Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Snakes and Ladders

Someone ( foolishly *wink*) told me to 'blog like crazy' last weekend-- that is like saying, " So Wilma is there anything you'd like to add ? "  Ya best get comfy! LOL

Someone else also jinxed me and said I most likely wouldn't make the week without blogging- although, truth be told, I didn't believe  I would  either- but 24 hours would have been nice!

Now I am about to use an analogy- I know, the surprises NEVER stop with me!  Don't get your panties, whether they be thongs, ( although this would be difficult), boy shorts, granny, French cut, bikini, or Susie Specials in a bunch ( Did I miss any  Lillie ?) Oh sorry...boxers, briefs or boxer briefs...(speedo-type guys...move along...I Kid. sorta)- for you men out there! I KNOW  this is NOT a GAME and there is NO finishing POINT...Phew, now that I have you in the right mind we go.

At the moment I feel like ttwd can be compared to the game Snakes and Ladders or Chutes and Ladders if you wish-  Not familiar?

Snakes and Ladders (or Chutes and Ladders) is an ancient Indian board game regarded today as a worldwide classic.[1] It is played between two or more players on a gameboard having numbered, gridded squares. A number of "ladders" and "snakes" (or "chutes") are pictured on the board, each connecting two specific board squares. The object of the game is to navigate one's game piece from the start (bottom square) to the finish (top square), helped or hindered by ladders and snakes, respectively. The historic version had root in morality lessons, where a player's progression up the board represented a life journey complicated by virtues (ladders) and vices (snakes).

 Truly the analogy can be applied to anyone's life.  Pretty sure the ancient Indians were not creating it with  the struggles of the Dd lifestyle in mind. 

Starting off ttwd begins with 'safe' squares.  No snakes or chutes to send you back to the start.  And usually the first encounter you have is a ladder to bring you up to new heights.  The view is great, and you like it a lot!  You continue to roll the dice and often for a few squares the view remains the same.  You are okay with that.  I mean, the upward climb was fun, but you can't expect to keep up at that rate.  You step over a few snake bodies and continue on.  Then it happens, you land on a square with a snake/chute....sliding down.  Now the closer you are to the beginning of the game, the more likely the snakes/chutes will bring you closer to the start again.  However, the longer you play the further away you get from the start even when you land on a snake/chute.

Now AGAIN  I know there is no completion to ttwd, and it is not a game, but what can I say?  I think in pictures.  I chose the above painting for a reason.  First off the amount of snakes, and secondly the amount of hands playing the game.  I have begun to realize,  yes,  just really begun - slow learner over here-  that there are many players in my Snakes and Ladders game. - the kids, my external family, my friends, Barney's work, hormones, illness, - life in general.  (Boy, we are going to need more game pieces!) and many snakes.  The ladders are high and bring both Barney and myself to places on the board we haven't seen in a very long time.  Some ladders bring us to places we have never been to.  That being said, when I/we land on a snake and slide backwards, even a small snake, it is very disappointing.  We miss the view from above.  At least we can usually see where we came from, and keep rolling the dice to get back there again.  Sometimes though, I can't even see Barney's game piece on the board, and I am certain that he feels the same way about mine.  Just like in the game, we very rarely have the chance to climb  at the same time.  Unlike in the game, when one hits a snake, it is not long before the other does too.  Usually it is I that hits the snake first, most likely because I took the first turn to roll the dice at the beginning of ttwd.

This past week or so, I find I have been landing on all kinds of snakes.  They are only of the short variety, yet if you hit enough of them they set you back the same as if you landed on a long one.  At least when you land on a longer snake it is over and done with in one turn. The disappointment is instant.  The constant roll of the dice that has you landing on shorter snakes is so frustrating to the player.

I still plug on and will continue to roll the dice, in hopes of getting to a square with the ladder on it again. I will look for Barney's game piece ( oh...hey that sounds naughty) on the board.  I have to learn to hand him the dice and let him roll.  Perhaps he'll hit the ladder square and bring me with him :)


  1. I don't think I stepped on a snake this week.....I think mine was big old land mine! Ahhh, Wilma this is very good and very true. There are always set backs...and life always gets in the gotta keep climbing my friend and trying to reach that magic square. I think I landed on the go to jail...go directly to jail space on the monopoly know do not pass go...blah blah. I feel like we are starting over here. We will make it....I'll come pull you up your ladder, if you will bail me out ;)

    Hang in there....



  2. You realize I'm never going to be able to look at my daughter's chutes and ladders game the same way again. LOL

    It's a good analogy. If we seem like we're finally hitting our stride and moving along, we're both happy. When we hit a bump in the road (aka s chute), it is frustrating because we know where we could be if not for that little mis-step. But we get back up, dust ourselves off and continue on. And hopefully we learn something in the process.

