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* A VD Story Because of Minelle!*

Okay this is totally, 100% Minelle's fault! Well not the poor grammar and the bouncing around all over the place, but the story itself. She was bugging persuading me back in December to try and write a story. In a moment of weakness I attempted. Off and on since then she has been pressuring encouraging me to do something with it. You've been warned...and I feel sick......

(oh and apparently blogger HATES me because it refuses to let me change/edit some font and sizes of fonts so sorry about that too- although in fairness that is not Minelle's fault)


Nicole's Wait

Nicole sat on the edge of her bed waiting for her husband Nick to enter their bedroom. She stared down at her hot pink toenails and chuckled to herself. Soon she would be literally pink from head to toe. Her toenails we hot pink, her cheeks were flushed from embarrassment, and in the not too distant future her bottom would be pink too. As she sat there waiting, she thought of what brought her to this unusual place in her life.

Nichole had been married to Nick for almost two decades. They still loved each other, but somewhere along the line life seemed to get in their way. No. She had changed over the years- that was more the case. He was the same sweet man she had met when she was nineteen. He constantly told her how beautiful she was. His face always lit up when she walked in the room. Her successes were his happiness. She noticed this, but for whatever reason, she was unmoved by these gestures now.

One time at a neighbourhood BBQ, she overheard the men discussing the women of their fantasies. The typical fantasy women were mentioned, mostly actresses and a few musicians. One of the men turned to the still silent Nick to ask him who he fantasized about. Nick merely shrugged his shoulders, took a sip of his beer and said, “Nicole” . Naturally, the men all groaned. Once again he took another sip and unapologetically said,

“ I have a beautiful wife, what can I say ? I don’t need to think about anyone else”.

Those words haunted Nicole at night when she lay in bed. He still thought of her as his fantasy woman. What was she doing to him? How could she get back to the fun loving girl he met twenty two years earlier? How could she honestly say he was the man of her dreams if she didn’t want to be awake long enough during the day to see herself in the mirror? No that carefree girl was long gone. In her place was a woman, tired, locked up, guarded, angry , and sad- constantly mourning fun loving female Nick.

Ah yes, female Nick. When she moved to the ‘big city’ for university, she quickly dropped the name Nicole and told everyone to call her Nick. To her Nick sounded more playful and fun. Yes, she needed her name to match her personality. It was this girl who her Nick met.

Nicole had taken a part time job to basically pay for her social ‘engagements’ that most university students seem to partake in. Oddly enough , the part time job contributed to more social outings than the ones she took the job to pay for in the first place. It was here that she met Nick. It was certainly not love at first sight. They didn’t have one of those movie–type,cantankerous relationships that turned to love either. They were friends. They moved in the same social circles. Nick had dated a few of women in those first couple of years. Nicole had a few unsuccessful relationships of her own during this time. Whenever one of her relationship went south, she would turn to Nick for advice. His answer was always the same,

“ I don’t know why you are bothering with these other guys Nick. I already told you, that you are going to marry me.’

Nicole would always laugh this off statement as Nick just teasing her. He was almost eight years his senior. Maybe he was looking to settle down, but they were just friends. She wasn’t attracted to him in that way. He did have the most amazing blue eyes however. She found them unusual in colour. What she imagined the shallow water of the Pacific Ocean looked like. No he was not her type. He wasn’t a big, athletic guys, guy. He was the one who reduced you to tears from laughter with a witty comment when you least expected it. He was the guy that you hung out with and poked fun of the normal people around you who couldn’t keep up with the witty repartee. He was her verbal sparring partner . He was a great guy who would make a wonderful husband for some girl some day. Just not her.

Nicole looked back down at her hot pink toes again. What on earth was taking Nick so long ? Oh God, he can’t do this. Why would you ask him to do this Nicole? This is your problem not his. She sighed, and brushed the tears away from her eyes. Stupid tears, when did they surface again? They were normally only present after a bottle of wine. Those nights where she would creep into bed after Nick was asleep, curl on her side, with her back turned to him. The nights where she was actually glad he snored so he could drown out her sobs. The nights she would pray that she could change so as to not sentence the man next to her to a future without happiness.

