Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Super Heroes and Super Villains

Okay here are the results of our Just Funnin' Post.  I have reposted mine, Barney, Steven, Emma's, Blue Bird and her husband's photos and added yours.

The Recap

I am Hit Girl- You just THINK I'm adorable.

Barney is
The Riddler ( again NOT the guy from the 60s Batman TV show in tights)

Emma chose Elastic-Girl from The Incredibles

(still thinking it is because she is so flexible- um Elasti-Girl..I can't
speak for Emma's flexibility)

"Can I request one of those naughty pics of Elast-girl when you repost? ;) 

I sent her the nasty pics- this is whatever you want it to be 

Emma's 'lovely' husband Steven's Super Villain is Venom from Spiderman ( he seems to think it was the tongue made Emma think of him  as this super villain)

Blue Bird wanted to be Wonder Woman because of the Lasso of Truth (pffft).  She should have used it on the salesman that sold her her 'invisible' jet.

For he husband with allergies, she chose Darth Vader.  Oh, sorry, I also said he was dark, mysterious and loves control. Very Darth Vadery.

Minelle decided to embrace her dark side ( her purchase that she used her gift certificate for, must have finally arrived)
I guess I would be Catwoman. The actress who played the original in the first Batman series. Julie Newmar. The reason......She was sexy and mischievous. (Not that I am sexy, but this is fantasy , right?)My husband, maybe the thing since he is described as having a heart of gold. That would be him!

                                      Cat --Well who the heck did you think Cat would pick?

I'm with Minelle - I would be the original Catwoman - not the sexy part but definitely the mischievous part - probably more than she was. ;)

And then there is Lillie's Reply...and Willie's sigh.  Where to begin ?  They are both heroes.  Okay we can over look that, Susie did the same thing you will see later.They are not Canadian, but they sure are all Canadian- their  less famous cousins stamped on our nickles and quarters.  I was hesitant to post them, because I'm nasty that way, but then I found a picture of  them in Ian and Lillie HoH Appreciation Night Mode, and couldn't resist.

Ian and I would be Rocky and Bullwinkle. Because we look like them in real life. 

After talking with a couple of my evil counterparts, ( oh no I'm so not going down alone for this girls) we decided seeing how Lillie wasn't playing by the rules, we would 'suggest ' our own Super Hero and Super Villain for Lillie and Ian

                                 Velma from Scooby Doo 


 For Lillie, and  for Ian  from Superman -Brainiac                                

New Bea and Levi  are next..
Ok, I want Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Levi wants to be a good villian and chose Captain Jack Sparrow. we stretched the superhero a bit, but we're happy:)

 BUT apparently she wasn't happy because she had 'next morning regret'

   I wonder now if maybe I should be She-ra princess of power.:)  - New Bea

You may recognize this picture from my Anal Beads Post ( just sayin')

Can you pick for me and Will? Because right now all I can come up with is the Professor and Mary Ann, and I don't think those qualify as super heroes. -Elisa and Will
Sure because I have nothing better to do...okay, so I don't have anything better to do, but no complaining!

Josie from Josie and the Pussy Cats


Ah man, next is Lucy....

she was all over the flippin' map yesterday.  First it was Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo ( again BOTH heros), then it was these guys
I mean S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y ?  What the heck am I supposed to do with a couple of cute cars?  Ryan for God Sake, Man UP!   Apparently he did because they then came back with this the next day

Lucy's 8th choice was perfect!
Ryan settled on Sandman from Spiderman

                        ( although, the Scary Sandman, shares the same wardrobe as this guy just sayin')

 Phew that was exhausting no?  You should have lived it!  Okay on to Cygnet

I want Emma Peel from the original Avengers. I like that she was a smart scientist and that she could hold her own with the men with whom she worked.

And Emma Peel you shall have!

And now for Roz and Rick

I do kind of like wonder woman. Besides, she's Rick's favourite Lol (I suppose Scrappy doesn't count for this?).
 Personally because Scrappy is her name it does count, and if Wonder Woman is Rick's favourite she counts too..but she didn't give us a Rick Super Villain...  So because he IS bossy, and he LOVES the Boss and the Boss was too mean to play a venue near Rick ( very villainous indeed)

Now Bas
Of course as a HoH I cannot indulge in these frolics.

