Thursday, February 21, 2013

**** Spankful For Bas****

Since the beginning of mine and Barney's Journey, Bas has often offered wonderful and often thought provoking advice.  This post will not contain any of them!


Don't mind the kind of nonsense I'm saying, I lost my mind already a long time ago.
Fortunately there's a lot of wisdom in the following comments.

Waaaaaaaaaay, back in October, before I even approached my husband Barney about this thing we do, I decided to start a blog.  First I made a Google ID.  I had already been commenting on blogs for a while as " C "<- I'm so creative sometimes it scares me, but I hadn't told anyone I was going to start my blog ( no not even Lillie ) is the story of Wilma and Bas

Stardate October 1, 2012:
After highjacking other bloggers comment sections for a while, Wilma completes her first ever post.  She hits publish and sends the post out in to cyber space.  She has not informed anyone that she is doing this, so is basically expecting dead air in return. Her post is merely a hello this is who I am post.  Certainly nothing earth shattering

  What happens next is presently surprising. A warm welcome! Someone out therein cyber space was reading!

Thankfully not him!

And especially, thankfully not him~ although I'm sure Bas has thought this on more than one occasion reading my posts

No the man who cyber space sent was smart, sweet and oh a little quirky ! 

Bas was the first ever comment I received on my blog~ and my first official follower

Hello Wilma *C Rubble,
Yes, I am quite curious what happened to my old cartoon friends. This sounds weird.
Well, about DD. At the moment for you this is still something you control. The moment you start telling Barney (?), it starts getting out of control. There is this big risk that he says NO, and there is this big risk that he will say YES. Both will be a shock to you.
But, DD is great for reconnecting! Maybe you should try it

I was so excited!  Someone read my blog!  Someone actually sought me out and READ my blog.  Now they were following my blog...HOLY CRAP.  Someone read my blog!  Someone actually sought me out and is following my blog!

Over time Bas reassured me about the contents of my blog

 Your blog is your blog only. And your readers are looking for the Wilma and the Barney who practise DD, not just the DD itself. So this post is exactly to our liking.
  Although over time, the winds of change started to shift.  Bas became more HoHy even on MY blog.  He started giving Barney advice!!!

Ah yes, just be Wilma. now there's a great idea.
We'll be back tomorrow.
***cheering on, Barney ****

Honestly I think he forgot who's blog he was on!

and then there were times when he made me angry....

You say, you don't want to top from the bottom.
That's fine, but I think that there is a difference between Topping and Expressing your wishes.
It looks like you have translated "not topping" into "not telling".
In the same time you have this very detailed but secret image in your mind of what TTWD should look like, and as long as he does not, on his own, come up with this same image, he is not doing it correct?
He asks a valid question: "what to do when spanking does not seem to work?"
I don't know an HoH who has not wrestled with this question.
You don't answer this very serious question, but instead just say “ You are thinking along the lines of you. A man. Remember we are dealing with emotional, irrational, ( at times ) Wilma.”
Now, what is he going to do with that answer? Spank more, Cornertime, writing lines?
I am very sorry, but I'm afraid you are burning him up quickly this way.
He is now back at the drawing board. Please go help him.

But in all fairness that comment had me ( after many emails ) talking to Barney and having him reassure me that he understood.  So it was difficult to read at the time ( I know emotional much?) but it helped...
The day after I posted another post and Bas responded to that as well

Well, I have underestimated Barney.
Clearly, he has things under control


The real fun comes with the teasing Bas

No, I didn't believe you about the "quick note", and obviously I was right.

I have no idea what you could mean with Cirque du Soleil adventures ;-).
Maybe you want to tell us more about that, when you have a longer post planned.

Those were the Wild Nights.
Guess I'm really innocent, but what is the meaning of edible body paint?
Have seen a lot of body painted ladies, but never seen anybody lick the paint of. Kind of ruins the design.
Now, I go stand in the corner for a while and think about my evil ways.
Oh, wait, no time for the corner. Have to cook dinner.
You know what, I'll cook something Lisa loves and I absolutely dislike: Cauliflower! Yikes, I'm way too severe for myself.

Now, what a coincidence.
That sweet, loveable etc girl, just looks like the mind image I had for you.
Stop laughing!
Sure you don't look like The Night? You don't bite (strangers)?
No? OK, then, really safe to do this?
Hugs for you to last you, the whole week

Goob post
Ahhhrgg, all those GOOB ladies make me feel ashamed of myself.
Barney should do something about it.

Barney surely can think of something.
At this very moment I'm lying in my bath, with a lot more than 8 glasses of water.
Does that count?
Oh no, a real Titanium Butt?
Poor Barney, he will have to Get of his Butt and Exercise his arms.

But I have read something and now I am stupefied.
You tell that you are not really Wilma Rubble? Huh? But then, I don't understand, how come you married Barney Rubble?

Wilma, you have a habit of making things complicated. Ever noticed? Sometimes you think you are married to Fred Flintstone, then Barney Rubble followed by The Riddler and now Mr Magoo.