Well maybe he just is in the bathroom that is what is taking him so long. What. Is. With. These. Tears ? Pull yourself together Nicole, or you are going to freak him out- further.

Nicole decided to walk a little more down memory lane while she waited for her husband. Her mind wandered to this summer when a friend of Nick’s was telling another mutual friend how she became dubbed as ‘The Mistake By the Lake” About two years after they first met Nick had invited Nicole and a group of friends to a pub night at this fabulous venue on a lake. She loves to hear Nick’s version of the story.  It of course come with actions. No matter how many times he tells the story, he still sounds shocked that she would actually clock him on the dance floor of a crowded pub. Her response is the same as it was 22 years ago, and every time he has told it since, “ You called me a bitch! “ He then laughs, “ I said don’t act like a bitch, there is a difference” . Nicole smiled to herself thinking of him snapping his head to the side, like he did that night,

“One minute I am looking at this beautiful girl, and the next minute my head has been spun around and I am looking at the lake” and then his friends chime in, “thus…The Mistake By the Lake!”

Seriously, what on earth is keeping him? Nicole was starting to get annoyed now. Calm down Nicole, let him do this at his own speed. She desperately needed to keep her mind busy. She needed to focus on the big picture. What they were hoping to achieve trying this new life? She wanted, she wanted….she wanted her heart to sing like it did the first time he told her he loved her. What a funny thing that was. He must have thought her a total loon. They were lounging in bed. The sun was starting to rise and a dim orange light crept into her bedroom. Oh what a beautiful bedroom that was-three walls of windows, and a fireplace on the remaining wall. Too bad it was basically a sun porch and they froze on cold nights. He had taken her hand in his, and was playing with her rings, she used to wear rings on every finger back then. Nicole remembered staring at the pale yellow wood slats of the ceiling,happily recalling the most amazing tingling that occurred on the backs of her knees hours before. Wow, she had never experienced that before that night. Nick’s voice brought her back to the present.

“ I love you Nick”

She shot up and landed naked, on her knees beside him on the bed.

“ What? Say it again. Say it again!” She shouted

He laughed and pulled her down to his hairy chest.

“ I said I love you Nick” She lifted her head to look him, her auburn curls forever in her face. He tenderly brushed them aside, (he never does that anymore Nicole sadly thought).

“ You know, it is okay if you don’t feel the same way right now. I can wait until you feel comfor-“ I LOVE YOU TOO”- table.” He just laughed at her again. She had felt like a girl seeing the gift she had wished for all year sitting under the Christmas tree. How had she lucked out ? This fantastic guy not only loved her, but basically waited two years for her to come to her senses.

Nicole was now actively chipping away at her toenails. Oh well the ‘baby ‘ nail is barely there she thought. I mostly just painted the skin anyway. Before she knew it, there was hot pink confetti all over her black walnut bedroom floor.

When she was younger, she thought to herself, knowing that Nick loved her, he chose her, she could be as sassy as she wanted and he wasn’t threatened, that made her feel like she could do anything. He still loves her. He still laughs at her spunk. He still chooses to be with her. Why then will she not let that give her power anymore?

So much for my toe nails she thought, piling the confetti with her toes. Nick always laughs at her’ little hands at the end of her legs’ as he refers to them.

“ Nicole! “ Nick called from the downstairs

“ WHAT?” Oh nice Nicole, sheesh…try again

“ Sorry, yes? “

“ I just have to finish up with work. I’ll try to hurry okay? “

“ Okay” was her disappointed reply. Well at least he hasn’t changed his mind, she thought

So how did she get here exactly? She had stumbled upon some interesting reading months prior. While she was fascinated originally, that was all there was to it , so she had thought. Nicole had wanted to have a marriage that Nick could feel her strength in himself. She wanted to be a wife he deserved. She wanted to inspire him, like he did her. She honestly thought that was no longer possible. Perhaps she was never that person. Perhaps their past relationship was only a figment of her youthful imagination.

