Sunday, May 12, 2013

The NewlyRed Game ! ( and suprisingly we are still speaking!)

Time to go back in Time and play a 'classic' game based on the American TV show The Newlywed Game.  There is a twist, some questions are ttwd related- Hence the new name.  Without further ado ...cue cheesy music.......

Of course being somewhat Dd related we needed to rename this puppy.  Thanks to Susie over at

( Anyone can play, just copy and paste into your blogger!!)


Answer the questions in your category first ( ie wife answer questions under wife)

Don't share your answers with your spouse. Next answer the questions in your spouse's category, BUT answer how you THINK he/she will answer.


Have your spouse repeat the process, with no interference from you! Make sure they know to answer your category questions as he/she would think YOU would answer the questions!




Questions for the Wife


What would your husband say was the last thing you did, that made him give you 'the look" ?

~ shocking I know, but most likely being sassy~

Barney's answer~  swear
(this is why I rarely get 'the look' )

 What part of his body does your husband discuss the most? 

~ his feet..good grief his feet! He finds them spectacular! I mean it is not like they DO anything spectacular, like pick things up off of the floor!

Barney's answer ~ my feet



If I could burn one ( non implement ) possession of my husbands and get off Scott free it would be?

~ URGH...his WHITE running shoes! I hate them!!

Barney's answer ~laughing ...Oh my white running shoes!

 What shape would shape would your HoH say your backside is? 1) an apple 2) a pear 3) a pancake 4) never noticed...too distracted

~ I guess an apple?  but maybe an apple that has been peeled and left on the counter to dry.. personally I guess I would say pear...but I think he'll say apple...definitely NOT a pancake

Barney's answer~ " Is heart shaped in there? " ( Such a good listener my husband is...LOL.)Ah...pear ?

Nothing makes me sassier than ( blank)

 ~ well I do do some of my best sassy work otk

Barney's answer~ A glass of wine?   ( pffft...clearly he doesn't know about glasses of submission! )


If my family knew we were in a Dd relationship they would  A) be mortified B) be intrigued and ask questions C) High five my HoH, and tell him/her it was about time !

~ A) clearly....who would want to spank an angel?
Barney's answer ( rather quickly I might add) " High-5" I think the coconscious would be that...It's about time.  ( honestly don't know what he is talking about) 


When my husband does (blank) I wish I could spank my mother in law!

~leaves his stuff laying around ...grrrrrrrrr....BUT my mother in law had to be the sweetest woman on the planet....just for the record
Barney's answer~ ( clearly he thinks he's perfect because this answer took forever!) What's that thing I do when I drink that you hate?  ( urgh...Chew when you drink!  why didn't I think of that...guess I never noticed that my MIL did that too...)

When making whoopee, my husband's theme song should be A) I Will Survive B) Dancing with Myself C) Wake Me Up Before You Go Go D) Shook Me All Night Long

~ I'd say E) all of the above..

Barney's answer...Guess it would depend on the night.  DANCING WITH MYSELF   ( he said it almost in a proud manner...sheesh)

If (blank) was an Olympic sport, my husband would take the gold.

~ sleeping

Barney's answer ~ sleeping

Two words that best describe my husband are _______ and _________.


~ funny and calm
Barney's answer ~  wise ( insert willie eye roll) and ( ten minutes later.........) forgetful


 Questions for the Husbands

What should your wife's theme song be?

He better have said Angel in the Morning, by Juice Newton

Barney's answer ~ " I don't know something by Sass Jordan? "  (she's a Canadian singer from the 80s )

Finish this sentence, even before ttwd I wanted to spank my wife when she did (blank)

~  pffft..HELLO?  See answer above.  NOTE theme song.
Barney's answer~ rolled her eyes at me

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought a (blank) would be something I'd spank with

 ~ well I 'spank' Barney with all kinds of things...or try to.  Oh him?  I guess a plastic coat hanger. 
Barney's answer ~ a silicone spatula  (cupcake one...willie here...this one merely biggie)

My wife is so adorable when she ( blanks)

BREATHES!  I'm in a constant state of adorable.  pfft
Barney's answer ~ Gee there is so many occasions when you're adorable. (  I'll just put that down) Well I can't just settle on one.

