Monday, February 18, 2013


This is a really long have been warned. If you emailed me and I didn't include you PLEASE let me know.  I appologize in advance if someone was left out.  This post took me is too embarrassing to say how long this took.

You are cordially invited to opening of  the first ever BlogLand Candy Store.  The first official store on the Blog Land Main Street.  What can I say  ?  us women have our store priorities set.  Groceries?  Pffft.  I see a Liquor Store,  'Toy' Store ( although I am NOT going to ask you what kind of toy you would be....blech) , Flower Shop, perhaps a Shoe store, although personally I detest footwear, a Bakery, and of course a Book Store.  The Implement Store will be located in the seedy part of town, where the appliance part stores are located...only HoHs go there!  Well except Ty and Blondie's Paddle  store ( click for Blondie's real store). It can be on main street as long as they don't hang paddles in the windows- but I'm only buying one for a cheese board or even better a wine paddle

So without further ado, our inventory:

I mentioned a few candies that lined our shelves in my last post.  After a small focus group ( of one ) was conducted, some of the candies have been altered.  Sorry for the disappointment if your favourite seems to be one of them.  It is a difficult, cut throat business, this candy stuff.

From the House of Rubble, ( hahaha..that is kind of funny, yet NOT)  My candy remains the same.
Blah, blah, blah....
Distracting shiny packaging, hard outer shell that can be melted if taken in hand for any LENGTH of time...Faster way to the gooey center...a bite! * wink *

Initially I thought we would line the shelves under House of Rubble Candy with 
Stale gum, bad puns.  Only after a focus study...two chocolates came to mind.  Apparently it is okay to go with this one for Barney

However, the focus group soon grew to two, and when ONE of the members , gleefully suggested this as a candy/chocolate to represent the CEO of The House of Rubble Candy

The second ( grumpy ) focus group member suggested this

and NOT for this either

 That is the Completes the ( touchy) House of Rubble Candy shelf...

If you follow me this way to the Her Mischief Managed House of  Chocolate  Display.....

Dear Sweet Susie as you may recall is a delicious Toblerone Bar. Truthfully, Susie could have been a 'plain' chocolate bar, provided of course that it contained nuts...but that just didn't seem good enough for the  Her Mischief Manage Chocolates. To me, and many of you out there Susie is this....

UNFORTUNATELY sometimes to MM she is this kind of Toblerone....

But the being the skilled chocolatier that MM is, he is able to 

Now for Mr. MM.  CEO of Her Mischief Managed Chocolates

Again you'd figure the obvious choice would be...
( once again take note of the flavour)

THIS focus group member suggested 

The CEO of Her Mischief Managed  House of Chocolate, was approached with this idea, and apparently did not like the idea of branching out beyond chocolates - his response was similar to this

Now, I don't want to start rumours- the CEO did not threaten the focus group member directly...just that he thought should he send some equipment to the CEO of House of  Rubble Candy.
ANYWHO, shot down again, the ( naughty ) chocolate bar remains ...for MM 

On to the Candy House of My Love's a Beautiful you recall


Rock Candy

You see my dear friend Pocahontas thinks she's hard, and prickly ( okay that is not the word she uses, but I don't have a potty mouth * wink *). In truth she is really, really sweet! Okay, and sometimes she scratches...just like the rock candy...( what ? I read that somewhere ) In a candy store I am always drawn to the rock candy suckers. They are so beautiful, even if they appear a tad scary. They are certainly worth it!

and for her HoH and CEO of The Candy House of My Love's a Beautiful Lady- John

Pop Rocks. Yup. At first glance, the candy may be a little intimidating. Yet they are really sweet, exciting, and have a bit of an edge. And c'mon who doesn't like a candy that explodes in your mouth ?

Huh? Apparently in the words of John Smith ~ " She is not right" 

I tell ya these HoH/CEOs are tempermental at best! Oh well, chalk one up to me, as I wasn't threatened this time with ...well ya know...

If you follow me this way now, to the rather LARGE display from the Candy House of Mr. Mammoth Hands McSpanky Pants & Lillie  Ian and Lillie.  This Candy House, in my humble opinion,( yes I can be humble, if it is fashionable, like now) has the perfect candy representation..

For Lillie

I realize that these are Canadian- just like Lillie, so I will explain. They are sort of like M & Ms but WAY better. They have a hard candy shell, but not as thick as M&Ms. And unlike M&Ms that 'melt in your mouth not in your hands', Lillie melts in Ian's , or, because of Ian's hands ?

I chose Smarties for Lillie because not only is she a smartie pants, but she has many flavours in her. All of which we love ! ( well in a real box of Smarties I don't like the red ones- lets refer to them as the Work Lillie at Home Smarties) 

AND now onto Mr. Mammoth Hands McSpanky Pants. Google didn't come up with any confections with a tag line anything close! Fortunately I already had something in mind

( again not sure if these are found outside of Canada)

One would assume that if you have mammoth hands you'd have mammoth...

