Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If you MUST know....

Not sure which is less exciting my Q&A( my answers NOT your questions of course) or my T&A... we go anyway....(  half of the questions answered.  I was putting myself to sleep, so the rest will come next week...I know, you will be waiting with baited breath)

From Kim :

What is your most embarrassing moment ?
It is actually too identifiable.  YES I am that 'good' at epic fails in a public arena!  LOL.  I'll just say it involved nudity, the captain of a sports team, and a pair of cowboy boots.

If money wasn't an object, where would your dream vacation be?
This one was very easy for me.  Italy. Hands down.  I know of a place were there is a cooking school in a villa. In the morning you go out and harvest what you need.  In a huge Italian kitchen you learn to prepare authentic Italian meals for lunch.  After you can wander their olive groves, lounge by their pool or go into the nearest town.  I would LOVE to do that as part of my month long tour of Italy!

If you were invited to a free weekend at a nudist camp, would you go?
Heck NO for so very many reasons.  1) there is NO need to subject ANYONE to that! 2) I put my boobs on every morning.  So if I don't have a bra on, Barney might get arrested. 3) I can't imagine how long it would take to have a normal looking bum again, and as tempting as it might be to not be spanked for that long, I don't see THAT happening any time soon...4)  I might run into Blondie and Ty!  As much as I would LOVE to see her in person, I don't want to meet ALL of her person or meet Ty's meat.  If ya know what I mean?

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
Taller.  I failed miserably.  Well not entirely true.  I did grow somewhat, but all my siblings are still taller.  Perhaps they'll start shrinking soon and my dreams will be realized!

What is your favorite children's book?

Tough question only because I don't understand. If you meant as a child, the answer is A Child's Book of Garden Verses.

I absolutely loved this book!  Now before you start thinking I was a deep thinking child, reciting all the poems of Robert Louis Stevenson, it was most likely the illustrations I loved best.  Although I can still recite my favourite poem from it, 
The Swing
How do you like to go up in a swing,
      Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
      Ever a child can do!

Up in the air and over the wall,
      Till I can see so wide,
River and trees and cattle and all
      Over the countryside—

Till I look down on the garden green,
      Down on the roof so brown—
Up in the air I go flying again,
      Up in the air and down!

Quite ironic really, as swinging has always made me feel sick to my stomach !  I think it was just because I stared at the illustration of the house so much, that the poem became embedded in my memory.

Now if you are talking about what books I liked to read to my children when they were little. that is complicated too, based on age and child.  LOL.  So I'll stick with the first answer so as not to bore you any further!

Now on to Naughty Ami:

Bikini or Swimsuit?
Mostly swimsuit for reasons 1) and 3) under the nudist camp question.  We did venture to a much warmer climate last spring and I wore a bikini.  Why the heck not?  But I pretty much stayed on my towel, laying down the entire time, until the last few days.  I do own several bikinis, but I only wear them if I know we are going to be at a place where no one else will see me that I know.  Well my parent's don't count!

Ever skinny dipped as an adult?
Too many times to count! I love skinny dipping. I love swimming at they OBVIOUSLY go hand and hand.

Ever shaved Barney's eyebrows off whilst he slept, as a joke?
I plead the 5th ( even though I am Canadian)

Do you take sugar in your tea/coffee and if you do, have you ever tried fruit sugar as an alternative to either cane or beet sugar?
No sugar in my tea, just milk ( I can hear you gagging across the pond from here) and sugar as well as flavoured cream for my coffee. No I have not tried any other sweeteners. I am quite particular and crabby if my coffee/sugar intake is not what I am used to in the morning.

Is there a spanking implement you still haven't got? LOL!
Hardy har har... As YOU know, we have quite a few wood implements..

Three of which we have purchased from Blondie's shop.  

We have a couple of leather items from John at Leather Thorn and a fake leather strap

 ( um NOT our 'sexy' sheets)

As well as a cane, we own silicone weapons and numerous relatively useless kitchen utensils which have found their way into our bedroom over the last year and a half.

We have used and gotten rid of a 'carpet banger' made of coax cable.  And also 'out the door', the plastic hanger Barney used when he needed the implement to be quiet.  Now we use the cane.  I suppose there are numerous implements to be had that we have not tried.  Cane-iac is very expensive to ship here however and they seem to be the place with the greatest variety.  There is talk of sometime ordering a longer cane, and perhaps a lexan paddle.  Time will tell.  Neither Barney nor I have a desire at this moment for a flogger or crop.  But again, who knows?  

