Wednesday, November 28, 2012

No Right to Complain

So I have joined the GOOBers...Get Off I Our Butt  Blog Land exercise 'club' if you will.  I have mentioned that fear of public anonymous shame seems to be spurring me on more than the threat of a spanking ( and I've already had one a few weeks back for not meeting my goals).

I have pledged to eat 3 real meals a day.  Drink 8 glasses of water ( something I have yet to achieve) a day .  My exercises choices at the moment are the weighted hula hoop for 45 mins Mon/Weds/Friday and the most dreaded 'running' the stairs in my house for 30 minutes Tues/Thursday.  I really, really,  REALLY  hate running the stairs.  Believe it or not it is way harder than it sounds-even though, I don't actually run, but more walk very briskly.  I literally say in my head for the first 15 minutes, I hate this.  I then start watching the clock edging myself forward in 2 minute increments.

This video was on Face book today, and it made me realize how silly I am to complain about something that really is not that difficult.  My wanting to exercise is yes, for a healthy heart, but to be truthful it is because I want to wear a bikini in March when we are on vacation.  Well be comfortable with myself in the bikini, how is that?  Such a silly reason, once you watch this video. 

I pledge that whenever I feel like I am not going to exercise, something that God has still granted me the power to do, I will watch this video.

My you find something that speaks to you my fellow GOOBers!




  1. This is probably going to sound absolutely ridiculous, but eating three meals a day and drinking eight glasses of water is one of the Hardest things for me to do. So regardless of how it goes with the evil stairs, I give you kudos for that!

  2. Wilma you are awesome!!! Can I just say that?? I am with you on the running the stairs thing....sounds like no fun :)

    I just know that you can do this....and your little heart will be beating so much happier and healthier...and ya know...if you rock that bikini...Barney's heart may be beating with a whole 'nother kind of happiness :)

    You've got this....

    Rooting for you from the Midwest....


  3. You got this girl! Get you some jammIng music and think about rockin that bikini! That video was awesome! I love that song and the content had me boohooing...course I am in an emotional time of the month:) you know.

  4. Okay somehow I messed up my comment section while I was getting rid of something else, so forgive me for this

    @ Lil...

    I so get it- I constantly forget to eat, and basically I am a camel. Apparently that is not healthy

    @ Lucy
    Thanks..not sure about the Barney comment though- I girl's gotta walk


    not sure I can qualify as someone who can rock anything, but I'd like to not do my usual, put on bathingsuit, cover up, lay down on lawn chair, take off cover up routine

  5. If the guy in the video ever happens to come across your blog, this is for him "BRAVO!!!!".
    That made me cry, like a bawling baby. Thanks for that. I haven't worked out for a week and a half and you know how it is if you have been away a little while. It is even harder to get back on track.
    I will have to go over to Irishey's new blog and check out this challenge.
    My suggestions, move the clock out of your line of vision (put a timer on for your workout) and put on some fast paced jams, loud. The clock thing was a big problem for me too. It took a long while but I finally was able to conquer the urge to look.
    If I can find it I will send over a stair work out that I have somewhere that mixes things up so there is less chance of getting bored.

  6. Yeah it made me cry too :)

    Actually once I start using the clock to help me it works..You see I want to quit about 10 minutes I say okay in 5 minutes...then in 2 minutes..ect. Like mini milestones.

    Good Luck!

  7. I am happy we are all in this together. I have seen that video and recently wished to find him again. Thanks. I'm coming back to watch since I do not have time right now!

  8. I am so grateful too. I really hate it, but I am glad when I am done. The pressure to succeed with everyone else here is working...well it has for 2 days anyway..lmbo

  9. Wow! Thanks for sharing the video. When I 'run' my stairs, I do it to music and sorta dance (don't laugh, I said sorta) up and down the steps. It helps.
    Hang in there - you will keep going and it will get easier.


    1. Isn't the video amazing! We are all so lucky he decided to record his progress!

      Sometimes I use music. The other night because it was so late ( thanks to a one Miss Emma- oh yes I so went there) I ended up 'watching' Dolly Parton on the Stephen Colbart

      Thanks for the encouraging words Cat.