FEET! FEET people...sheesh!

Anyway Lillie went on and on once in great length..about his FEET! ( honestly )

Not why I chose Big Foot for Ian though.

Big Food are cinnamon flavour ( btw I'm allergic, but also not why I chose them * wink *)

Like Ian, at first glace, for those not 'in the know' they seem hard- but they aren't they are chewy and soft. They are soft and BRING THE HEAT !

Now, the Owner and CEO of  The Candy House of Ian & Lillie
was kind  enough to suggest The Rubble House of Candy Branch out too.  Here was the suggestion made by Mr. Mammoth Hands McSpanky Pants

Ian says you are a Tim Bit (for US readers it is the centre of a donut from Tim Horton's) apparently Susie agrees~First of all, you ARE a Timbit! It's perfect...and you know it.

Once again I am wondering if it is time for new friends. A Timbit? A ROUND ball of dough. THANK you sooooooooooooo much you two! Hrmph! If you will notice over by the cashier there is a box

I will play along with your little misguided game, however if I am a Timbit, I choose to be the powdered kind.  Not everyone's favourite.  My covering is powdering and sweet ( hush up!) the next layer is a little chewier.  The centre is soft and sweet-oh HOLD on I am the lemon one!  So you may not like the taste depending on what you had in your mouth earlier.  The best part?  I leave my powder all over your....

Yup...I'm the 'gift' that keeps on giving!

Here is what Lillie suggested

to me, cause I got to read a blog, you are a lifesaver. :)

So let me clarify...

A round ball...sheesh...Ian thinks I'm a donut hole and Lillie thinks I'm a candy with a HOLE in the middle...You two really need to get your act together!

Then they thought they'd get a little funny..

.We think Barney is an energy bar - he has to be to keep up with his wife :)
Cute...two can play at that game:  Barney's Energy Bar


IAN'S Energy bar!

Alright, now that half of our store is FULL !  Moving on.....

From the Firehouse Candy Factory

elle :)

Fireman says he'd be a Hershey bar. 

Because chocolate is like crack to me, lol. (It seriously is. I'm like a child, lol) 

And I think skittles for me. I'm fun and colorful, and his favorite :)

I'm thinking the Firehouse Candy Factory Shelf may have to be in the dark back corner of the store!

Now if you are done fanning yourself, we will make out way out of the back of the store to the New Bea Candy House Shelf

New Bea
I would like chocolate covered Cherries as I have surprising softness inside my hard shell 

In the spirit of total disclosure, the shop keeper would like you to see the interior of Bea's

and Levi can have Hot Tamales...cause he is hot!

To our European Section of the Store.  

From Jan's House of Impossible Finds 
an English Rose
Hi Wilma, I think I would be a little fat jelly baby (cos he loves them)

and hubby would be my hunky pineapple chunk.

Ah Jan.  This is an actual Candy store, not a 'front for drugs'.  OHhhhhhhhh you mean

From the  I Dreamed of DD, Spanking and Co....Candy

Oh not fair I still can't think of any chocolate that describes me :( or hubs :(
Ok the best one I can come up with for me is a Kinder surprise egg, you have to be careful with me and slowly unwrap the foil to get to the yummy chocolate, but once you bite in, you defiantly get a surprise lol

( guess she is going to be banned in the US too )

Hubs I would describe as a bag of pick and mix, you choose carefully what goes in, then you have to open the bag slowly to see what's inside, and once you look in you get all sorts of flavours.

( Ya have to open it slowly?  why? )

Oh my goodness...the horror!  Pick and Mix everywhere..Why oh why didn't you open the bag slowly?

Clean up in aisle 3

Please watch your step.  Okay on to a much calmer area of the store..

The Ward and June Chocolate Emporium Company.

Daddy is totally Milky Way Dark -a Milky Way dark...

because he is orgasmically delicious....

and I am a Cadbury Crunchy (only in Britain - sweet and smooth outside crunchy & nutty under the surface)

Well June you are in luck because we have them North of the Border too, and they just happen to be one of my favourites too.  

Apparently we took a U-turn to the back of the store again.

Our next candy shelf is brought to you by  Ty Up Blondie Candies

I can do this, I can do this....... Okay, Ty is a Snickers bar. Because he is always snickering at me, it has peanuts and is covered in my favorite flavor, chocolate. 

And for me, Pixie Stix. Good one, since he likes to call me Stinkerbell.

And I am as sweet as sugar. (no snickering here). This was fun. is what this shop keeper proposed.  Fun Dip

A little Pixie dust..and a paddle 

If you will make your way a bit to the right...Catrinka's Candy Corp.


Had to think about this for a minute. Got Alec's right away as it's one of his favorite's anyway.
Alec is an Atomic Fireball. 