I'm not so sure...Ryan and Steven did a few others, The Silence, and, well why ruin the surprise...So Bas, I decided that I should be able to choose for you--Party Pooper!

 You let go of Lisa you mean Bas!

                                              Gargamel and Smurfette from the Smurfs 

On to another second attempter !  I shouldn't be surprised..she usually attempts things more than once before The Silence convinces her otherwise.. ( oh wait Lucy was waaaay more than 2 attempts...hmmm?  I'm seeing a simularity here)

M3 and The Silence

Ok, this time I will get it right :)

The Silence as a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who...silent and deadly. And Thor girl for me... :)


ACK!  and he chose this himself?

                                                                                     I find it quite interesting that your husband appears to be made of stone, and your (hot btw) super hero carries a large hammer- merely thinking out loud

And now for Susie and MM!

Like Lillie,  Susie chose both Super Heroes but who can refuse Susie?

Humm...I think M and I would be the Wonder Twins and we would have many many powers. 

Wonder Twin Powers Activate!
LOL, I can see where M would go with this. Physical contact was always necessary...

And Look what the silliness brought out...


On her good days, Anne is Lauren Bacall. On her bad days, she's Bette Davis. She thinks no man can stand against her, and she may be right.

I am Westley from "The Princess Bride"...the quintessential nice guy with hidden reserves.

We are an odd couple indeed

On to Emi and 'H'
OMG - I am HIT GIRL...   OMG - no you are not. 
The "H"? I think he would be more of.. uhm? I dunno... He's such a people person at work and all, He is more of a "Captain America" 

First you attempt identity theft, and now you are not following the rules!  Super Villain!  for HoH..sheesh.. Is this how "H' feels?
So here is what you get....

 I don't think further explanation beyond Storm from Xmen is needed 

Now for Pocahontas and John
He said I'd be Jean Grey and he would be Sabertooth...both from X-men

She didn't reply, and the character I chose for her, is actually a super villain, but I'm sure she won't mind.  I think for Irishey,....Poison Ivy from Batman...Why?  Because she's green...and of course HOT 

UPDATE to include elle

A sexy Cinderella.. And I think someone else picked it too, but definitely captain jack sparrow for my fireman! (There are apparently no hot fireman superheroes.. At least non e I could come up with!) 
Thanks for adding us! So fun :) ill have to write a post about how hard it is to pick someone out, lol!

Well thank you everyone who 'played' and even bigger thank you for those who played properly !  I had so much fun with this, although I do have to tell you, I think this post - hands down- took the longest to create.  And as you all know, I've had some doozers !

 And now  For you Roz ( the rest of you feel free to enjoy)  Unfortunately, they didn't have a good quality video with the Bare Naked Ladies and Sarah McLaughlin.  I have to say growing up I wasn't very fond of this Christmas song, but I love this version!

AND I love, love, love this song...For our Jewish Friends... ( there are no pictures, just music)

Just saw this on Facebook and thought I should add it!



  1. This is hysterical! I think I am sticking with Buffy...she looks hot in that picture:) Besides, I don't want to wander around holding anal beads. Hahaha.

  2. Oh you people!

    " I want to be her because she's hot..oh and he's nice lets take WAIT, she has awesome powers..." Gah, I am NOT as patient as the girl behind the counter at Starbucks you know! You are STUCK with She-ra and her anal beads!

    Thanks for the first comment though :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  3. This is awesome Willie! I'm sure it took u forever...especially when some of us waited til the last minute to play ;)


  4. Oh don't worry about that P. I was 3/4 of the way through when I got your superhero/ least you played


  5. HA HA HA HA!
    I simple do NOT follow rules! :P Gee, that's WHY I'm IN a DD relationship don't cha know?

    But, if you ever met "H" really... He could never in a million years be any kind of villain.
    Everyone that knows us KNOWS that I am the simply evil one in the relationship and poor "H" is drug along for the ride.

    I was thinking about hacking your blog, so I could take over my rightful place as Hit Girl, but I guess I'll have to settle in as Harley Quinn - seeing as I'm a bit crazy and all. Yeh, I guess that seems fitting.