At the beginning of the summer, they once again found themselves at a neighbourhood social. This time it was different. A former co-worker from her university days was there. He was retelling the Nick and Nick love story for anyone who would listen. Most of their neighbours, save one, had only known them as a couple. They had only known Nicole, not as Nick, the playful girl. Once again, Nicole found herself grinning from ear to ear as she recalled Greg’s version of her and Nick’s story. It ended with,

“ Once we heard they were dating, we collectively exhaled, and shouted, it is about time! It was clear from the beginning, when they first met, they were destined to be together. It only took poor Nick 2 years to convince Nicole that. And here we are 20 years later and they are still together, I mean if they didn’t make it, what hope would the rest of us have?.”

That is what brought her here, sitting in this ridiculous outfit, with toe nails that look like they have been exposed to a belt sander. Waiting for her husband to spank her. Goodness she can barely think the word yet alone say it. She wants her husband to spank her so she can become her old, self. Nikki this has to be the most hair brained idea you have ever had.

“ Hello”

His voice startled her out of her self chastising lecture.

“Oh hi” She gave him a little wave. Really Nicole? Waving at your husband like you are on a Macy’s float? Boy I sure would be cold on the float in this get up, she thought to herself.

“ Nice toes”

“ Oh yeah, well they were nice an hour ago. But then I moved when they were still soft, and then I started picking at them when I was waiting for you and…”

“ Just relax. This time is just for ‘fun’ right? “

“ Yes. Well that is what Ellen said. She said it might be a good idea for us, well because we’ve never..”

“Okay.” He said said softly while exhaling at the same time.

Every fiber of Nicole’s being changed in an instant with the sound of the sigh that escaped her husband’s lips. Her earlier musings and the warm feelings they created were suddenly sucked back into the dusty vault from where they original resided. If she had been a dog, the hackles on her neck would have been clearly visible. Interesting comparison she thought. Your body language has to changed to one of the bitch you are Nicole.

With that last thought , she slumped back down on the bed. The tears that had been threatening to fall since Nick walked in flowed freely now. She blinked almost dislodging her contact lenses. She shifted so her husband couldn’t see her. Once again shutting him out like she had been doing for years, mentally and now physically.

“ Hey. Hey. Come here” He reached for her. She stiffened. Shaking her head.

“ No little one, don’t do that. Tell me what has you so upset”

She shook her head, sending curls flying around. He lifted her chin, and brushed her hair out of her face like he did the day he told her he loved her for the first time. Only this time, she was not in a post orgasmic state, but a slopping, snotty mess. He then had the nerve to say

“ You’re beautiful you know? I think more beautiful than the first day I laid eyes on you.”

Nicole swallowed whatever was running down the back of her throat and scoffed. Wiping her nose on the back of her hand. ‘Oh good thing I put on THIS outfit.- Wiping my nose with all the grace of a five year old’, she thought.

“ Don’t scoff at me. It is true”

“Well if it is true, it is only because you felt guilty back then thinking I was cute, not beautiful, because at 19 I looked 15 years old at best. You perv” She managed to give a week smile, but her eyes were dancing with the devil that she had in her.

Nick once again burst out laughing, pulling her into him.

“ What am I going to do with you? Oh I know “ he said, as he gently pushed her back so he could look into her big brown, and now red eyes so she could see his devilish grin

” Spank you”

Nicole gave a giggle, that ended in a snort. This whole snorting thing was new to her too, just like the tears. Neither of which she found very endearing, but Nick had claimed he loved both. He had even taken a friend to task for commenting on her little snort while laughing. If it was possible, his expression soften further.

“ Oh I don’t think you are supposed to laugh at a man who is about to spank you. Let alone a giggle that ends in a snort”

Suddenly, the snort, the snot, the chipped toenail polish was all forgotten. She was 21 in the arms of her 28 year old boyfriend. So what did she do in this precious moment? She hauled off hit him, and turned around giggling to run out of the room. The years together may have robbed him of his bangs, ( as Nick claimed) but it also sharpened his reflexes where is little wife was concerned. She had barely made it off of the bed before he was upon her.

