Monday, February 4, 2013

Can I Be Excuse Your Honour Because My Husband Spanks Me ?

A few months ago I was one of the 'lucky' few ( 150 on this day) chosen to show up to court for Jury Duty Selection.  I have filled out those blasted forms for almost 20 years and have managed to dodge the bullet so far.

I have mentioned to a few, how this is the type of situation I don't do well in.  I don't deal well with the fear of the unknown.  I also HATE having to be anywhere by a certain time. I obsess about being late.  When I travel via plane I don't relax until I am strapped in my seat.

Closer to the date of my summons a new fear crept in.  I joked about being responsible for the fate of another- "Why would they want me?" " I should just bring in a blog post. I'll be immediately excused".  Emma was even so kind as to offer Fake Steve's services  to sway the court to let me off.  Anyway I was so anxious.  Almost to the point of making myself sick.  Honestly , what were the real odds that I would be chosen?  And what were the real odds that it would be case involving anything controversial ?  I knew this was most likely the case- but yet I fretted.

Outside appearance

What was going on inside

 Once again I distanced.  I should have went to Barney when he came home from work and expressed my fears.  Once again I felt silly.  That I was blowing this entire thing out of proportion.  Really it is not like we own our own business or that our income would be affected if I had to serve.  Our children are older and I have no health issues either....BUT ...I could plead insanity.-.after all I did ask for my husband to discipline me.  Oh wait.  I'm not on trial here 

I left many things to be done last minute - the morning of the summons.  I am not normally that person.  I usually have things done well in advance. During the night I kept waking up and looking at the clock.  I kept thinking of all the things I needed to do when I finally got up. Things to ensure a easy departure for all five of us. Mr. Sandman and I were not on the best of terms that night.

Finally I gave in and got up about an hour earlier than I normally do.  Yet I didn't start in on the things I needed to.  My stomach was one big knot.  Barney, bless him, had said he was going to come with me to the court house.  So the worry of driving around downtown, finding a parking spot and getting lost alone in the courthouse would not be mine alone to bear.  This was not enough to relieve my stress.  An hour before *I* thought we should leave I charged upstairs- flicked on our bedroom light and announced in a rather less than respectful tone

" We have to leave in an hour .  You  KNOW "

A rather sleepy Barney responded " Oh okay."

I wasn't done.  I went on to list all the things we required for the day.  Things that he normally deals with, but I didn't remind him of earlier either.  I was angry at him for not getting up earlier.  The boys and I work like a well oiled machine in the morning and him wanting to get ready ( he was going to leave for work from the courthouse ) during the middle of our routine was not going to be helpful.  At one point I snapped at him for dripping toothpaste on the floor.  For the life of me I can't even remember why he was in the kitchen talking to me brushing his teeth anyway.  

His response.

" Oh. sorry"

Once we were on our way to the courthouse things seemed better.  Okay, I seemed better.  We arrived in plenty of time.

I was the only one there with 'back up'. Everyone else had come solo.  While I was standing in line to have my paperwork looked over, I heard the woman behind me say to the man next to her,

" See that man who keeps walking by the door?  His son was murdered and he believes we are the people that the jury is being picked from."

Panic.  This man appeared to be in his early 50s at most.  Breathe Wilma.  You don't know any of this for sure.  I discussed with the woman about our trip, and asked if this was going to be an issue.  Apparently this trial would be over within a month...A month! I teased Barney that we'd have to suspend ttwd for 2 months almost.  The trial, 2 weeks leading up to our trip and our trip.  He just looked at me.  " We do have the night time"

" Yeah but we----..."

" Just because we haven't yet doesn't mean I'm not going to"  okaaaaaaaaay then.

  We were finally told the ins and outs of the process.

They ushered us into a courtroom.  Barney was not allowed to come with me.  The woman who sat next to me all morning remarked on how patient my husband was to come down here with me.  I agreed.  I became friendly with a handful of people.  The ladies I was sitting with in the first room made sure to save me a seat in the courtroom.  Before I sat down, I saw the back of the accused head.  He was young.  I could tell.  I took a deep breath and sat down.

I looked around the room.  The majority of the people were older than I was.  A great deal of them looking at their watches.  Some of the people in my generation were complaining about not being paid if they were chosen.  Once again I realized that I really would only be inconvenience if chosen nothing more.  Heck after day 10 I'd be getting paid ( only $40 ) .