    1. See this is precisely why you are NOT Hit Girl...she is not evil...just misunderstood.

      I'm pretty sure most women would say their husbands could never be a villain- otherwise they would just be plain stupid to ask for a Dd relationship-lol ---(jury is still out on Steven though *wink*)

      ANYWAY...I'm also pretty sure Dr. Evil doesn't count for a real villain either.

      I'm glad you find my choice fitting for you- even if it is begrudgingly. I learned from H, you don't always know what is best for you....bwahahahaha!

      Love Ya

    2. I think my favorite part of Kick Ass is when her Father shoots her in the beginning - not sure why, but I crack up each time!!

  6. Fun and funny post dear! Wow you are one smart cookie to connect all the crazy dots, and pull everyone's personalities up. Your computer skills out shine mine for sure. Of course everyone's comp skills outshine mine.

    And Cat dear I will bet that I can be just as naughty and mischievous as you.

    As to the music....LOVE The Bare Naked Ladies, and Sarah!

    1. If you can be just as naughty and mischievous as me... see that lap over there? You have been across it and will be again! LOL

  7. Thanks Minelle.. Hope I could send you out the door to face to world with a smile on your face today.

    As for my computer skills- your twin in crime Cat has helped me a great deal--the rest is just fudging around until it works ( or works 'good enough')

    I had a blast doing this! I was up so late though. Thank Goodness Barney got a chuckle out of the final result, as I was in our bed doing it 'til past midnight!

    I love the BNL too! Especially their Christmas Album!

    Much Love

  8. I know, I know....I was all over the place...blah, blah, blah.....

    Try living with me...I am a spaz!

    We came through in the end...Super Lucy...c'mon that is perfect...right??

    But I LOVE this you did a fabulous job....and you made Ryan and I laugh yesterday as we were talking!

    Love ya.....


    1. Wait. I *don't* live with you?

      Glad I could make the two of you laugh yesterday- at least it wasn't AT me this time :) Although I do like a good chuckle at Ryan's expense..(good thing he doesn't read my blog eh?)

      Yes Super Lucy is fantastic- Too bad we couldn't get Super THAT would make Ryan and I both laugh- you not so much :)

      Love Ya too!

    2. Funny you mention the baboon....I was googling all kinds of crazy stuff trying to find a pic to send to you...heheheh!

      Oh my dear friend...he read your blog today.....he was not terribly impressed with the Blue's Clues dude...he kinda shook his head and mumbled your name.....heheheheh!

    3. Well he can go stand with Ian then!

  9. Thanks for making me laugh. It is a great post Willie!
    By the way, when I was little, I always wanted to be Wonder Women to wear her costume. I love the way it looks especially her breasts incased in gold. : D

    1. LOL

      Sorry I missed you.

      Boobs in gold huh? Well if I were Wonder Woman, the costume department would be saving a bundle!

  10. This is the best blog post ever! You've made my day. Now I will go put on the best Christmas album ever and get back to work.

    LOL...I'm so bad at following rules. I didn't realize that M had to pick his own superhero.

    1. Wow ! The best blog post EVER?!! Did you have several glasses of submission this morning Susie?

      I guess I'll just put the BNL on all of my posts from now on.

      I'm so thrilled that I made your day. Seriously I am.

      There was no rule that you had to have M pick his character- Barney didn't pick his, and neither did Steven. We were just playing around thinking what 'evil' Villain our men could be. Nice to know you think of him as your superhero equal ( gag..LOL).

      Lots of Love

    2. Yes, as a matter of fact I did. I asked permission to do something...actual stinking permission and was granted it. Of course in the asking he had to reassert that I was asking him if he would "allow" me to do something. I swear that my throat started caving in.

      I was chugging them back, I don't mind saying!

      Villain...of course! Heh. See, it's not even that I can't follow rules, I don't pay attention to directions either. Can you imagine what it was like to be one of my teachers? I can think of several villains but nope, I'm gonna keep those cups slogging around in my tummy.

      Yes, it was the best blog post ever!