He's hot as hell with undertones of spicy and sweet. Pop one in your mouth and it's a slow burn. Yep, think he's left me with that feeling in a multitude of ways. ;)

I am M&Ms. I am pretty traditional but can be colorful too. I have a firm outer shell but my insides are soft and melty.

Right this way to the Southern Hemisphere Section

Callie's Confectionery 

Violet crumbles....... Yum......... (They're chocolate covered honeycomb) sweet on the outside and sweeter on the inside.

( looks a lot like the Cadbury Crunchie Bar available in Canada- we say sponge toffee in the middle though, not honeycomb)

H will have anything filled with caramel. Hard on the outside, soft and gooey in the middle. Lol


Oh Look here...I love this candy company!! Not only do they have candy but licensed material at our store

Rick and Roz's  Retro & Candies

Rick - Peanut Slab - It's his favourite. Solid, reliable delectable chocolate bar, and a little nutty. I also think it's a rather 'manly' chocolate bar and comes across as 'bossy' to me LoL

Roz - Pinky Bar - It just has to be chocolate! But the chocolate is soft and inside gooey, "squiffy" marshmallow - because I love that "squiffy" feeling.

Curious to know what you would pick for us though.

For Rick I would pick-

 And for you...Tic tac Orange flavour
They are tiny, but provide a lot of flavour with just one.  They have to orange because they are my favourite!

     Our last selection from the Southern Hemisphere comes from Heavenly Hez's Silence Sweets Factory

The Silence
Dark and secretive, with a hint of hotness under that creamy, melty texture. Can be 'hot' when needed and like the chilli can warm up a butt in an instant.....

I would be...a Whittakers Peanut Slab, all pure, no additives..good and honest..and kiwi made!
( interesting that your HoH picked a chocolate bar that Roz picked FOR her HoH...)

Over this way to Cat's Confessions Confections 

. favorite candy is Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and Matthew always said it suited me perfectly. Here is a review of the candy that I found... 
Bite into the candy and the first thing that strikes you is the delicious dark chocolate. Next your taste buds are shocked by the slightly tart and tangy center. But the two flavors balance each other nicely. The unique sweet and tart flavor combination is a strangely appealing but dangerous combination of flavors.

Tart, sweet, strangely appealing but dangerous? Whatever...

( oops ...oh hey I didn't notice the thong ^ until now lol)

( btw.  I went to Walmart this week to buy these and walked out with $200 less in my pocket....they are expensive- good thing I don't have an HoH who has me on a budget!) 

From the Minelle Manufactures 

I am laughing so hard....I guess my Scotsman loves Mars Bars, Smarties, Treats....Yorkies. We were thinking that he is hard on the outside and soft on the inside! Me well I like peppermint patties and peanut m&ms...what does that mean?

It means I'm not going to listen to you!  How does that make you feel? RULE breaker?

Alrighty-  obvious, but it actually does fit in with your " hard on the outside, soft on the inside" For your hubby

and for YOU MISSY....

It is a hard ( but not really) candy that is VERY difficult to get out of its package.  Once you suck on the sweet candy for a minute or two, it breaks open and inside is a fizzy powder that is primarily sweet, but every once and a while it has a tart baking soda flavour that comes through the sweet fizz .

On this shelf we have Ana's Addiction ! Candy Corp.

Hm, this is a tough one. One of my favorite kinds of candy is Reese's peanut butter cups with dark chocolate. I like the opposing tastes of sweet and salty, I like peanut butter, and I like the added depth of the dark chocolate taste. I'm not a fan of milk chocolate. Too sweet. I like the dark chocolate Reese's cups because they're not as common. They're distinct with a flavor of their own.

If you cast you eyes down ( Emi stocked the shelf herself) no a little further down, you will see the offerings from Veiled Obsessions

Emi Jones

I am of course, an Everlasting Gobstopper... It's about 100 layers to get through to me, and then the center is STILL sour when you finally get to it.

"H" of course is a Mr. Goodbar because He is so darn good, and a generally "nice guy".
He's also a bit nuts... Heh.

Moving a bit to the left, you will see the offerings from the TenderLoving Bucko  Candy Factory

I worked in a candy store in college so this required a lot of thought. I would be caramel. It's not not flashy. It's in a plain wrapper. It's a simple girl next door kind of candy. It's difficult to melt. You have to stir it constantly and if you aren't careful you can burn it and make an awful mess.

Oh look was happens when you bring Bucko and a wooden spoon into the candy store!

Bucko would be a classic chocolate bar I think. Not too fancy, but still sweet and sometimes just what the doctor ordered. It's reliable. 

You can always count on it to be good by itself or together with something else.

all together now...awwwwwww..

Look at a TL wrapped in a Bucko

And now to  A  Different Chocolate Company

Something chocolate... Alex is a Kit Kat bar... All those little layers. 