“ Oh no little one. You don’t get to leave this room until this mission is accomplished”

Nicole fell silent.

“What? I thought this is what you wanted ?”

“ I do. Or did. I mean what about you? You said you weren’t comfortable with this “

“ This?” Nick pretended not to understand what his wife was referring to. He was a terrible tease, and he knew she hated saying the word spanking. He wasn’t completely at ease saying either. Often he would drop his voice to a near whisper when saying it in a sentence. He did love to watch her genuinely squirm and fidget with her hands, her eyes downcast when she was about to say the word. He didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, but she looked so adorable and vulnerable . He forgot what a turn on that was for him. She looked her actual height like this, not the 8 foot giant she tried to pass herself off as on a daily basis.

“ You know Nick. Don’t make me say it” Nicole’s chin began to tremble. He knew she was on the verge of tears again. Her face was flushed and hot.

“ Oh I am uncomfortable at the moment. VERY uncomfortable, but not because I am about to spank you. Well I suppose that you could say the thought of spanking you, is causing me some physical discomfort.”

She rolled her eyes at her husbands attempt to lighten the mood in this situation.

“ Hey” he continued, “ You know next week eye rolling will be off limits? That will definitely be a rule”

“ Oh like the no Culture Club rule?” Nicole giggled

“ No that one is way more serious than the eye rolling . But you get the general idea”

“Wow, what a stern task master you are turning out to be”

“ Alright little one. Enough stalling.”

“ Oh. Um…..well I was thinking…”

“ Nope, the choice isn’t yours anymore remember? I ‘m the head honcho here now”

“ Um that is head of the house”…Nicole giggled out

“ No correcting the head honcho, rule number 3”

“ Well you and your rules are almost as intimidating as your erection”

“ Why thank you very much”

“ How do you know that was a compliment?”

“ I am the head honcho, it can be whatever I deem it to be” With that Nick reached across the space that separated them and tugged on Nicole. She was taken by surprised and stumbled into him.

His playful eyes turned solemn.

“Are you ready?”

“ Why are you asking? I thought I didn’t have a choice anymore?” Nicole tried to pass off her nerves as sassiness. A technique she thought she perfected years ago.

Nick wasn’t moved by it this time. He had decided when she had brought up this lifestyle choice to him, that he was going to give it his all, and that meant not giving in to the obvious, because nothing about Nicole was that simple.

“ I love you . You know that right? I love that you have been trying to make our marriage better, even when I was too blind to see that there was a problem. Or at the very least problems on the horizon. This is going to be awkward at first I’m sure. I don’t like the idea, but if you are brave enough to ask me, then I’ll try my best to deliver. You have to promise me to be honest though.”


Nicole positioned herself over her husband’s lap, like she had seen in so many photos. Only this was real life not some photo. Her real life. It felt uncomfortable, but not unnatural. She remained tense regardless.

“ Nikki, are you okay? You seem tense. “

“ Well you are about to roast my rear. Tan my tush. Assault my..”

“Got it…you’re nervous” Nick began to rub Nicole’s thighs. He pushed up the lace skirt of her garter belt exposing her backside. He had never really seen it like this. He froze. Not out of fear, but because he was taken in by another part of his wife’s body that he had instantly fallen in love with. Sure, he loved to watch her leave a room. She had a great butt, even if she didn’t think she did. He froze because he had never seen it like this. His fingers traced the tan lines still left there from the summer and the week at the lake. She had been reading in the water on an air mattress and burned her bum very badly. Sunscreen would be a definite rule, he thought. He remembered how he threatened to spank her if she didn’t use sunscreen again. Odd he thought. That was before he even knew about Domestic discipline. He only said it,and didn’t really give it much thought. In fact, he had forgotten about it until Nicole brought it up a couple of days ago. Now here he was about to spank his wife for the first time. Not as a punishment, but to get used to doing it for punishment in the future.

