Monday, November 5, 2012

Syncing Cycles?

Warning girlie content !

So last night I was ‘talking’ with a very special lady *wink*, and I had mentioned this study where they said women who spend a great deal of time together, ie.  Girls in a college dorm setting, end up having the same ‘cycle’ within a year.

It  would ALMOST appear that this is happening in our little community! 
LOL <- although  not so LOL…Grrrr. HorrorMoans!  Granted, there are only so many weeks in a months, so there will always be someone around here to share your ‘joy’ with, but I’m running with my theory anyway!  So there...Wanna fight? I’m hormonally strengthened today!  Bring it!  Lol.

I suppose this means if we are sharing cycles,  all our HoHs are bulking up their swinging arms too ( poor pets ).

Just a little ditty that has been floating around Facebook for a while:

Hope those of you ‘in’ it this week make it through without too much trouble!



PS->  Look Bas and Roz an actual SHORT post, although I probably lost Bas after the first paragraph!  Roz, just HAD to post something so I could have coffee with you tomorrow morning too—no pressure .


  1. LOL I always felt bad for my dad when he came in from being out of town for work. There were three of us girls plus my mom. Instead of all of us getting it over the same week, we went one after another so pretty much the entire month was PMS in our household. Of course if we all four had been hormonal at the same time, we probably would have killed each other.

  2. LOL ! Poor man. My sisters are much older than I am so I didn't have to worry about that..well I suppose I was in the house with one, but I must have been too young to take note.

    My MOM and I on the other hand--She was starting menopause as I was starting puberty. At this time it was only my Mom, myself and my retired Dad at home. I always tell people my Dad was fast tracked through the Pearly Gates when he died !

  3. OK, I will not confess that I read this girly post.

  4. Hahaha! At least it was short this time Bas!

  5. it was the same with me at home., mum was menopausal when I was going thru puberty. Sis was married and living on her own. so no syncing happened for me.,

    until i started living with my girlfriend. we were so synced we'd be a day apart at most.

    later on a girl-friend lived with me for a year, and after about 5-6 months our cycles starting going wonky and eventually ended up syncing as well. so i think there is some truth to it.

    1. I know it happens here in our neighbourhood with my FTFF. Some of us even take medication, but after a while, a day early here, a day late there...Oh would you look at that- the guys are all finding reasons to go fishing or golfing!

  6. LOL, We have this around our house... TMI but my daughter and I cycle on the same time and once I had become pregnant, her cycle completely missed the next month! I swear it was off because I was not cycling anymore.
    Now that I've had the babies, guess what happened? we have cycled again. SO very odd!
    My poor hubby though, he will now have to put up with PMS after all the weepy emotional post baby emotions I have been going through!

    1. Which brings us back to red wine! LOL...or beer in their case.

  7. I always felt sorry for my dad and then my brother. Initially 4 sisters than 2 more girl cousins living in one house. Poor dad would say something and tears galore...wide eyed wondering! Mom went through menopause forever!!! I believe my dad and brother learned to be much more "intuitive" when these things were happening.

  8. Yes I've seen even the most dominant of men run with their figurative tails between their legs when their teenage daughters were having a pms freak out!

    I just know I am NOT looking forward to the whole menopause thing. My mother was in it for over 10 yrs...well the perimenopausal thing, she's obviously still in menopause :) My sister had a horrible 2 years, but informed me today that she was done by 45. Sigh, things are getting 'wonky' over here and I am only 41 ..I mean, I've given up that George Clooney and I are going to have a love child, but I'm not sure I'm mentally prepared for this next stage.

    ( If we didn't loose Bas before, I'm sure we've lost him now! )

  9. I just absolutely, positively love that cartoon. Have not seen it before and it had to be written by a woman. No man can related to the emotions our hormonal changes create.

    When daughter was home we always cycled the same. Hubby would run for the hills. Once she left and I went into menopause he told me a look would come over my face in an instant and he knew to remove himself because it was not going to be pretty. I laugh now but I know he went through hell. Every once in a while they still pop up and I think the flashes must last forever.

    Thanks for the laugh and I am going to copy this and send it to all my friends in the "Vanilla" world.

  10. Funny Wilma! I noticed that too:) Pass the chocolate please:)

  11. Get you're own Freakin' chocolate BEA!!

    LOL..I'm kidding of course, the kids have tons! C'mon over ( and yes you can come in your yoga pants..). I've got WINE!

  12. LOL, poor pets is right. I'm terrible at keeping track of my schedule and I'm usually two days into hormones before I even know what is wrong.

  13. Well I always mark it on my calender, but lately the Universe has different plans for me...

    PRIOR to Sept. I would mark it on the calender, but still be surpised! The one tell tale pimple wasn't a good enough sign. Or the fact that I gained 2 pounds..NOPE stuck in stupid Wilma would still go
    ' OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THAT's why" Every freakin' month!
    Honestly the face in the sugar bowl should be a clear sign, ( hmmm..does answer where the other 2 signs come from).

  14. Cute post and love the pic Wilma. Had never seen that one before. Had to have surgery years ago so don't have this issue but still get cranky without my dark chocolate. LOL

  15. Mmmm dark chocolate and red wine..yummy...Actually have you had the chocolate with sea salt ? ( and I'm not a salt lover-but man o man that at a glass of Cab....) A little piece of heaven!

  16. Good Morning Wilma, my dear dear friend. How is the coffee this morning? Of course here it's time for my herbal bedtime tea.

    Loved this 'SHORT' post LOL (That wasn't also a dig at my size was it? I might have to get my Scrappy on Lol)

    So very sweet of you to post so that we could have our usual 'chat'. I just couldn't disappoint you. What else would you do while having your morning coffee besides reading my comment?

    I love the pic. It is funny how we girls work in sync with each other isn't it. Always a dodgy and potentially painful time eh - grrr. Wine and chocolate - definitely!!

    Poor pets? - no sympathy from me! - Gives them some "swinging practice" Lol

    Oops, I better head off now, before I get the 'hurry up and get you *ss to bed' call from he who shall not be ignored!

    Love ya

    1. Good morning ( guess you are long to dreamland by now).

      No dig at your height, I swear. I know I'm towering over you at 5' 2"- another reason for me to love blogland, I'm so tall!, but I defintely still need the stool to reach the second shelf in the kitchen!

      As for poor pets, there really needs to be an international font for sarcasm ! lol

      Thanks for coffee time!

      Love dropping down at ya in reference to your location, not your height!


  17. Oh my word! So funny :) This is totally true. I have best friends with someone since I was 4....she is basically my sister....and we got on the same schedule....good times :)

    I have to admit one of the top 5 reasons I love being pregnant so much, is no horrid monthly visit. Although, apparently I am still a little moody at says Mr. Bossypants....pardon me sir, but I am growing a human here ;) He is a patient man! Missed you Wilma....

    ~Lucy :D

    1. Yay!! You're back!

      Yeah, the guest that comes even though you NEVER invite them..Kinda like Gazoo! Well looks like I might be saying good-bye sooner than I'd like too...time will tell.

      AND RYAN...cut the woman some slack! ( hiding behind Scrappy Roz)...she's got double the female horemones now...her's and Gracie's!

      Missed you so much too Lucy---don't do THAT again! *wink*

    2. Oh...and Lucy...go drink some water *wink* <- cut me some slack, I just yelled at Ryan!