( I chose a Kit Kat Chunky- nothing about Alex, as I have no idea about his size- just that the other KitKats say give me a break...not sure how often that happens at your house * wink * )

I am a Lindt Truffle. Delicious with a soft center.
( I bet !)

This way to Candy to Love By

Jake would be chocolate covered espresso beans...sweet and strong, straightforward and bold, makes me feel alive in the morning...and sometimes keeps me up all night;)

Oh ?  Not what you were thinking Zoe?

Something more sensual is what you had in mind?

I would be a dark chocolate cherry cordial. Sounds kind of classic and retro, I think. Cherries are sunny, but the dark chocolate gives it a little bit of edge.

( woah...that is one sensual chocolate!)

(picturing myself as a saucy vintage pin-up girl named Cherry, tattooed on Jake's bicep) Plus, cherry cordials are one of the few sweets my man likes to eat:)

Katie and Rob's Unusal Candy Corp.

I'd have to say Bit o Honey for Rob! He can appear a little hard if you don't know him, but he is really this big, sweet, gooey, honey of a guy. I call him "Honey" too. Too bad they don't shape this candy in the shape of a hand because he has discovered the joy of swatting and he does it often on my butt- even once in front of the cheese rounder in the grocery store!!!! Oh and the candy description says there are almond bits in there too somewhere. He can be a little nuts at times! We do laugh a lot!

For me- I'm tempted to say Spree candies because I've been known to go on a shopping spree or two (ouch)! I do LOVE those candies!!! They are a little sour but mostly sweet.

( I love these too, I just never knew what they were called~ as for the spree/spending thing, see how much Cat's Pomegranate Chocolates cost me at Walmart)

I'm kind of thinking Cadbury Mini Egg (yuuuuum!!!) describes me best as it has a thin, sweet little shell that is easy to crunch, and then good old melty chocolate! Also Rob is a foot taller than me so I may seem "mini" compared to him

Welcome to My Love of Life Candy
This is great but we really had to think here. Okay, so my Hubby is going to be a Nerd. Because, well he is a Nerd and I love him for it and he also really likes Nerd candy. He's a really cool and sweet Nerd though ;)
( I would just like to take this moment to point out to another HOH out Tricia's HOH actually chose Nerds...Someone comfortable in their Nerdom.... Okay going back to checking the mail for wooden paddles again)
For me, I'm going to say Peach rings. Because they are yummy and sweet and just a little tart. And, I am such a Peach!

Oh, here we are at A Unique Candy and Ice Cream Company's area of the store

Ok Willie, the last time I tried to get out of it by not commenting, but I should have known better.
( Well I for one am glad you learned your lesson !)
I am definitely a Mars Bar. I've always wanted to go into space.

Lisa, I think, is best described as an ice cream cone. From a distance she looks cold, but just wait until you really get close to her. Then you get heaven on earth.
( btw~ I purposely left the Masterfile watermark there for you * wink *)
Besides she always eats ice cream, even in deep winter. Gives her very cold feet! I need the energy of several Mars Bars to warm them again.

How about that? This shelf has candy, but I'm not sure where it is manufactured ( wink )

Thanks for the invite to play along, what a treat. "Anonymouse", wow that sounds so cheesy, I may have to change that soon :-)

For my bride, Nina, twas easy, I thought of her in an instant. She would be a Payday. Sweet as everything, but also the salt of the earth, with a bit of nutty on occasion! 

For me I had trouble deciding. Thought all night and then finally came up with a Mars bar for two reasons. I love chocolate and second, strangely as it may be, I would love to travel in outer space. If offered I would take the next seat to Mars in a nanosecond! 


( What is it with these 'spacey' HoHs ?)

Off to the Cooky Candy Shelf

Ok Willie I have thought long and hard on this (who am I kidding) this just came to me. I am a Whatyamacallit candy bar cuz you never know what you will get at any given moment and I have so many layers 

and Vic well he is a Blowpop sucker and I will leave that to everyones imagination

A warm welcome to Snuggie Candies ( and if you are really welcomed here get teased!)

So first let me hand out these...

and onto your candy choices

I showed this to hubby, to ask what candy he would say I am.
For him I chose "fairytale milk chocolate" 
It's a tiny milk chocolate bar and on the inside of the wrapping there is a fairy tale and the slogan is "a little piece of fairy tale". Reasons for that is that he is very sweet and kind and I've felt that ever since I met him my life been somewhat a fairytale <3

( I have never heard of these before actually)

He chose love hearts for me, to quote him: "because I heart you and you are cute and are my sweetheart

.Off to the Not so Sweet  Candy Manufactures.
( the antidote for Snugglie's Candy perhaps?  wink)
I am definitely a sour patch kid. I mean heck, their TAGLINE is even "sour then sweet!" or is it sweet than sour?? Either way, I am VERY much that way. I will smack My Man and then try to tenderly snuggle and kiss him and look so concerned and worried for him when he looks sad or hurt by it. ;-)

My Man is harder... hmmm... A shock tart maybe?? He looks/seems like he is going to be so sweet and yummy and than ZING!