He wasn’t sure he liked the idea of inflicting pain on his little wife, but he was sure that he liked the view at the moment. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all. I mean how often would have have to punish her anyway? Sure she huffed and rolled her eyes at him, but it is not like she yelled at him or called him names. He didn’t like the way he felt when she did roll her eyes at him though-like he was an idiot. He certainly would never do that to her.


“ Yeah?”

“ Um, I know I am not suppose to try and control this situation, but the blood is running to my head”

“ Oh right” At that Nick raised his hand. Crack! Nicole flew forward and was only stopped when her head hit the arm of the love seat they were using at the foot of their bed.

She let out a loud……… giggle

“ GEezus! My hand is throbbing, and you are giggling?”

“ Well I took flight! I only stopped because of the arm”

“ Oh man this is going to be a long process”

The end

Alright now that that silliness is over, if you haven't please see my previous post and pick your candy before the weekend. Thx. Willie


  1. Willie,
    That is an awesome, amazing and beautiful story! I am so impressed with your writing ability. I was drawn in to the beauty of the characters and their obvious love of each other:)
    Love, Bea

    1. I was going to go with my normal sarcastic remark here...but I'm trying to be better about that kind of stuff...So thank you

      Love Willie

  2. Yay Willie! I told you it was good! What a perfectly endearing account of the emotions a couple feels when embarking on this journey!
    It's also a scary thing to write and post a story for the first time! I'm glad it was my fault you finally posted this story and the parts you added!!
    Great job darlin!

    1. Well as long as people don't 'cringe' when they read this ...I'll be 'happy' Minelle. :)

  3. Very sweet love story Willie. Now, I am wondering just how much of that is auto-biographical...hmmmm...maybe 'Mistake by the Lake'? How about the 'taking flight' bit? LOL Doesn't matter if any did a very good job writing! Very fun read. Thanks for sharing. Congrats to Minelle for her encouragement.


    1. You caught me Cat. I'm not that creative :)

      Love Willie

  4. Wonderful story! I look forward to the next chapter.

    1. Welcome Meg !

      Thank you..but there is no next chapter :)

  5. You, my dear, are a writer. And you are drawing from some great material. ;)

    I want to buy the book.

    Elisa Xo

    1. No need to buy the would just have empty pages after this. :)


  6. Wow Willie! That was great! I am so glad you decided to share. What a good description of their emotions. There are a lot of them with all this!! I'll be waiting with Meg for the next chapter. :)

    1. Well just make sure you are not drinking wine to pass the time while you wait Betsy!


  7. Love this story. Most of us can totally relate to this. Awkwardness and all :P

    1. I'm glad you liked it Tricia. It is very awkward that first spanking especially.

  8. Oh Willie,we will have to change your name to sunnygirl! that is such a sweet story, love jan.xx

    1. Oh Jan! Don't say that....poor Sunny!

      I'm glad you did enjoy it though.

      Love Willie

  9. Hey Willie, What a real treat this was to read with my bedtime tea. Congratulations on taking the plunge and trying your hand and writing. I enjoyed the writing style and the flow.

    I loved it. Loved the character descriptions and how you showed their obvious love for each other. Also the emotions involved, in a first spanking. It was also a fun read. The taking flight bit cracked me up.

    Thanks Minelle for badgering ... er ... encouraging Willie to write.

    Love and Hugs,

    1. Thank you for your kinds words Roz...Glad I could 'entertain' you while you drank your tea :)

      Love Willie

  10. Minelle has just earned a Get-out-of-a-spanking-for-free card.
    Willie, did you know you were a talented writer?
    We'll clearly be hearing more from your stories.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Thank you for your overly generous comment Bas.

      I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day with Lisa! Who am I kidding? Of course you did!

      Love ( and those 'special' Canadian hugs)

  11. I am so darn proud of you :) It IS good ya know!!!! And I agree with need to write the sequel.....I am now ducking! ;) I am so glad Minelle got you to do this!!