I am not sure how it works in other places, but we are PRETTY high tech. here.  The magistrate pulls a card out of a glorified bingo ball box with a jury member's number on it.  You then must go in front of the court and see if you are chosen to be a juror.  The Judge explained that this was indeed a murder trial.  It happened in 2011.  The Crown Attorney ( prosecutor) read the names of all the witnesses, police officers and then the lawyers were all named.  If we knew any of them, we would be excused.  Darn!  I didn't know any of them.  He began to further tell us 20 people would be chosen from the 150 and once 20 were before the court he would ask us if there was a reason if we couldn't be a juror.  If people were excused.  More people would be chosen.  Once we had 20 the attorneys would say either Accept or Challenge if they wanted the juror.  Each side was allowed 12 Challenges.

They drew the first juror.  A man. A contractor I believe.  Then another.  A woman. A Director of something.  The next number was the lady next to me.  The one who told Barney he was a patient man earlier in the morning.  The other lady who I had spent the morning with, turned to me .  We both breathed a sigh of relief.  What were the odds that one of us would then be chosen?  The next juror, I kid you not...the VERY next number was mine.  I wanted to faint.  Somehow I made my way to the front, with the other 3.

We were lining up in front of the jury box. As potential juror number 4, my spot ended up at the front corner of the Crown Attorney's table.  I glanced at the accused.  He was a boy.  I wanted to throw up.  I wanted to cry.  I didn't do either of those things of course..  I later found out he was 20, but he didn't look more than 17 at best.  I know he was accused of killing another almost boy- someone elses' boy but I couldn't help but feel sorry for the boy in front of me.  He looked so scared.

 The process seem to take forever.  Calling more names...people saying why they could not be part of the jury...calling more names.  (my new 'friend' was related to a witness so she was excused).  I actually heard my name mentioned by the Defence attorney's assistant while they were furiously writing things down.  I couldn't help but feel that the Crown's assistant kept looking at me- of course I was right in front of them.  I could see the court stenographers computer in front of me.  I tried to concentrate on that.  I didn't move a muscle.

The 'boy's' eyes burned a hole in the side of my face I swear.  Every so often I would sneak a glance and he would hold my eyes for a moment before he looked away.  I wonder how long it has been since he was touched by his mother.  I know...the victim's mother would never touch her son again.  Once again a wave of nausea came over me.  I was the only ' Stay at Home Mom' out of the 20 people chosen.  I wasn't sure what that could mean.

The Judge began.

" Juror number 1234 please turn and face the accused.  Accused please face juror 1234.  Defense what say you? "

Defense "  Accept"

" Crown what say you?"

Crown " Accept"

The man was immediately sworn in and asked to take a seat in the jury box.  He was now juror number one.  Holy Heck...they are starting the trial immediately.  Barney is out in the hall!  Flip!

The Judge began again.

“Juror number 5678  please turn and face the accused.  Accused please face juror 5678.  Defense what say you? "

Defense “Accept"

“Crown what say you?"

Crown " Accept"

This time the woman next to me was sworn in and was pronounced juror number 2.

Now my turn. I was already looking at the boy before the instruction from the judge. 

" Juror number ______  please turn and face the accused.  Accused please face juror ____.  Defense what say you? "

The Defense attorney, standing next to the glass and wood box that the accused was in, and behind the Crown attorney smiled at me and said " Accept"

( Crap. Crap. Crap!...I'm flippin' juror number 3.. Holy Hell! )

" Crown what say you?"

Crown " Challenge"

Huh?  Did I hear that correctly?  

Judge " Thank you juror number_  _ _ _.  for your time you are excused"

Oh thank you Lord ! Phew.  I glanced over and the Defense attorney gave me a tight lipped smile..  I practically RAN from the courtroom.

Outside the door was Barney.  Waiting.  He said he was about to leave earlier when he saw people exiting the courtroom so he'd thought he'd wait a little longer just in case.  We still had some running around in the HUGE courthouse to clarify something.  That yes indeed.. I have to go back again.  In a week to repeat the entire process all over again for a different trial.

On the way home, I explained the process to Barney.  He said I was too soft that is why the Crown didn't want me :) .  I think he meant it in a good way.    I told him I couldn't believe that I still felt sick to my stomach.  He commented that he didn't know I was feeling like that  earlier....ooops.  I explained the 'boy' and the trial. We both remember reading about a couple of years back.  I mentioned to him how I was a basket case for the days leading up to jury selection.  Once again he said he didn't know. I said yes I knew that....sigh...okay so I'm still not great at this entire 'sharing' thing.

