Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Look at the Time

"Well I say , I'll say a quick hello, but I am normally very chatty, so I'll try to keep it quick. I've been lurking around for months on end on DD sites, and I figured it was only fair to let others know who I am. Sort of."

So that was the start...one year ago today.  I sat in my basement, opened a blogger account and hit publish. 

Honestly I don't think I ever thought I would do a One Year post.  Even yesterday I said I wasn't going to.  There are so very many reasons why I thought I would never do one.  The first being that I didn't think I'd still be around.  Heck even last week I was wondering about that!

I am not going to recount ttwd in this post, as I started to blog before Barney even KNEW about Dd.  I know kinda bass ackwards....but do you expect anything different from me? 

I could write  about this community and the wonderful friends who I have met here, but that would go on forever.  I thought about mentioning all the people who have left either this world, blogland or just my blog...but that saddens me.  Just know that at the time, you words meant the world to me.  Cowgirl, Nikki, Quiet Sara, Jane Jetson, Sammi ....I wish we knew how you were all doing....trust me many, many more fall into that category. 

What I decided to do, (and some may see this as the easy way out) -highlight my favourite posts out of the 135 I have written.  Don't feel any pressure to read any of them.  I kind of wanted to do this for me too.  As always the comment section of the posts are usually the best!
Grand Opening Blog Land Candy Store ( Hands down this is my favourite post!  I had so much fun, even if it took me 2 weeks to construct.  Thank you everyone who participated in this!!)
I Need  ( This post garnered a LOT of comments both on and off the blog.  So much so I have added it to my Pages section below)

Hitting Rock Bottom ( This was a really turning point in our relationship.  We have had so many since, but nothing as emotional as this time.  We grew from this however difficult it was to live through.  Hey what doesn't kill us makes us stronger....right? )

Snakes and Ladders and Panning for Gold ( The two analogies that seem to sum it up best..)

This one is dear to my heart because it sums up the friendly banter ( in the comment section) that was and is blogland to me.  M3 in this has actually changed her blogger name to Hez for those who know her.  This was such a fun day!! They Speak to Me

 I will leave once again with a post that talks about how grateful I am to this community.  Anyone who has ever reached out in a comment, email, phone call, text...I cannot thank you enough.  Regardless of where we found ourselves today, friend, foe or indifferent...your words have given us strength to continue on.
The Hands of TTWD

and this thought...