  12. I am so proud of you Willie for sharing the story! And see...everyone else wants another instalment too! So Minelle please start 'persuading' Willie again!

    Hugs Willie x

    1. Well glad to see someone is feeling better..but it is not going to happen. One shot deal :)

      Waves from safe distance. Raincheck on HUG

  13. It's great Willie! I totally enjoyed reading your story. If Minelle gets too busy to bug you about writing more, I could always help her out. :)

    1. You are too sweet Susie...but you and I both know you have more important things to do!

  14. Congratulations on writing a story. It is very gratifying to you see your story in print. And, look at all your great comments. I hope you and your husband have a great Valentine's Day.

    1. Welcome back SNP

      Further proof that I am not a writer..I didn't find it gratifying so much as I did terrifying !

      Enjoy your VD too!

  15. Wow such hidden talents.
    Great story Hun, don't ever doubt your writing abilities, loved the story x

    1. :) Thanks MJ. Nice of you to say you enjoyed it.

  16. Willie,

    Amazing story, I loved it. You certainly have a gift. Hope you will continue with more. Happy Valentines day!


    1. Oh go on with ya George! You are too kind :)

      Happy Valentines Day to you too sir.


  17. It was a great story and I think there has to be more, doesn't there? Happy Valentines Day to you and Barney.

  18. Aw! amazing story Willie. I think you should post one a month! I have always wanted to try my hand at it. Maybe write one for PKs friday thing?

  19. Awesome story. Very realistic too. I think that the first time is very similar, to the Nick's, for most couples. It was for us.
    Happy Valentines Day

  20. Willie - you are a writer!
    I loved your story. Your characters were very real, and very well developed - like there was a much bigger story to both of them, if you had the time to tell it.
    I loved the way you moved effortlessly back and forth between time and memories. It was ever so slightly erotic, but with a innocent and playful dimension to it that was very refreshing.
    Clearly, this is only the beginning. When can we expect the second chapter?

    Encore, Willie - my candle lighter is in the air!
    Proud of you,
    hugs lillie

  21. Welcome back my friend!

    You are far too kind. Thank you.

    Silly Girl

  22. You know, Willie. I was at a meeting of women once where we were each supposed to stand up and tell the group a story about ourselves, something that others would find surprising or didn't know. Each woman had such a knack of telling their stores and drawing others in. It struck me how important that story telling is and how good that group of women was in doing it. I think we all have that ability when it is coaxed out of have it too, whether you want to admit it or not. You did a great job, thanks for being brave and sharing.


    PS I actually liked the changing font, it made the read unusual and fun!

    1. Hi Cygnet
      Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I was buried under a mountain of candy!

      In a social situation I certainly can tell a story or a joke, but in print- that is entirely different. Thank you for the kind words


  23. Hi Willie,

    You can write girl!!! Here you go again, entertaining me in the wee hours of the morning, making me smile when I'm a few time zones away from my husband- having fun but missing him to pieces!!!! Thanks! It's appreciated!!! :)

    I really enjoyed this story! The details, the emotions! I was right there with the characters cheering them on. Loved it Willie!!! I agree- everyone should pester you to write more! (((((Hugs)))))

    <3 Katie

    1. See here I am too long in responding ( looking up Spree candy) and now you are home!

      Well I thank you for your generous compliments. Happy you found some enjoyment in it and the timing was right to give you a smile!


  24. I'm so glad you finally got up the courage to share this story Willie because it is damn good. And I for one will continue to badger you for a further chapter. Come on, you know you'd like to.....

    You really deserve all the praise you received above! Well done!

    Hugs, Ami

    1. Oh Ami ( drinking again I see lol)

      Thank you for your encouragement here and off blog. You are too sweet!

      As for joining those who claim to badger me for more...I've never been a peer pressure girl, but I appreciate the thought : )

      Love Willie

  25. That was wonderful, and vulnerable, and real...thanks for sharing, Willie. And thanks, Minelle for encouraging her. :-) Hugs, Terps

    1. Thank you so much Terps! ... and THAT

      Hugs back