That Anxiety girl is a wimp. One spanking and she is gone. Just wait till her older sister comes along!

I have been reading this and the former post up and down, down and up and even sideways, but alas no wise advice comes to my mind.
So, the only thing I can say is:
Start looking for your bloody mind, you seem to have mislaid it!
Hugs for you and my admiration for Barney

OK, I googled 'images Barney spanks Wilma' and our entire community shows up. Even my MIL !
We can safely conclude that you corrupted The Flintstones forever.
The Flintstones will disappear behind parental controls

What? Lucy and Wilma are talking 'off blog'?
You both should be spanked for that. Synchronized!
the above comment from Lucy's Blog started this exchange..

Wilma, this was an exceptionally difficult Post to read.
Somehow, I kept finding myself on other blogs, adding to blogrols etc.
Thanks for all the good news.
Oh, and I have not put a comment on Elisa's blog about you. No, that was not me. I think I've been hacked.

I'm on to you 'old' man! He who can put together a PC with parts--hacked! Pah..I've been following your little journey through blog land today. Watching you gleefully skip along, trying to get Barney to light fire to my back end! Oh yes, I was over at Lucy's and I saw what you put on Elisa's blog too.

  AND then there are times when his HoHy ness comes through LOUD and clear..
I'll help you: You're married to the guy with the belt! Simple as that!
Love ya, too.

Yes working out could provide Barney with be a long term solution for complicated girls.

And my personal favourite...

You feeling safe with that little Ocean in between?

Yes there is an ocean between us Bas. There are also light years between myself and Lisa as far as ttwd wives go to

but your advice and comments are the highlight of my blog posts.

Lisa is one very lucky lady. I'll leave with one more comment that Bas left on my silly SuperHeroes Super Villian Post, where readers were to choose which villian their husbands were...but Bas said this

Of course as a HoH I cannot indulge in these frolics.

So naturally I ran with it, and chose for him..his response?

Gargamel? And I always thought I was the Great Smurf.
Oh well, doesn't matter, as long as I get the fairest woman of them all.

I so enjoy all your silliness...your support and the fact that you share your great love story with all of us!




  1. Loved this Willie,
    I remembered many of those comments. Thanks for the laughs this morning, both of you!

    1. Thanks Lillie..

      Bas had left so many great comments it was difficult to choose. I'm happy you approve!
      Love willie

  2. Oh my word! This is so cute....almost as cute as our Bas :) Great job Miss Wilma :)



    1. That is MS.Wilma

      I had so much fun that day 'chatting' back and forth about the google search of Barney spanks Wilma and Lisa, Unique showing up...with Bas and you!

  3. I also remember most of these comments. The one that made you angry probably would have hit me the same way in the moment! LOL!
    Happy Spankful for Bas Day!

    1. Yes Bas' words of wisdom are difficult to forget Birdy. Although I did forget the one where he said " He's the one with the belt!"
      LOL. Probably blocked it out on purpose!

      The comment that upset me was actually a good learning tool in the long run :)

  4. Oh my gosh Willie, that last cartoon is SO funny!

  5. Replies
    1. I did have a happy Day Renee. I enjoyed it very much! I hope you did too!

  6. Such a wonderful collection of words of Basdom...and even the ones that might hurt a little bit hurt in a good way...he has so much wisdom.

  7. Such a fun post, and full of wisdom and wit from our dear Bas. I'm thankful though, that he never mentioned the BELT on my He must know better. Ha.

    1. Yes..I can imagine you are Stormy! Barney loves hearing from Bas and agrees with almost everything he says...sigh HoHs

      Nice to hear you enjoy the post!

  8. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

    I'm exhausted with laughing!

    Happy Spankful for Bas Day!

    Hugs, Ami

    1. THANK YOU AMI!!

      I'm so pleased to make you laugh..okay well they were Bas' words but I'm taking the credit anyway!

      Hugs back willie

  9. A wonderful and fun post. Thanks for the laugh.

    Happy Spankful Bas Day.


    1. Well Hello Ronnie!

      I'm happy to make you laugh. Bas has said so many funny and quirky things as well as some very thought provoking ones to me as well.

      It was a pleasure to go back and read them.


  10. ROFL! Willie, this is a very cute and creative post of "Basdom's".

    Happy Spankful for Bas Day!


  11. Love it! You are so creative... :)

  12. You captured the Bas-dom moments! Very good Willie!
    Our Bas has such insightful, and often times humorous comments we all learn from!

    1. Thanks Minelle. It was fun.
      He is indeed a very insightful man.

  13. Hi Willie, Wow! This is such an amazing post, so clever and creative. I love the last pic! Some priceless words of Basdom indeed!

    Love and Hugs

  14. Willie,
    This really was so well done and the pictures are perfect. It's so fun to read through the posts and the comments he has left to see how he has been exactly who each of us "needed" when we needed it. He's so HoH'y with you and it's great!