  10. This video was wonderfully inspirational, Willie. It gave me chills and I teared up, until I started smiling. We can accomplish so much with baby steps, but we have to remember we're probably going fall, again and again. It takes a little dogged determination to get back up, and a touch of courage to brush ourselves off and try again, and again.

    Thank you. {Hugs}

    1. It never ceases to amaze me how the powers that be work. Somehow a kind word, a phone call, something in the news, a silly face book post, or an inspirational one seems to fall on my lap just when I need it.

      As for falling and falling again? HOW does one drink that much in one day? Okay I have been known to have probably 8 beer once in a while, over the course of a day....but this water thing is killing me! (pipe down Lucy, I'm not growing a human)

      Continued wishes of good luck with your GOOB challenge Irishey!

  11. Thanks for sharing the video Willie, very inspirational! Wishing you all the best with the exercise, I'm rooting for you!

    Know how you feel about stairs. I stair climb several times a day at work most days, but it's about the only exercise I do.


    1. The video is so inspiratonal. I can't even imagine how he felt at the beginning of his journey...and imagine how he feels looking back ?!

      It does give me a healthy dose of perspective. What I do with it remains to be seen.

      Every bit of excercise counts Roz...hey maybe if you do the stairs more often you can toughen your tooshie for Rick's wicked swing :).

  12. See...I'm finally catching up. :)

    I have had a hard time getting back on the exercise train since being sick. I will let all of you motivate me with these kinds of posts. Thanks Willikins!

    1. Phew! I missed you so!

      Why is that by the way? (um not why did I miss you) Why is it so bloody hard to get back on the train? I have tried so hard ( okay not THAT hard) over the years to form an excercise routine. I think my longest was like 6 weeks. People say, oh once you start you'll get addicted.

      Yeah....NEVER HAS HAPPENED ! I am proud of myself when I am done, but the very next day I am "GRRRRRRRRRRRR excercise" AND while I am doing it, I am swearing like a long shoreman in my head...beep I hate this....beep it has only been 10 minutes....well you get the picture. Maybe I should mentally change my excercise routine right? LOL

      I hope my swearing and hate of excercise has spurred you on this morning Susie! LOL

      YOU CAN DO IT...( I'll just be over here watching)


  13. Running the stairs for 30 minutes?
    I have to sit down and rest after going up and down once!
    Oh well, I don't want to loose to much weight, so that is probably a good thing.
    Besides, whatever I do, I will never fit into a bikini.
    From your pledge, I could probably only get the three meals done.
    Success with the bikini!

    1. Nice to see you back 'here' again Bas.

      I don't want to loose any weight as a matter of fact--I've been 'warned' against it- hense the 3 meals a day thing..sigh. Wine has grapes in it right> therefore one of the four food groups> therefore food ?....OH and I'm sure it has some water in it..( yeah save the dehydration comments please :-) )

      I need to get heart happy...apparently I don't just cause high blood pressure, I am borderline.

      As for the bikini thing, I believe I speak for women around the world when I say- THANK YOU!

      NOT because I even know what YOU look like, I'm just of the mindset that unless you are in an Olympic event that involves jumpin in water, NO man should wear anything that resembles the bottom part of a woman's bikini. Now I might not be speaking for women in your country, or other European countries...but I do feel very strongly about this *wink*

      Thanks for stopping by and offering support.


  14. Wow - thanks for the happy crying session, Willie!
    That was incredible! What a inspiration.
    I am going to get on board - I just got home and am catching up after having been away, but this is a fantastic motivator.
    Thanks sweetie


  15. I agree this is a fantastic motivator--no real excuses after you watch this. I've watched it many times and I still tear up. Just waiting for my lunch to do it's thing then I'm off to beat up my sides again with the weighted hula hoop for 45 minutes.

    If I could just remember to drink the darn water!!!

    Good luck..So very happy to have you back!

    Love Willie