Our next candy display is a revolving one found behind the check out

Oh...I have no idea...can't even begin to imagine what kind of candy I would be or my husband for that matter...I know the candy I like to eat - peppermint patties or anything peppermint really, and I love real maple syrup candies (I have a major sweet tooth) and my husband likes dark chocolate and the fruit slice candies...does that say anything about us - I don't know, probably back to what I originally said...I have no idea :-)

So here is whatcha get Terps

for you ( because I'm all about the Maple here..wonder why?)
And for your hubby...a bit of both

Here we have Starsong Candy Corp.

I am more 'Turkish Delight' - full of Eastern Promise!

 And Starman, well he would have to be Starbursts. Although they used to call them Opal Fruits. 

Up By the door you will find Blue Bird Classic Candy Company's choices

 Blue Bird

I am tootsie roll pops - I have a hard exterior, it is really hard to gain my full trust, but once you do I have a chocolatety chewy center.

He is Hot tamales 5 Alarm - He appears soft and chewy but the more you get to know him the more he makes you wake up and take notice

                and if you aren't paying attention you can be overwhelmed with the burn.

                      Down this aisle you will find the very Secret Sweet Company's Shelf

Brice can be a ZotZ they are sweet until you bite into them then you get a powerful sour explosion. Al is sweet unless you 'poke the bear' then he is a powerful sour explosion. lol I think it is too hard to remove the sexual connotations from that one. I give up. :)

Oh and looksee here, Betsy didn't pick one for herself !

I should pick
Because she drove me CRAZY with her multitude of candy choices..but I KNOW some of that was Brice's I'll pick something more suited to her likes ( NOT her personality)

( btw Rogue ~ this candy instantly came to mind for you when I started this post..)

Here is one of our more popular candy company's  Lunacy Licks 
( did you HONESTLY think Lucy wouldn't be in this post?)

UPDATED NEW CANDY Company Added!!! Ogrely Stromy Candies!

My favorite candy is Reisens. I say it's a "reisen for road trips" because I love to take them on the road with me! They are wonderful and take a long time to chew, so they require me! 

My husband loves Resees, which makes sense. He's tough around the edges and soft and sweet in the middle. I like them too, so sometimes since I love them frozen, I'll hide some in a bag of frozen veggies so he can't find them. I keep empty veggie bags for just this purpose! Now you know all my candy secrets lol. 

I suppose this one would not have done Ogre's body justice?

They are hammer head know for my Mr. Fix it blog I wrote about him
Uh huh..because he's Mister Fix it...not because he's a hard headed....

OKAY. okay Mr. Fix it!  Don't get your tool belt in a bunch! ( I was going to say softy too...but not now!)

For me.....

You know b/c I CAN be sweet....or not ;)





Emma and Fake Steve!!

Please use my comment section to talk my silly friend into coming back to the world of Blogging!

Phew...if you made it this far, you deserve

And............. we're done.  If you don't hear from me for a few days it is most likely because I am in a diabetic comma somewhere!


  1. Brilliant! And once again you have outdone yourself! Thank you for such an 'informative' post :) You have done really well, and must of taken hours!

    1. Days is more like it Hez...when I did the Super hero one, not as many people participated...or there aren't as many Heroes/ Villains ...or I didn't tease as much back then?

      I'm happy you enjoyed it and didn't fall asleep during it!

      Love Willie

  2. Well my dear l I think you are in big trouble!!! You did well with my Scotsman, but me? Fizz?! I am sweet except as you keep sucking! Lol! Hmmm somehow I can make this naughty!!! But I won't.
    Who isn't a rule follower? I think I picked candy and you changed it. Lol lol lol !!!

    1. Go ahead and make it naughty, Minelle...double, dog dare ya! :D

    2. I'm in trouble with the nicest lady on the planet? Bring it!!! lol

      Make it dirty? Look under Betsy's. I think, by the looks of it ZotZ are the same as Fizz. I didn't mean btw, that you weren't sweet inside too- just that you have inner Fizz naughty Hopsital Porn writer! Oh seeing how this is my blog I will confess being on the other side as you typed away naughty thoughts at the hospital. I was SHOCKED...okay maybe not really...(and I won't confess who started it)

      *AND* I think you picked like a MILLION candies!!!

    3. Ha ha Cat......Double dog dare. HMMMMMMMM dare I? I'm afraid I would go tooooo far. Can you write it?? lol

      As to you miss co-conspirator hospital porn writer.....Who was it that brought up restraints????? Oh and phone cords?