It also occurred to me today that perhaps I leave things that need to be done until the last minute on important days, so that I fret about that instead of the real issue that is bothering me.  Who knows?

I do know that I was very disrespectful to my husband this morning, and I intend to apologize tonight as well as say thank you for coming with me today.  I may also be a tiny bit grateful that Barney is still in the HoH closet.  Because I know a few of you are going to mention, in secret of course that I am darn lucky I wasn't married to their husbands ...well more aptly they are going to say..." You said WHAT?....OMG...Wilma !  That would so not go over well over here. "

Next week our son has a follow up appointment from his surgery.  Barney will take him and I will begin this entire process again.  But I mean what are the odds right?  Even if lightening does strike twice, perhaps this will be a civil suit involving a dog mutilating a neighbour's fence.  What ? I can hope.


  1. Oh my heavens! I am always do scared of that! I've been selected twice to come down, but gotten out of it since I have no one to keep the kids.
    Glad you weren't chosen. That would be so very hard!

    1. Hi elle :)

      I think nevous for sure. Not bumbling around nervous. Just concerned about 'getting' it right. I suppose though that is why they have 12 people there.

  2. OMG Willie! You are soooo lucky that Barney is still in the HoH closet. Waking him with that tone and then proceeding to continue would have seen Matthew launching out of bed towards my tush like a guided missile! And the kitchen incident would have gotten me marched back to the bedroom for another round. I would have been sitting very gently on those hard benches in the courtroom.

    I really think you're on to something with leaving things undone til the last minute on important days, so that you can fret and fuss about the details rather than the 'important' issue.

    I have been selected for jury duty and managed to hang the jury and get a few of my fellow jury members ticked off at me. I called one woman on the fact that she was spouting an opinion that we had been asked about in voir dire and she shouldn't be on the jury if she felt that way. She got angry with me...Sheesh...touchy people.

    You were probably challenged because the prosecution team because they saw you giving a sad/worried face to the defendant. They were concerned that you would vote not guilty simply because he looked young and scared.

    Here's another way to look at it when you go back in for selection...both the accused and the victim have a right to a fair trial and if I or anyone I loved was accused, I would prefer 'thinking' people on the jury rather than those who were just there for the money, couldn't figure out how to get out of it or didn't have anything better to do. Those are the ones that end up deciding based on emotions and/or looks rather than the evidence.

    Good luck on the next round.

    Hugs and Blessings,

    1. Hey Cat

      Despite what I wrote here..I wouldn't have an issue convicting someone I found guilty. The same year this crime was committed I knew someone who was murdered in a more grisly but similar fashion. I unfortunately know the other side of this coin. The thing with this day was, only the accused was in the courtroom not the victim's family. I am a bull dog when I believe in something and won't stop until my point is heard regardless if I am the only one thinking it. This trial was actually going to boil down to whether he was charged correctly, not whether he actually did it.

      I really didn't want to be there because I didn't want to hear how the other boy died. I didn't want to see my boys in these boys. I have a difficult enough time shaking off the nightly news. I was going to have to listen as friends of both the victim and the accused testified how one 'friend' ended up killing another....these witnesses, which were there, were all kids themselves. So if the Crown read all that on my face, I am so very grateful.

      As for Barney...and me waking him up...yeah, not my finest moment. Stress induced or not!

      Love Willie

  3. Hi Willie,

    I have not had a chance to get on line for a few days, but I am caught up on your blog now. Thank you for inviting me to make further comments. I notice that the majority of your commenters are female, so perhaps I can serve to add something from the “Martian perspective”.

    Regarding Jury duty, it is a very intimidating environment that is unknown to most of us. Just remember that if you are chosen, you are only allowed to decide a case on the facts presented. If it helps relieve some of your anxiety, know that what you are actually doing is listening to two different arguments and deciding which of the attorneys made the more convincing case.

    I want to compliment Barney. I suspect he could sense your inner turmoil and was doing all he could to help you. Recall that I said men need to be needed. We all want to be Don Quixote and slay dragons for our Dulcinea. Sometimes we do that by taking her to the courthouse! Tell Barney thanks for being your Don Quixote and watch him smile. Remember, be direct with Barney (no hinting at things) :-).