If my wife never makes (blank) again for dinner, it would be too soon.

Oh tough one.  Barney never really says he dislikes anything.  If I ask he may say, 'well its not my favourite" but I can't honestly think of anything.
Barney's answer ~ That's a tough one. ( many groans ) Nothing really that I don't really like.  I can't really answer that question.  Trying to think of something maybe years ago...but...( scratches his head)  Nothing I can think of in all honesty....(SHEESH okay we get it I'm a great cook- even with all my kitchen utensils relocated to the bedroom..! Moving on)

Pick a bird to represent your wife.  What type of bird do you see yourself as?

Um being the creative guy that he is, he'd probably think of my last post and say Tweety Bird.  He SHOULD say the bald eagle for himself
 Barney's answer~  (OMG!!<- willie)  A woodpecker...bwahahaa ( suppose I should be grateful he didn't say the dunking bird from chemistry class )
Second answer ~ ( seriously snorting here ) I don't know,  a duck.  willie- "  Awhat?? why? ". 
" I don't know, I like ducks.  They are pretty quiet. NOW geese, they are loud !" ( about a minute later as I am still laughing/snorting..)." plus I like to swim...OH but not a LAME duck".  He's killing me!

 When I give my wife the 'look' often I am thinking (blank)

~ did she just say that?
Barney's answer~ she needs a good spanking.(  <- ack?  say what??? When did he mentally turn into Ian??? Well he hasn't morphed into Spanky Hands thank the Lord ....because I get 'the look' quite often.) Well I said I am THINKING it... I just don't do it.  ( good grief!)

The two words that sum up my wife are _______ and _______.

super angelic, no need for the 'and' in there!

Barney's answer~ persistent and passionate ( angels can be those too right? )

If there was NO chance of getting caught, where is one place you would like to make whoopee?

~ the 50th yard line in Giants Stadium- hopefully the play clock isn't on

Barney's ( so not creative) answer.  Our back patio...
willie..." What??? seriously?  WE have already done that!"
Barney..." Well that was in a hot tub" 

After reading my answer " Oh I thought of Giant's stadium, but I didn't think that would put you in the mood.  Oh, but the question is where *I*  like....I misinterpreted it"..(.SEE what I have to deal with. ?)
 Barney...can I change my answer?  I'll go with Giants Stadium, so from now on when I watch a game I can think of 'that'.                    (sigh)

The fireworks can stay....the people have got to go!

Aside from her bottom, what is your wife's greatest asset ?

~ her halo



Barney's answer~ " Well really its your toes"...(.I think I am going to go back under the bridge I

apparently should reside under!  Good grief!)  Ooops...sorry he mumbled.  He said " I'd rule out your toes"

"Oh there are so many to choose from.  I guess I'd go with your legs." My legs?  " or you lower back, or your ears"...MY EARS?  Yeah...they are nice to nibble on....


  1. Lol! You crack me up. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I think I maybe missed some out - sheesh! But I have been away for the weekend, and they refused to cut and paste from my email, and last night I had two gin and tonics, two glasses of white wine, and five cointreaus on the rocks! It's a wonder I am still here! (Note to self - must get a sound card, and must ask Willie to bring blogsite up to date in a stunning manner!)

    Thank you Wills for your great idea - we enjoyed doing this, but unlike Barney, Starman's answers got a little (ahem) in places!



    1. Excuse me please, Willie but I just HAVE to interrupt here!!!! Ami! How are you even able to post??? Isn't your head (or your stomach swimming with newlyRed answers?? Those drinks do sound yummy, and while I do partake (ask Willie about Rob's and my weekly date out with friends) my friends often laugh and call me a light weight. I'd be on the floor. Hope that it was fun. <3

    2. I nearly fell asleep at school today. The kids thought I had gone completely off the boil and was disinterested, but I was just so very tired! My mouth now feels like leather and I have been drinking water all day! I also gave myself a cranberry facepack because I felt my skin was dehydrated. I love cointreau! It was great fun - I couldn't do it all the time though. Considering these friends are 89 and 85, they have a lot of "go" in them. When we first met them they were only in their early fifties, and we were sweet young things! How life changes!