    4. **YOU** brought up the phone cords ! I merely nudged you along by suggesting you changed your gift shop granny panties into 3 pairs of sexier underwear with surgical scissors and gauze...YOU my 'innocent' friend took it to a whole new level ! ( at least that is how I am choosing to remember it!!)

    5. Ooh...Hospital porn? Restraints? Phone cords? Surgical scissors? Gauze? Oh yea...triple dawg dare ya on your blog...with pictures! ROFL

  3. That was amazing. It was fun to read about the candies we all are. Bucko loved the TL wrapped in a Bucko.

  4. Willie, this was sooo much fun to read and brilliant! You did an incredible job--thank you for taking the time go to through each and every one of us. MM chuckled and then chuckled again at the later remarks. He got this very HoH'y look on his face. I wonder what would happen if I started calling him "nerd."'s tempting, but we still have all those awful wooden implements. None have made their way to the post office...yet. I'd keep them out of his hands and away from packaging materials but I'm not allowed to touch them.

    Our favorite Timbit deserves a long rest! MM let me know that here at DD (LOL) they are called Munchkins. :)

    1. Hmmmmmm? Where to go with this....

      Tell MM to save the postage- we have plenty of things here collecting dust, but thanks.

      HoH'y face huh? He might need to get in line ( because clearly I can't..bwahahaha) to state his grievances.

      Glad you enjoyed this killer of a post!
      Love Willie

  5. Sheesh that pic really looks like me *snort*...and you 'just noticed' the thong around the ankles? Riiiiiight...stinker. BTW, I know you did not spend $200 on Chocolate Pomegranate candy. LOL But dang, aren't they good!

    Very cute post and you did do a lot of work. Thanks for the fun of browsing some of the candy stores in blog land. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings,

    1. Scouts Honour Cat...well okay Girl Guide ( Canadian ) honour...I didn't notice the thong until I posted the picture. It was smaller. But it worked out better than I could have imagined, I will admit that!

      It is STILL the Chocolate Pomegranate chocolate, hence YOUR fault that I spent $200 at Walmart. That is my story and I am sticking to it!

      Hope you enjoyed browsing at the BlogLand Candy store!

      Love Willie

  6. Oh Willie - you have a wonderful imagination! I read this and then had to wait until Ian came home for supper before I commented.
    He LOVED the energy bar - but thought Barney should have both. After taking in the majesty of the moustache displayed above and suspecting it was dig at his own cookie duster (his pride and joy) he raised a sardonic eyebrow and wryly suggested your Mr. Rubble might want to call a "board" meeting with the other shareholder for the House of Rubble....?!? He suggests Barney take a good look the picture of Tinkerbell.
    I don't know what he means by all that, Willie ;)
    I, for one, am delighted, and love being a Smartie :D and I think Ian's lovely man feet do make him perfectly represented by that candy, and I love Big Foots.
    Thanks once again for entertaining us, Willie :)
    You keep us all in stitches.
    hugs and love
    Ian and Lillie

    1. That *IAN* he thinks everything is about him!!! Ego much?

      And I am NOT dressing up as Tinkerbell(again) ...yes yes Mr Mammoth Hands McSpanky Pants I know what you meant..I'm choosing to look at it literally.

      I am glad I entertained you Lillie. I for one am happy any day I get to tease Ian just a little bit- oh well maybe my next post.

      Love ya both!

  7. Willie- you really are amazing!!!! This was fun and sweet of you to do (get it- Sweet????- lol!!!!) , tons of work and... COMPLETELY entertaining!!!! I think that I am going to be smiling for hours!!! Thank you!!!

    <3 Katie

    1. Oh thank you Katie! I'm happy you enjoyed it. Well and found it, stupid blogger. Half way through this post it stopped letting edit..sigh. Good times!


    2. $200 for pomegranate chocolates!!!! I'd be putting my running skills to work and heading out of town!!! Btw- I think that I will be smiling all the way home!! I've finally adjusted to the time change- thanks for helping me out with that- just in time to head home! Was totally missing Rob when I was up at ungodly hours and your posts cheered me up. <3

    3. Blogger is acting nuts! It was supposed to say Btw before the 200!!!

    4. Hey Katie...Willie did not spend $200 on chocolate pomegranates. LOL She had to go to Walmart to get them and there were lots of shiny things that caught her eye. ;)

    5. Still the chocolate/your fault Cat

    6. Hi Cat, oh- shiny things... Ok then! :). Yes the chocolate! I'd still rather be eating the spree candies, but could only find sweet tarts at the airport! You are doing it again Willie- keeping me entertained on my flight home! I love wifi on planes!!! Thanks girls! :). Of course a Chardonnay works too. Lol! Hugs!

  8. Aww, Wilma! I loved this! So much fun to read...and I know how long you spent on it any wonder we all love ya so much? You are incredibly creative! I love that my closet got to make a debut on your blog....and you are right...we certainly do NOT want Mr. Fix-it to get his "tool belt" in a bunch....gotta make sure he keeps that puppy on ;)

    Absolutely deserve a rest my friend! :)

    Much love....