    I am proud of ya’ll. You are trying and so is Barney and that is really great. It is obvious that you care for each other. Take small steps, telling him what you need and then afterwards, thank him for it. I promise it will help you both. Focus on your journey each day and less about tomorrow, because we only have one chance at today.

    Thank you again for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.



    1. George ! Welcome back!

      I am so happy you decided to return. Now I am going to up the ante. I hope you will start/continue to comment on more blogs around here. I so enjoy reading the ' Martian' point of view.

      Thank you for the comment about jury duty. I think next week, now that I know the process, it won't be as challenging for me. Or at least that is my hope. I do believe that a stay at home Mom is too much of a wild hopefully I'll skirt by if my card does get pulled from the bingo box again.

      Barney really is a sweet man. I think he didn't react for a couple of reasons. The first incident , well he wasn't really awake. We haven't been at 'this' long so it is not instinctual for him. You are most likely correct though, he does know I when I get stressed, I am not my best. Not an excuse, but a reason.

      I love, love, love your second last sentence. I shall not only try to commit it to memory, but actively live it...Wish me luck because this is another one of my shortcomings !

      Hope to see you again George!


  4. were pretty close there! And I totally agree with Cat. My hubby would have been all over me for waking him up like that :0 Yikes ;)

    1. Hey Tricia

      I know I was a little too close for comfort at the courthouse.

      As for Barney, I'm not really even sure he noticed at the time. I flew in and flew out, like a bad dream.

  5. Wow - that was a very emotionally packed day!
    So nice that Barney was able to go with you, that is always nice to have someone in your "camp" when things are stressful. I am happy that you weren't put in the position of making a decision on a young man's future....that would be a tough spot.
    I think apologizing to Barney is a good idea. He knows that you were nervous and anxiety was eating you alive, but if it was Ian, he would be waiting for an apology. Going to Ian to apologize is always an exercise in submission for me, so maybe it will be good for that too.
    hugs sweetie

    1. HI Lillie!

      It was a very emotional day continued well past the courthouse. I was basically a wrung out dish rag laying on our bed when Barney finally returned home from work that night. He just sat with me and rubbed my legs for a while.

      You make an excellent point about the apology. It does seem like an exercise in submission..and yet how wrong is that? I mean I was rude to him. Something he would never be to me...honestly. I should be running back to apologize. Hopefully someday I will get this 'right'


  6. I am glad to say I've not yet had to suffer through Jury duty. I'm hoping that the day I eventually get called up I can come up with a much better excuse than to attend or get chosen. My dad has managed to get stuck doing it 3 times.

    I think you're right about the reasons you leave things until the last minute on important days.


    1. Three times!!!! ACK! are throwing my lightening does strike twice theory out the window here!

      I do believe I leave things...but honestly how is that helpful. The other stress is still there and now I have added superficial stress too....sigh :)


  7. Oh dear me Willie
    No wonder you were so out of sorts. I would have been the same. I couldn't do it either.
    Yeah the HOH thing, you were so lucky, I would have had an encounter with the wooden spoon straight in the kitchen lol I got swatted once in the car park of the supermarket for stressing over getting home in time, while he was loading the car, omg it was embarrassing , thank god there was noone around at the time.
    Well hope you can get out of it next week again x

    1. In the parking lot MBC ? eeek!

      Yes I suppose I was lucky right from the get go that day! lol

      I hope I don't get picked next week either. We are getting closer to our vacation so this would complicate matters indeed.


  8. Good grief Willie! I would have died. No, seriously. I think I would have thrown up. My stomach can't cope with anything like that. And like Barney, Starman would have insisted on accompanying me. It's what men like ours should do Willie! In fact, he would have to have driven me there, and dragged me inside!

    As for being sparky - aren't we always sparky in the mornings? I don't find anyone around here a heap of laughs. We are all focussing on the coming day and not wanting to talk. We aren't morning people. I would forgive you entirely for being sparky given the circumstances. And to think you now have to do it all again. Well your system sucks that's for sure! Acquire the plague or something. Sheesh! My stomach is aching in sympathy already.

    On the other hand.... it would be a good lesson in sitting and listening, and paying attention, and having to sit back and do as you are told......

    Bye for now Willie. Good Luck.

    Hugs, Ami

    1. Ami ! Are you implying that I can't sit back and do as I'm told? Sheesh!

      I think next week will be much easier as the anxiety of the unknown will be removed. As for being
      sparky was it? .. I actually am I morning person. I open my eyes and am ready to go. I am just not a very good worry wart. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh another blissful area to work on!