    3. That sounds like so much fun Ami! What is a cranberry facepack? Sounds interesting. I like cointreau though I haven't had it in years. Good for that couple! I sure do wish that we all can be as active, with all faculties intact by that age! Sounds like some neat friends to have, Ami.:)

      Oh sorry Willie. Didn't want to turn the discussion to drinking and hangover cures. Even angels like facials and cointreau though, don't they??? Hugs to you girls! <3

    4. Oh no...go ahead, I don't mind :)

    5. Oh should have seen the eye rolling going on over here during this conversation. Fortunately I declared a 'cheese factor clause' at the start of ttwd. If he says something cheesy I am allowed to roll away!

      Happy you had fun playing! Enjoy making whoopee in the potting shed on the hood of his car!


  3. Hey Willie, this was a great idea and fun to do. Thanks for suggesting this and getting us to play along.

    This was fun to read. I love your answers and comments to Barney's answers. Especially the last two! Giants Stadium eh??


    1. No thank you for playing Roz! It was fun...same time next year?

      Yeah Giants Stadium ( I like how you threw the eh in there)

      love, willie

  4. That was adorable! I just loved all the banter between you and Barney. So fun!!! :) I kept giggling!Thanks for doing this. We all really enjoyed it.

    1. Oh Sara I'm happy you enjoyed it ! I'm even happier at how many people decided to play! It was a fun day. Hopefully more will play!

  5. I laughed all the way through this....I love the bickering throughout. What the heck is it with a little innocent eye rolling??! That was Ryan's answer too! Now, I just imagine doing it in my head....or do it after he leaves the room...WITH extra emphasis....because I am super mature like that ;)

    Oh....and the BALD eagle and the angry, love, LOVE them :)

    1. Barney almost 'lost' it he was laughing so hard at the Tweety and the Eagle. Actually he was laughing at my halo thing too...

      MEN is right! He doesn't know a good thing when he sees it. I roll my eyes to make sure my halo is still there!

  6. Hahahaha. You guys are too funny. And you thought a 'swallow' was too much, Willie the Woodpecker?!?

    1. Yeah well like I said, guess who'll be pecking his own wood? What? Oh sorry apparently I'm not allowed to say that. ( insert eye roll)

  7. Willie, your comments made me laugh so hard!
    A big thank you for providing this funny idea so that others can play along as well.


    1. So are you going to play? You can change the questions to suit you ...

      Glad you enjoyed it Viola!

  8. Replies
    1. Why don't you guys play Mischief?

      Glad you enjoyed it!

    2. I would like to as it looks like fun! I meant to bring it up last night.. but just so busy lately it's crazy. We'll see :)

  9. Es May has left a new comment on your post

    LOL no utensils in the kitchen because they're all implements now! LOL Love the little spatula by the way, though I agree, an implement with a sundae on it is NOT threatening. lol Um, Willie, where is it you'd have to go so that we could hear a few words from your sponsors??? ;) ;)

    1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      Sorry EsMay...blogger wouldn't publish your comment I had to copy and paste.

  10. That was really cute! You guys are so funny -
    Got Ian's answers at noon, just hafta get it posted. Whew - life is a rat race these days
    Love ya kid,

    1. Oh YAY! I can't wait to read yours and Ian's! Especially the birds.

      I can't wait for you to finish the rat race. Life isn't the same without you. Besides I think, between you and I ...Susie needs back up!

      love ya too!

  11. Hi there Willie! :)

    I loved reading this! :) I liked your answers, but I also liked the fun interacting that you and Barney had with them. The silicone spatula is awfully cute, though it does not look like the most evil one that Rob uses to make his point these days. I'd certainly be happy to send it on. Let me know! ;) I guess that Barney thinks that you are an adorable angel at all times. What is your secret, lady? Fun! Hugs and thanks for dreaming this game up. Rob and I had lots of laughs with it, and I like getting to know a bit more about everyone as well.