    1. Oh you crazy hormonal lady! I love ya much too! I AM going to take a break now...and I should have written this post while PMSing. I wouldn't have eaten any candy..I'm done with Candy for a long WHILE ! Oddly I have no desire for TimBits either!


  9. Kudos to you for putting all of this together!
    It was quite entertaining to explore blogland's candy store!

    1. I'm happy you enjoyed the Grand Opening Snugglie. Also I am happy you are still talking to me after the Air Sickness Bag comment :)

  10. Oh the horror! Where oh where has my cherry gone? Have you seen it? Have YOU seen it? Call the police! Call the swat team! Call the National Guard! Someone has stolen my cherry....oh wait...I get it:)
    Love this Willie! Prop your feet up and take a nice rest but not too long!

    1. Hmm Momma of 3 where did you cherry go?

      Love ya too!

  11. Oh Wilma, I laughed and laughed, I so want to visit this store. Drugs!!! how dare you . I do not even know what they are. My hubby liked the post too, according to him I am a pink jelly baby, how I got that colour I can't imagine, when I have finished sucking my pineapple chunk I'll work it out. You have such a marvellous imagination and omg what computer skills. I bow down to you. love love love the post.

    1. I have to confess Jan when I google imaged Pineapple Chunk and all these pot plants came up I was confused...okay well not confused, but I had never heard of Pinepple Chunk marijuana. Well it was too good to pass up :)

      When you finish sucking your pineapple chunk! ( good grief, my friends are PERVs !)

      I'm happy you and your hubby enjoyed the post!


  12. Hi Wilma, this STILL hasn't shown up in my dash board! Wow, this is absolutely fantastic! Yes, I did read it all, can I have my liqueur chocolate now please? Actually had some of those Saturday night - yummy!

    This is so brilliant, clever and creative of you. As Lucy said, it is any wonder we love you :) Took me ages to read so I can only imagine how much time and effort you put into creating it. Thank you so much for doing this and for brightening our day. You are such a sweetie - ha ha

    I absolutely LOVE Rick and Roz's Retro & Candies! Wow! Scrappy really enjoyed the Blogland Candy Store too. Loved see 'her' own merchandise and was uncontrollable running around the story trying to take ALL the candy and chocolates. I had to hold 'her' back.

    Love and Hugs

    ps I'm sorry I had to run away on you like that this morning :(

    1. Yes...blogger hates me! Thank goodness you guys are so free with your love or I'd have a complex for sure!

      I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed it! How about that Scrappy costume? Perhaps you could by the t-shirt and make it into some lingerie. On second thought, probably not a good idea!

      No worries about the sudden disappearance in a few weeks I think I'll only have a 12 hour time difference from you. We can work it out then!

    2. Crumb..hit enter too soon!

      Love to you and your nutty chocolate slab!

  13. I made it to the end, so thank you for the Cointreau and the other drinks.
    This must be one of the longest posts ever in Blogland. A wonder that it took you less than a year.
    Thank you for all the "sweet" work.

    1. It was long even by Wilma standards wasn't it Bas? Well at least I wasn't talking about myself this time!

      I hope you enjoy at least some of it! lol
      Love Willie

  14. Wow! What a lot of hard work you put into this! Thanks Willie for making us all laugh. Now you can happily go into a sugar induced comma!

    Seriously, I never heard of some of these sweets. All I can say is that you must have done a great deal of research. Incredible! I would never have realised there was so much variety out there. Especially loved Cat's thong!

    Hugs, Ami

    1. That Cat and her dropping thong...almost like Minelle and 'her' falling Granny Panties! These women I tell ya!

      It was quite the education in confection for sure Ami! If I see another candy again it will be too...oh wait that is a lie I ate a third of a box of Almond Rocca today...ooops

      Glad it gave you a laugh

  15. Creatively brilliant!! Love it, love it. Never heard of wine gums (I know...surprising) but I will have to check them out!

    Always nice to have a new candy store in town. ;)

    1. You might have to get Christina to send you some. Someone told me they are only available in Canada, and Britain.

  16. This was hysterical, can't believe this is the first time one has been here. Looking forward to following you from now on.

  17. Welcome dancingbarez!

    I'm not usually hysterical I'm afraid. I'm more Weepy Willie :) Every once and a while we do have to have a ridiculous and fun post !

  18. I thought this was awesome. Must have taken a while though. I cross the bridge just to buy some June. Canadians have all the good stuff.

    Glad to be following you now!

    1. Welcome Kat!

      We are going to hook June up...fear not! I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

      Hey thanks for following. Not sure if I"m going to be THAT entertaining though!


