Monday, April 19, 2021

I give Up

 No clue what is happening with the last blog post. On my laptop I can see all the comments you posted, and I apparently they are gone.  No I did *NOT* remove them!

Anyway I appreciate the comments you took the time to write and if you didn't see my response I can email it to you.  I am no longer going to try to fix the post however.  



  1. sooooooooooo - maybe the lesson from this exercise in frustration is....... don't copy an old post and repost??? (grinning)

    I saw all the comments... no worries here.. and I AM impressed you managed to get us all to do time travel LOL

  2. lmao and the effort I went to, I did one post, thought I had lost my marbles when it went poof so did's ok willie all forgiven, and to echo morningstar don't you bloody dare!

    1. I know! I felt so badly because you did go to such effort and I did read and respond only for none of those things to appear. I did ready your comments though!

      As for Time will tell. Don't have much to really talk about currently -or nothing post worthy anyway!

      Thanks for trying and trying and reaching out Claire! I truly appreciate it!


  3. Blogger is stupid sometimes! So weird!

    I agree with the others. Please keep blogging. Some things may be old or ordinary to you by now, but new and unfamiliar to some of us!

  4. If and when you ever decide to leave blogging, please make sure you make a BIG FAT SHOW of it by:

    1) Flouncing off after some kind of snooty self parade
    2) Name all the marriages you have saved
    3) Tell us how many posts you wrote including ones such as Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc, even though those shouldn't really count.
    4) Your opinion of the word "launch" in terms of blogs.
    5) Finally tell whomever you want to fuck off.

    LMAO! Couldn't resist!!

    1. Lol! Yeah if ever I truly decide to stop blogging I don't see a bunch of fanfare happening. That just wouldn't be 'classy'. Lol. Also a bit to dramatic for my taste - " Hey look at me! Now I'm gone. ". Lol.

      I'm not sure due to situations around here, both good and bad that a lot of blogging will be in my future, but who knows. I'm having a challenging enough time keeping up with reading and commenting. No doubt I'll get more normal free time in a month or so- until something else happens. Lol

      As far as telling SOMEONE to f*CK off, I doubt she reads my blog - even though I BEGGED her too (apparently) when I went private years ago 🙄. So not much point wasting my quality readers time. Besides she's and her second in command or was it the reverse? Lol. Aren't a huge deal to me. They meant nothing to me back then and even less to me now- so not worth it. But fun to poke fun at lol...behind the blog of course 😉

  5. Hi Willie,

    Ah, I did wonder. Blogger does have a fit at times. I'm with the others, it's NOT a sign to stop blogging. LOL at Windy's comment.

    Much love

    1. Blogger is a butt at times- especially when using my phone, which is what I did this time. Maybe I'll try a throw back post again soon and see what torture I can put you guys through again. Lol.

      Some bloggers just fade away. I'm thinking that would be my style when the day comes. Though much like you I'd probably never take my blog down. The men and women who contributed to it over the years had far too many valuable things to say to erase their advice on the off chance someone started reading here.

      Much love back Willie...

      Ps we need a tea/coffee date soon 💕 love to (omg it's been so long since you blogged I forgot his fake name. Lmao)

  6. Blogger often gives mouse complete fits and grumbles as she cycles through various browsers to find one that will work with comments.

    1. Welcome mouse!

      Thank you for making me realize I'm not the only one who can fight with this format. I swear it was easier years ago! Lol