  11. Oh go on with ya!...No seriously continue *wink*

  12. Great post Willie with a lot of work involved!

    Dang, sure wish I was as sexy as that Catwoman. Thanks for making me look sooooo much better than I do. :)


  13. What are you talking about Cat?

    That is how we all see you :)

    PS it is not work if it is fun!

  14. Gargamel? And I always thought I was the Great Smurf.
    Oh well, doesn't matter, as long as I get the fairest woman of them all.

    1. Ooops M3 kindly pointed out my spelling mistake

      SMURFIEST! although smuffiest is funny!

  15. LOL Willie! You should have seen Ian's face this morning when I showed him who he was - his comment - "who the hell is brainiac?" LOL He narrowed his eyes and said, "Willie."
    I love being Velma, she was my favourite Scooby Do character :)
    I wonder who the evil little guy on Ian's shoulder is?
    Thanks for the laugh and the Bare Naked Ladies tune.

    1. Well any day that I can get under Ian's skin is a good one in my books! LOL

      I don't know who the little evil guy is. There was another picture with Brainiac in a pink v-neck and white shirt but I thought seeing how you love animals so much, that love must extend to mechanical. Plus I can't see Ian in a pink v-neck. Even a fictional Ian. Sheeesh..I thought he'd be happy with a name like Brainiac!

      Love to you both

  16. hmmmm maybe it should be a frying pan..sometimes, just sometimes, the urge is very great to use it...

    You have done really well. Great post and such a lot of work and thought gone into it too :) Well done Willie

    1. It should be a frying pan, because you are up so much earlier than S. You can make him brekkie that way.

      Cut me some slack will ya? I'm trying to be helpful!

      Love W

  17. You did a wonderful job! You even found a picture to make Emma Peel look like a superhero! Spandex jumpsuit and everything! Thanks for letting me play. You are a gem.

    1. Letting you play?

      I have to tell you Cygnet you are far braver than I. Not only do you realize what you want out of life - you admit it!

      It is not 'the norm' you are far more brave than all these 'super' heroes combined.

      My admiration

  18. Oh I love it!! Can't stop laughing - this is awesome! You rock, girlfriend.

  19. I'm happy you enjoyed it..I searched and searched for a musician Super villian...couldn't find one. I could have made him the good guy ie Scott Pilgrim but it didn't 'feel' right :)

  20. Hi Wilma, how's the coffee this morning?

    You did an amazing job on this! Love what you did for us. We both had a good laugh at the Boss. Very well done! Sorry I didn't play properly :( I just couldn't really think at the time.

    Thank you for the videos and ecard - you are such a sweetie. I am feeling so much more Christmassy now, a lot of it thanks to you nudging ... er ... encouragement :) Enjoyed the songs and love the card.

    Work Christmas function tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it, instead of being Grinchy Lol

    Love and Hugs

  21. My Name is Roz and I am a recovering

    Fantastic! Don't apologize for not playing right--you certainly weren't alone. Sheesh no wonder so many of you get spanked! ( just kidding)

    I'm so flattered that you shared my blog with Rick and he actually enjoyed it.

    Have a wonderful time tonight!
    Lots of Love

  22. Such a cute idea. I'm sorry I didn't find your blog sooner so I could play!! Maybe next time :)
    Loved it :)

  23. Welcome Elle!

    It is not too late--- just tell me who you and your husband would be and I'll update :)

    1. It took me a few minutes, but I've got it!
      A sexy Cinderella.. And I think someone else picked it too, but definitely captain jack sparrow for my fireman! (There are apparently no hot fireman superheroes.. At least non e I could come up with!)
      Thanks for adding us! So fun :) ill have to write a post about how hard it is to pick someone out, lol!

  24. Well, darlin', I'll accept the villainous Poison Ivy caricature for me, until I can redeem myself enough to join the ranks of super heros. I hadn't seen this post, nor your request for a response. I just now saw your response to my comment on another of your posts and came looking for this one. Hugs, sister-friend. ;-)


  25. Oh!

    No need to redeem yourself ! I just thought you'd like the greeness of her. Look at Cat and Minelle they're both 'villians' too. Tis not a reflection on you Irishey * wink *

    Hugs back atca!