      Thanks for the good wishes.

      Love ya!

  9. Oh dear God I was sick reading all of this. I cannot imagine actually being there....and seeing the accused....and thinking how young the victim was...ugh! I don't do well it times of stress either. Ryan is well out of the HOH closet....and so I often find myself IN the closet....and still, things come seeping out of my mouth when I am stressed that are horrible :( Maybe we just go on a coping/autopilot setting?? Yes, lets go with that! But, you made it through....and Barney was kind enough to go with you....that says a lot! Good luck on the next round....shall I mail a muzzle or duct tape your way to help quell your stress induced mouthiness?? Just thinking of you..... ;)

    Love ya....


    1. LOL.... well as you real closets here anyway, for Barney or myself !

      Mouthiness? Moi? ( that is French for me for those not in 'the know' lol) Yeah you ( and Ryan ) did come to mind, I won't lie after said incident ...

      Love ya Too ..but I do believe it is best if you keep your muzzle and duct tape ( clearly it doesn't work so it is not worth the shipping costs)


  10. Barney was such a good guy, going with you for the morning...waking up when you demanded...:)

    You are right, that whole scene would have played out differently at my house but what's important is that you saw afterwards what you missed and what you could do differently, including letting him in so he knew how uptight you were about the whole thing.

    I'm sorry that you get a "do over" next week. Ugh.

    1. You are right Susie, Barney is a good guy. Not too mention extremely patient- thank goodness.

      Yes I would imagine things would have played out differently between you and MM. But only because you my sweet friend would never wake him up like that I'm sure!

      Hopefully I will learn from my mistakes- I always *intend* to. :)

      Love Willie

  11. Glad you opened up with Barney about how you were feeling. Maybe next time you open up BEFORE you start acting out... I KNOW pot ->kettle! Lol! Just do as I say not as I do ;)

    I've never been selected and I really hope I never am! That seems so unpatriotic... Anyway I hope you are able to relax this next week

    Love ya


    1. Yes...*POT* I believe you already know * KETTLE*

      Love ya too!


  12. Oh, now I totally see what you mean...I definitely would have been spanked over that wake-up call! LOL

    I am SO glad you weren't picked for that jury Willie. It was super sweet of Barney to take you and wait for you, and like others have suggested, next time you find yourself freaking out about something, just go to him! It's not silly - it's your feelings and he has shown you over and over that when is aware that something is up he is so THERE for you!

    1. Thanks Tess I am so glad I wasn't picked too !

      Barney told me today that he knew I was going to be anxious and he said looking back he should have gotten up earlier and that might have helped..and then he quickly added..' Orrrrrrrrr not" lol

      My mind often tells me what I should do Tess. It is just getting the words past my lips that seems to be the problem...Or should I say the CORRECT words! lol

  13. I have been called twice but never made it into a jury. I actually wouldn't mind it. It is an important civic duty I think.

    Funny, my 19 year old got called last year and was selected for the jury. I thought it was fascinating that he was the youngest jury member by quite a bit but the other jury members picked him to be the foreman. Quite the leader.

    Good luck next week with your emotions and with Barney. :)

    1. You know Zoe. I think I wouldn't mind- if it were a different case. I mean it really doesn't affect my daily life that much, like it would others.

      You must be proud of your HoH in the making?

      I think next week should be better- but thank you.

  14. hi Wilma, gosh what an experience.I have never been called for jury duty, I have no idea if it is the same in England. What a morning. Good job your Barney is tolerant I reckon. Good luck for next week, and apologising to Barney. :).love Jan.x

    1. Hello Jan

      Ami was explaining a bit of your jury selection. The begining part, before you get to the courthouse is similar...but there aren't as many hoops for you to go through apparently.

      Barney said he knew I was anxious, but was waiting for his apology nonetheless.

      Love Willie

  15. I think that Ty would have handled me kind of the same way. Maybe before the actual day but not the morning of. It wouldn't have helped me if he had. But sometimes I wish he would stop me from my craziness and just hold me tight and help slow me down.
    I really enjoyed reading about jury duty. I have been wanting to be on a jury but goodness, I don't know how I would deal if there was a young person involved.
    Good luck next week.

    1. Yes Barney said he knew I was stressed. Plus he was half asleep. Once again he thought he was in part to blame for not getting up with me in the morning. I don't know if that would have helped or not. I might have just snapped at him more.