From Queenie:

What is your idea of a perfect day? Where would you be, who be there, and what would you be doing?
There is this little girl, who outside of my immediate family is my favourite little person in the world.  She is 3.  We all adore her ( probably because her personality is like someone I know very well).  My perfect day would involve her and my family ( her parents are optional as I do love them to death as well).  My boys all enjoy this little firecracker for different reasons, and Barney just shakes his head and laughs, " your genes are strong".  Unfortunately we don't live near her so we don't see her as often as we like. I miss her so much.  I would love to take her camping.  She LOVES the outdoors, all things slimy and bugs!  But no matter where we are, or what we do, my perfect day would include her and my boys ( all 4 of them!).

What is your favorite food? 
Favourite food.  That is difficult.  I love to prepare food, but honestly I don't really crave food.  Maybe sugar! LOL.

What are the top 3 things on your bucket list?
I only have one thing on my bucket list, aside from not kicking the bucket until a ripe old age...Italy with Barney ( see above answer to Kim). If we achieve that one, I will add another. But honestly, I'm good! lol

From Katie:
Apart from spanky and making love stuff, how do you and Barney like to spend time together?
We both love to be outside. So anything we can do outdoors ( but we are more fair weather We camp, and canoe, and hike- we garden. We take lots of walks together. We will sit on our back deck and read. At night we will have a fire on the deck ( ROZ it is contained in a fire pit) and have a glass of wine, snuggled on our lounger. Often with our youngest roasting something.

We love to cook together, and have elaborate dinners - especially with friends.

Home improvement projects are also a way we love to spend time together.
Really on a day to day basis, we just do day to day things with each other. He will accompany me to doctor's appointments even if it means just sitting in the waiting room. We grocery shop together. He will come out with me to 'look at pretty things' for our home. I am on several committees in our community, so often he helps me with 'my' volunteer stuff.

What are some of your fav songs?  
This is difficult because I like so many different types of music and my favourites change depending on what I am listening to the music for. I will tell you if I could only ever listen to one band for the rest of my life it would be Great Big Sea .

From Maryanne:

As for questions, what is your most recent spanky book?
I actually don't generally read 'spanky books'....I mean NOT that I have anything against them. I enjoyed Renee's book I reviewed. It is just that since starting ttwd, I have stopped reading about spankings. I guess because I actually RECEIVE spankings? Although I know there are plenty of women out there that do both.  I can't explain why really

Oh wait.. I did read the book Spank Her! A Top's View of This Thing We Do. It wasn't fiction but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

From DownUnder Don:

5 people to dinner...anyone at all...who would they be?
This was an easy question for me. It will be a boring answer to read however. As you didn't say alive or deceased I am choosing one guest of honour who is deceased, and the rest of my family. I would love to have my Dad back for a dinner, even though saying good bye a second time would be terribly difficult. He past away before Barney and I were a couple.  Neither our boys nor Barney  had the chance to meet him, or in a way know part of me. So if I could have dinner with any five people, it would be my Dad and my family.

From Minelle:

What is a favorite part of YOUR body that you love?
Honestly? I don't LOVE any part of my body. I suppose I wouldn't like it if my hair were to go straight, or fall out.
( I will answer the rest in the upcoming week) 

Forty Days of Fitness Challenge Update

No long drawn out account this week.  I mostly concentrated on the hula hoop, building up my tolerance for the weighted one.  It is actually easier to keep the weighted one 'going' but your sides take a beating while you get accustomed to it.( I think I am good now.)  As of last night I have been able to incorporated a few squats and other exercises while doing the hula hoop.  I hope to get better at this.

The water intake is going well. I am not running to the bathroom every few minutes now!  Although I did have to ask for a break during our hour long (kidding) r/a session the other day to go pee !  I might be imagining it, but I think my crow's feet laugh lines are lessening. Barney has informed me that the water consumption WILL be staying.

Now on to Down Under Don.  He modified his routine but he made his goals!  Congrats to you Don!


I got 2 out of 3 this week. I wasn't up to the exercise. I'll take the 'I don't want to talk about it' sticker! Oh well, better luck this week :-)


  1. The butterflies on the 1st day of spring are helping me forget that it is sleeting outside! Grrrr. I am reporting in that like last week I have done well on exercise except for one day. Sometimes my body rebels and I can't make it happen.

