle

      I went read your post today. I guess the Paris kissing bandit wasn't that hot eh? Or you wouldn't have gotten off the train?

      You can agree with Bas here, but please don't on Elisa' blog. lol

      My pleasure spreading the word!

  8. Just went and visited your friend. Irishey and I have been "sliver" friends for a while.

    Happy Birthday to your pre teen.

  9. Yes I saw that Sunny...what is a 'sliver' friend? Are you going to tell or leave us all hanging?

    Thank you for the birthday wish. They are creating Rootbeer Floats at the moment!

  10. Hi Wilma, thank you. Yay! Irishey now has a blog! I will make sure I visit Elisa as well.

    Happy Birthday to third in line!


  11. Late, late, for a very important date!

    So sorry, Willie. My youngest heiress to the throne became ill night before last, had her in the doc's office yesterday morning, pharmacy nightmare around lunchtime, had to shop for turkey day, dinner, and I - sheesh, tiring myself out all over again just thinking of all this. Well, anyway, here I am now.

    Thank you for the mention and welcome here! I love Tigger, and Pooh, and Piglet, and Eyeore, and Owl, and... Lol!

    I, too am happy to share a blog birthday with Elisa and Will. I've yet to go visit their blog, but she welcomed me on my blog. I'm already getting off to a bad start. ;(( It's on my list!

    I came to copy your Liebster questions, so I can finish up with that post and get the rest of my things done. I agree with Lillie - you have indeed been a very busy little bee!

    Thanks again, Willie!

  12. Not nearly as busy as you it would seem.

    I hope your daughter feels better soon-especially in time for gobble gobble.

    1. Bleh, still sick. Antibiotics should work IMMEDIATELY, I tell ya! Thanks, again, Willie. I'm so glad we getting the chance to know each other better.

    2. Oh sorry to hear that Irishey. Poor Pet- sick on a day off from school. She must feel robbed! Well the good thing about antibiotics is that once they kick in they kick in.

      Here's hoping they do their thing before the 'big event' today.

      I'm looking forward to getting know you more too!