    <3 Katie

    1. Oh that cupcake spatula only stings. It isn't like the other one we have. BUT it does sting enough after the wooden paddle from Blondie's. Last time he was using it though the cupcake flew off and landed across the room! LOL. Katie my dear we have too many weapons of @$$ destruction here. Besides Rob spanks so much more than Barney,so you should keep yours for variety!

      Happy you guys had fun. We did too!

  12. ROFL. Oh Willie, you guys are so cute! Loved how you had so much fun with this. I think I'll print the questions out and see if I can get my hubby to play.

    1. Oh I hope you do...and then share. It was a riot the day we were doing it together !

  13. These were all really fun to read Willie! I had a blast reading everyone's answers out loud to my hubby - he got a kick out of them - and it let him see what a bunch of fun loving ladies you all are! :)

    1. are you going to play? You can use my blog to post if you want..

      Oh we are a bunch of fun-loving ladies among other things! LOL

    2. Thank you Willie! I'll try to get him to play - we can do most of the questions I think.

      And he finally gave me the thumbs up on the blog - yay! Now I just need to find the courage to put it out there......I've felt so safe with you ladies - if only EVERYONE was so wonderful! :D

    3. Oh yay Cali! I am so excited for you!

      Don't be afraid, I can count the times on one hand where I've had comments that have stung, and I have written 112 posts. A few of those times horror moans on my part just added to the sting. The positives FAR out weigh the negatives. As for trolls ie on Tess' blog..we'll take care of them for you!!!

  14. You two are great. Love your comedy. But seriously, an angel?

    1. You're being mean to me because I suggested Ty spank you, right? Hey I thought he didn't even read your blog. *YES* I am an angel ! Sheeeesh, you know me well enough to see that!

  15. ROFLMBO...Hey Willie the Woodpecker! You and Barney need to take your comedy act on the road! ;)

    Really do have an angel fixation dontcha...and I can hear the snorting and laughing to that theme song suggestion way down here! Ya know, I didn't read that word in any of Barney's answers...and he lives with you so knows you better than the snorting/laughing crew do! LOL

    Hugs and Blessings,

    1. Sure, sure, woodpecker, Timbit ( Ian ) , titbit ( Lillie), feisty ( Susie ) Sassy Pants ( Barney)...everyone has a name for me, EXCEPT my proper title...*ANGEL* ! Some people just can't see the forest for the trees I guess?

      Oh and Barney does refer to me as an angel, guess he was leary about putting it in print. No clue why?

      love, willie

  16. Shenanigans at the Rubble House! These were hilarious! I'm glad I was in the audience! ;-)


    1. I am soooooooooooooo happy you are back in the audience too Irishey!

  17. This was hilarious! When my son was little wee - he thought woodpeckers were called peckerheads and he could never get that straightened out.
    Is that cupcake spatula the flying variety?
    Loved the game, Willie and loved your dialogue with Barney.

    1. LOL...well peckerhead may or may NOT have been thrown around during our bird discussion ;) .

      The cupcake spatula is the very one that flew across the room yes. He has yet to fix it. He is fixated on wood lately. Um, too bad I really wasn't a woodpecker.

      I'm so happy you loved the game. It was a lot of fun to play!

      love, willie

  18. I LOVE the playfulness between the two of you! :-) Hugs, Terps

  19. I loved how Barney just couldn't come up with answers very well--like pulling teeth--but once he did they were the best! LOL! From here on in I shall picture him as a mighty duck.

    What is it with the white tennis shoes? Mine buys a new pair every year. I really don't get it.

    How exactly does one chew while they drink? ;)

    I think I need a banana.

  20. Okay I know I am late here...seriously, how did I miss this?
    We have a few things in making us feisty being one!
    The making whoopie question makes me feel very naive, or in-experienced!