    Two things:
    1. I spit my coffee out at the picture of the deforesting. That was messy...cut it out.
    2. I learned something new about you. I can completely picture you in Italy at a cooking school, Barney too--happy as humm...pigs in slop doesn't work here but you know what I mean. :)

    Happy spring my friend. Good job on the exercise and water.

    1. Oh I didn't tell you about that place in Italy? I thought for sure I had. I know Lillie and I have discussed it. A family member of mine went there. Ya know what? I'm just going to say I DID tell you, because you probably forgot!

      Sorry about your coffee loss. You should really have better control over your mouth! *wink*

  2. I love these answers! We like to spend time together in much the same way. That Italian cooking school sounds awesome.

    1. Alright then, when are you coming to Canada so we can hang out and do basically nothing?

  3. You silly woman, those answers were not boring! Love the most embarrassing moment :-) Italian cooking school sounds fabulous, and good job on meeting your goals!

  4. Oh, you would love, love, love Italy! One of my favorite places ever is Florence. I think because I am such a Michelangelo fan and the statue of David is there. I like Rome too! It was so wonderful to see all the places I have read about...oh and Michelanglo's Pieta is in St. Peter' is amazing to actually see veins in Mary's arms. My brother calls The Vatican Catholic Mecca. He's right.

    40 day challenge is pretty challenging. I lifted three days again this week and managed to eat right...for the rest of it, I am embracing the saying "Tomorrow is a perfect day to start over". LOLOLOL

    Maybe I should break out the hula hoop myself Steve, the vampire still on on Fridays? I could hoop after stations...hmmmm....

    1. I went to university for Art History, so initially that was my reasoning years ago to venture to Italy. Now I have extended my desire to food and culture as well! I have NO doubt both Barney and I would love it there. It would really be a dream come true. That is why I only have it on my bucket list!

      Well at least you aren't giving up Cygnet, if you are embracing the mindset that tomorrow is another day to get it right!

      I have been forgoing hot men for upbeat music to keep me in the hoop. It is working. Thank goodness. Although before I start I run a million excuses through my mind why I can't! Perhaps you could RUN through the Stations? and do them twice. Once for your sinning Canadian friend

  5. Hi Willie, nice answers, lovely blog!
    love Jan.xx

    1. Thanks Jan! I think this is my favourite background yet!

  6. Hi Willie, I love the new spring look. Of course, spring for you means autumn for me :(

    I really enjoyed reading this. Not boring at all! The captain of a sports team and cowboy boots? Now that sounds like some story! I laughed so much at what you wanted to be when you grew up ... me too!

    I loved your answers to the perfect day question and how you and Barney spend time together and yes, I get the fire pit now! :) Beautiful answer to the dinner guests question.

    Good for you meeting your exercise goals too. Keep up the good work :)


    1. Hey Roz

      Well the date on the calender says it is spring- not the view from my window!!! I am sorry that autumn is closing in on you, but you can take comfort in knowing your winter shouldn't look anything like North America's did this year!

      I guess you would have had the same goals as a young child growing up. Our youngest said to my Mom one day, " Grandma, I don't say when I was little anymore, because I still am little. I now say, when I was younger" LOL! My Mom laughed as said, " Me too"

      Thanks for your kind words Roz.

      love willie

  7. great answers...and I think I may have that book of child's verses... :-) Hugs

    1. Thanks Terps. It is a beautifully illustrated book. I bought it for our boys- yet it didn't seem to have the same appeal to them! LOL
      hugs to you too

  8. Love the Spring theme, Willie. It really brightens my day :) Maybe before too long I'll have flowers that look just like that in my backyard! Fingers crossed.....

    Um, yeah....I'd love to hear more about this most embarrassing moment story! Sounds about as far from boring as you can get! I very much enjoyed reading all the Q&A's and finding out all these new things about you. I'm looking forward to part two! Love that a perfect day to you means being surrounded by family. My hubby and I also enjoy outdoor things. Just a walk in the park or working in the garden makes us happy. Not that there are a lot of things to do in our town anyway, lol!

    Way to go with the fitness goals! If you can hula hoop and do squats at the same time.....well, I'm impressed! I doubt I could even hula hoop! I can squat at least, lol!

    Hugs, Queenie

    1. Well as you know Queenie, it appears it will be a VERY long time before *I* have flowers like that in my backyard. There is still 4 feet of snow back there!