  3. This was great, Willie.....made us think about dusting off our snakes and ladders board. This is a wonderful analogy and exactly how it seems to work, just when one thinks we have it completely figured, a roll of the dice sends us crashing, or perhaps climbing (as Ian adds beside me eating his lunch) to new levels. I have to agree with him for a second, it can be difficult to adjust your footing when you have ascended to a new level, and can also take time and patience.
    This analogy works on many levels because it reinforces that the fun is in the moment, not in the finish and whether going up in delight or down in consternation, it is all about the experience.
    Loved it this post, Willie1
    Ian also wonders what else we might have in our game drawer?

    1. At the moment. I would like to pack up the board, and sell it at a garage sale

  4. Excellent analogy Willie. I am also a very visual person so you made perfect sense to me. Hope you both hit ladder squares soon. Keep climbing!


  5. Wilma, I'm glad you started to write short posts, since I had to read it 3 times to get the idea of the analogy (yes, yes, I know, old age, senility),
    but I think after stepping on the toes of a few snakes, I'm now getting up the ladder.

  6. Love this Wilma! I think sometimes we are in denial about landing on a snake my kid2...nuh uh I did not land there...Noooooo! Here's to a lot of ladders in your future:)

  7. Great post Wilma, love the analogy (I have just noticed how bad that word looks) Would like to take our snakes and ladders board and bury it in the garden though

    Hugs :)

  8. M3 (lol)

    Thanks for the compliment before the disturbing

    I was never a huge fan of the game myself, and at the moment I detest living it too!

  9. Do you know that Captain Sensible song "There Are More Snakes Than Ladders"? I love that song.

    I love Captain Sensible. He's my inner child.

  10. Hey STRANGEr!

    I have to admit I was a little sad that you didn't comment on all our tomfoolery yesterday over here.

    I am not familiar with Captain Sensible, but does that surprise you I'm not aware of many sensible things? and then add the rank of Capt. !!! sheesh.

    I am going to look him up now though!

    1. OK, here's the original video:

      It's really 1984 and shows the Captain as the world's biggest dork, which is one reason I love him. He'd been the front man for one of England's formative punk bands (The Damned), but he was such a handsome, good-natured fellow.

  11. Replies
    1. Not just anybody can rock the Mardi Gras beads like Captain Sensible did!

  12. I have never played snakes and ladders, but when my son was little we painted a giant board on the playground pavement for the kids to play. They were the game pieces and one student rolled the dice for everyone.
    You are right it feels very much like that game : )
    All the best Willie, Hugs!

  13. Well BB (your post made me cry today btw)

    Sounds like the kids were having way more fun than we are having 'playing' the game at the moment. :)

  14. LOL! They did.
    Sorry for making you weep Willie.

  15. Good morning Wilma, hope the coffee is especially good this morning.

    I KNEW you would post today Lol. I love this post and the analogy, you described it well. There certainly are highs and lows in this journey. I've been landing of a few snakes too recently. Now looking for a ladder to climb back up!

    Love you comment about looking for Barney's game piece LOL. Very true though, we must know where each other are on the game board.

    Love and Hugs - Roz

  16. Good evening Roz
    What can I say, the thought of not having coffee with you was too much to bare-I simply had to post!

    Glad you enjoyed Barney's game piece. *wink*

  17. Okay Williekins...catching up here. I really enjoyed this post and had my reply all worked out in my head and then read through the comments and your responses. I'm a little worried. Are you okay? Did you guys have an extra hard day?

    1. Yes Susie we had a rough day yesterday. It was 2 weeks in the working to be honest. But as you know with ttwd, that was yesterday, and today is a different day :)

      I would still love to hear what is in your head *wink*

      Thanks for asking about us.

      Love Willikins

    2. Phew...good. If I wasn't such a noodlehead I would have noticed that you have a new post, which I will read when all my work is done. This self discipline business is sucky!

      Thanks for the note. I will stop worrying. ;)

  18. I love this post and you for writing it! You may as well be writing about my week last week - and again this week. Ugh. Thank you, chica, for showing me that I am not alone in these struggles to move from there to a better (yet still not realized) place in our marriage.

    PS I owe you a message, thank you for yours. *hugs*

  19. Hey there Elisa!

    Nice to see you back 'over here' *wink*

    You know before we started ttwd, I used to say " Misery loves company" quite frequently. Now I despise the saying. Emotions run so high with ttwd, and I'd hate to think of others suffering, as it can be a lot to deal with. Before I send newbies running to the hills, positive emotions run very high as well!

    I am so sorry to hear that you have been in the same predicament as us these past couple of weeks, ( okay, I already knew,but for clarity I thought I should mention it again here because you did). Hopefully we'll be all enjoying more upward movement in the very near future!

    As for the message- I figured Barney's baseball comment freaked Will out! lol...

    Talk to you soon!


  20. No freak out! I haven't even told him yet, but I think it would be a blast!

    Off to talk to Will now, hopeful it will be a good discussion. Xoxo