      Yes the idea of jury duty seems exciting, the reality? I'm not so sure

      Thanks Blondie!

  16. Willie, I would of gone upstairs and shouted the same thing..and been the same way in court. I was reading this and really feeling for you.
    'We have to leave in an hour...YA KNOW' I did laugh at that!
    So glad that you were not picked. I would of thrown up in the court room to I think..or more to the point burst into tears.
    Good luck for round two, hopefully it will be something simple :)


    1. Oh Hez....LOL

      and that is why we are in a Dd relationship eh?

      Love Willie

  17. How sweet of Barney to take you and wait for you. I'm glad you didn't get chosen since you were so upset and worried. Maybe next time you'll let Barney in on how you're feeling so that he can help. ;)

  18. Willie you amaze me, if I ever woke Ian like that we so would be late to where ever we where going. How very sweet of Barney to stay with you, he so takes such good care of you.

    1. Well I should say you would be late! You'd been in the wrong house. I wouldn't even worry about Mr. Mamoth Hands McSpanky is Lillie I'd be fearing ( she could be having an off day *wink*)

      Barney is very sweet. Too good for me :)

  19. Do they keep getting you to come back until you do fill a juror spot? I only had to go for jury selection once, and thank goodness I didn't end up getting picked. They never even got to me. I bet it was because you look, like you have a kind heart, and your husband is right, it's a good thing. :) They probably saw you looking at the boy and saw the hurt cross your face over the circumstances he got himself into. I'm glad you didn't have to sit for this jury because that would have been a lot of weight to bear. I think talking to Barney last night is a great idea. Hope it went well!

    1. No Es May. I only have to go back one more time. Then apparently I'm good for 3 years. Civic duty complete!

      This was most definitely a trial I didn't want to be a part of. I suppose there are much worse ones though.

      Not sure why...doubt it was my kind face, that I wasn't chosen. Just happy I wasn't picked. First time in a long time I didn't want to be wanted!


  20. Hey Willie,

    Oh boy, I can't tell you how many times I've been called for jury service. The first time was on my 21st birthday! Out of all the times I've been called I have thankfully only made to a jury once, and it was only a 2 day trial. Come to think of it, I haven't been called for a few years now. I hope this doesn't jinx me, I might find another summons in the letter box tomorrow! LoL

    I so get your anxiety leading up to, and on the day. I still get anxious whenever I get called now, but not so much as I used to. I bet the prosecution challenged you because they could see your nurturing, caring "mothering" nature and the accused was young.

    I think it was very sweet of Barney to go with you. I hope the next time isn't as 'traumatic' for you.

    I glad you now see how this could have played out differently, including letting Barney know how you were feeling. If you let him in, he will be there for you. I like your statement "perhaps I leave things that need to be done until the last minute on important days, so that I fret about that instead of the real issue that is bothering me". That's a great realisation on your part, and makes sense.

    Good luck with the next 'appearance'.

    Love and Hugs,

    1. Hey Roz!

      Oh boy I really hope you didn't jinx yourself for sure ! Sooooooooooo basically you are saying I could potentially be a wreck again next week? FANtastic! LOL

      Yes seeing the play AFTER the fact seems to be a specialty for me. Some day I hope to have foresight!

      Thanks for the comment and for the good luck wish!

      Love and Hugs back at ya!

  21. Hi Willie,

    I have been called only three times, but I had to serve only once for a week on a drug trial. Mostly I get rejected these days. I know I'll be rejected and I know why, but always hate having to carve out a whole day to go down and cool my heels before being rejected. Not that I'm complaining about being rejected mind you.

    I am glad that Barney was able to go with you and help you do your civic duty and minimize your stress.

    By the way I have been in one jury pool room twice and they had tvs and internet connections and vending machines, so people were entertained and you could work if you wanted to work. It made the whole experience a lot more bearable. The other one, was a bunch of chairs lined up in a dark room with no windows and you couldn't even pick what chair you wanted to sit in! Doesn't it make sense to make the jury pool room as nice as possible since people are giving up their day and having to sit there? Just saying.

    Fingers crossed that you are rejected again and quickly ;-).


    1. Hello Cygnet.

      Hmmm? That one jury room sounds not so bad. I'd just like for my emails to go out in a more timely fashion. I was trying to email someone, and they didn't get it until yesterday! Stupid court secure free wii fi !

      Thank you for your crossed fingers! I have never wanted to be rejected so much before in my life! lol