      Oh the most embarrassing moment story? Maybe just those tidbits make it sound much more interesting that it actually is.

      My perfect day does mean being surrounded by family. We have been so blessed in our family to always have little people about. How can one not have a wonderful day when spending time with a happy child? Or being outside ..Well I suppose if you were in a blizzard with a brat it wouldn't be much fun! LOL

      I can't do MANY squats with the hula hoop in a row, without loosing it- but I am getting better. Thankfully there is no mirror around for me to see how awkward I must look!

      Keep up the good work on your fitness goals too Queenie!

  9. We will never be selling anything lexan, so you don't have to worry about Barney buying anything at our store. And if I promise to lock up my snakes and not take you anywhere that is clothing optional, will you come and visit. I like putting milk in my tea, learned that from my mom who lived in Canada for about five years, long time ago.
    Love your answers. I like you more and more. I would like to go to Italy, just to eat. You cook and I will eat.

    1. Grr....too late Blondie, he bought a lexan paddle WITH HOLES, Black Knight, a lexan cane and some plastic rope thingie...Hmmm. Maybe he is taking up breaking in wild horses and forgot to mention it to me?

      You don't have to lock up your snakes for me to visit. Did you just read what my husband bought? We might all be grateful for clothing however!

      Well I'm happy to hear you like me more and more- as I think you are pretty swell too. And not just because you will let me put milk in my tea. And if we go to Italy, it is a DEAL!

  10. Hi, WIlma! I loved reading all your answers, and I share your love of A Child's Garden of Verses. "The Swing" is one of my favorites, too! I find myself reciting some of those poems in my head without even trying, they are so ingrained in my memory.

    I was over here reading the other night and caught a glimpse of my friend's book, Spank Her!, so I ran over and told Dev you mentioned his work. He came over to look, but found he couldn't leave a comment. You know how Tops sometimes have a hard time with such things, surely? But he asked me to tell you that he saw your mention and really appreciates it.

    Love the butterflies, too! Happy Spring, y'all!

    1. Hi Audrey! Welcome!!!

      Wow you love the swing too? Every time I see a swinging child I am transported back to the house in the book and the poem starts in my head.

      I wonder why Dev couldn't leave a comment. I did send you a message in google + chat after I read your comment. I hope Devlin knows how important his book was to us at the time we read it. I know many women who told me that he seemed to be reading their minds when he discussed why we have this need. It was crucial to many of them as well at the time, to have the words put to their feelings. So we are really appreciative of his book! I mention it often to others.

      About the butterflies- thank you. I fell in love with this picture when I found it. Now if my view from my window would be so colourful. At the moment it is very................WHITE!

      Happy spring to YOU!! Thanks for commenting, and telling Devlin.

    2. Thanks for the sweet welcome, Wilma! The poem that runs the most through my head starts, "In Winter I get up at night/And dress by yellow candlelight. In Summer, quite the other way, I have to go to bed by day . . . " A friend actually gave us a first edition of that book when our eldest was born and I don't think any of my children ever showed any interest in it. It might owe to the fact that I hardly ever let them see it, it was so precious! Oops!

      I think Dev's troubles stemmed from not being signed into Google, or something like that. I'm sorry -- I never saw your Google+ chat. Wonder what's up with that?

      Anyway, I know what you mean about his insight into women like us. I often tease him on his blite that he speaks fluent Girl! And my husband found that his explanation of so many things made such perfect sense to him. I had to just about throw a fit to get him to read it, though. And you know what I got for throwing a fit! It was a win-win.

      Like many others, I saw myself in what Dev wrote. I will tell him what you've said and I know he will appreciate it. He's very special in his understanding of the ways and reasons we do This Thing We Do -- I often wonder if he's secretly a Ph.D. in psychology!

      Butterflies are very important to me -- it seems whenever I really miss my mother, one comes around. I think she's sending them!

      I'm so sorry about the WHITE! It's been a rough winter, hasn't it?

    3. I can see the picture that accompanied that poem in my head perfectly!

      I would have sent you an email with my google chat comment, but I couldn't find one on your profile.

      I loved what you said about the butterflies. That is a beautiful thought. I like how they represent ttwd- NO I don't want to hit them. I mean how it seems to have let me come out of my cocoon and become what I was meant to be. Perhaps not as beautiful or graceful as a butterfly, but at least I am no longer a caterpillar !