  19. Wow, great post!! It was neat seeing what candies everyone is. I can't imagine the time you put in to this. Love it ;)

    1. Hi Tricia.

      Glad you enjoyed it- because this is the second and LAST interactive post I will be doing! lol

  20. Wow, you really did take a lot of time to create this...very fun! Loved seeing all the different candies represented here in blogland...:-) of course now I am hungry for sweets. :-)Hugs, Terps

    1. Strangely enough, I have NO desire for sweets.


  21. Willie,

    Wow, what an amazing post! I, like everyone else loved it. It was funny, witty, clever and ribald. I suspect it will be destined to become your “post of the year”.

    You are really something else (in a good way). However, perhaps the “Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz" may have enunciated it best when he told the Tin Man “A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others”.

    I am convinced your heart is in a special category because of all the loving comments you receive on your blog.

    Again, great job!

    No longer an “anonymouse”

    1. Yay George! Another anonymouse takes the plunge !!!

      You do say the nicest things! I have heard ' you really are something else ' before, but it is never usually followed by = in a good way, more like a shaking of the head :)

      I am very, very blessed with my Blog friendships - you are certainly right about that!

      Welcome officially! let's talk about your future blog! lol

  22. LOL that is exactly the reason we need to stay a secret! You are too funny! What a talent you have! I need to check into Wine Gums.....they will most likely serve me better than the 'liquid courage' in the real thing. ;)

    1. I'll bring the wine gums this summer!!! But I'll skip them and have the real deal if you don't mind.

      Pleased you liked the post!


  23. Wow! Iam seriously impressed :)

    And we are fine with being in a dark corner.. All alone.. Lolol ;)

  24. This post gave me a cavity, lol...and you know I HATE going to the dentist!! Cuteness...wonderful entry and I can't imagine how much hard work went into it. Wow!

    My favorite candy is Reisens. I say it's a "reisen for road trips" because I love to take them on the road with me! They are wonderful and take a long time to chew, so they require me!

    My husband loves Resees, which makes sense. He's tough around the edges and soft and sweet in the middle. I like them too, so sometimes since I love them frozen, I'll hide some in a bag of frozen veggies so he can't find them. I keep empty veggie bags for just this purpose! Now you know all my candy secrets lol.

  25. This is a crazy post. I love it.
    Sorry I didn't get to contact you about what candy I would want included, I've been a bit...busy.
    After putting a little thought into it, I wanted to just leave a suggestion for the possibility of future inventory. Dave and I don't eat candy anymore, well only dark chocolate, but when Dave and I were dating and first married the man was always enjoying a Sugar Daddy pop. Than man loves his caramel. These days Dave is more my Sugar Daddy in that he's so sweet and delicious; yeah this could go so many ways. And then that would make me his Sugar Baby candy then wouldn't it?
    Anyway, thank you, Willie, for the work you put into this post. It really is amazing.

  26. OMG! Jacquie when I was little...sigh..a little girl, friends of my parent's went to Florida every year. they started would bring me back candy- Sugar Daddys. I LOVED them! Now we can, where I lived at specialty candy stores get Sugar Daddy's and Babies, and Barney allows me to indulge but at a ridiculous cost ( close to $3)...but I still love them....btw I live in Canada, in case you didn't know :)

  27. Sure post Willie! You have a crazy fun sense of humor. You always take such time with posts and responses. You are a special kind of "sweet"!
    Now, off to the store to buy some dang candy! For some reason, I'm having a craving for sweets 😉
    Hugs, Catrinka

  28. Wow what a fantastic post. Love, love, loved it! You are so clever. Can't imagine how long this took. I'm sure it was fun though. BTW I'll run the bakery on Blogland Main Street. How fun!

  29. Reading this took all of my "morning free time", but was most enjoyable. BUTT, I have a serious hankering for sweets which is going to ruin my diet!
    Very cute! I am saving frozen veggie bags from now on to hide my candy stash! I'm not sure if that is a positive "take away". Bathing suit season coming up and all! ;-)
    A very fun read Wilma! (thank you Susie for sending me over) :-)

  30. Reading this took all of my "morning free time", but was most enjoyable. BUTT, I have a serious hankering for sweets which is going to ruin my diet!
    Very cute! I am saving frozen veggie bags from now on to hide my candy stash! I'm not sure if that is a positive "take away". Bathing suit season coming up and all! ;-)
    A very fun read Wilma! (thank you Susie for sending me over) :-)

  31. This is absolutely the sweetest post I have ever read. Can't believe you pulled this off. Thanks for not placing my paddles shop in the seedy area of town.
    And just to let you know.... After Rogues's post on the beer paddles, I (Stinkerbelle) proposed to Ty that he should make some wine paddles. Don't tell Rogue but she may get our prototype since not only do I not need any more paddles at all, we also don't drink around here. Shhhh. I let you know when Ty gets creative. Just think, you can buy two boards, a wine one and a cheese/bread board.